Who do you chose?

"I'm sorry but.. You have to decide..
And we are done.." He says. "No please I love you" I say. "But you might also love them.." He says "I'm sorry" he adds. He's right.. I do love тнєм.


5. Party…💕

Skylars pov.

I raced out of the school as fast as my long legs could carry me, I started to slow down once I realized I have my skate board in my backpack. As I was about to start riding a hand caught my shoulder. I turned slowly to see…… Calum, oh thank god I thought it's was Luke didn't you?

"Hey Sky in a hurry to go ready for the party?" He jokes.

"Huh o-oh I-I was j-just um, I was gonna pick my outfit for tonight" I said leaving out Luke's warning.

"Oh I can help you if you want?"

"Um sure Cal my house is just down this street" I said while riding my board.

Soon we arrive at my house and I invite him in, we both raced up the stairs into my room where I grabbed a bunch of dresses, party clothes, etc. out.

"I like this one!" Calum yells and holds up a cute, very short, all black skater dress.

"I do to, ok I'll wear it be right back"

"No you can get change here I won't look promise"

"Fine cover your eyes ok?"

"Ok fiiiiinnnee" he whines and covers his eyes.

I got undressed and put on the dress, then I looked in the mirror and damn I looked fine!

"Nice underwear by the way."

"Cal you said you wouldn't peek!" I screamed.

"I lied and you looked hot to!" He laughed.

"Gosh Cal thanks now go get ready for the party and come back when your ready." I laughed.

"Ok let me get your phone number so I can text you." He says swapping number in our phones.

"Ok bye see ya in a bit" Cal yells exiting my house


I go back in the room to put on my make-up and shoes (black converses) when I get a text.

*From Cal-Pal* hey you ready? Xx.

*To Cal-Pal* Yea just got done ;) x

*From Cal-Pal* Ok I'm here :) xX

And I look back on this now I wish I never would have gone to that party…

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