Katie's Cake

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  • Published: 31 Jan 2015
  • Updated: 31 Jan 2015
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Another song from the 90's, dedicated to my one & only ( RW ).


1. Katie's Cake


                                    "Katie's Cake"


I once knew a girl named Katie

And we were friends one time

She worked in a store, making Wedding Cakes

She joked - one day, a cake would be mine.


Then one day, while closing shop

A boy passed by her store, her eye's lit up

'Cause she could see -

Someone whom she could adore.


Several weeks went by, and he voiced his love for her

True love had never been so fine

Then three months went on, and yes - no word from him

She craved for piece of mind.


The phone rang, under the counter-

she sighed "Another customer"

A boy ordered, a cake for June - as he spoke 

She recognised his voice & his tune

She grabbed her heart, as he said his name

Explaining he was the groom

When June came round, Katie was working late -

On a cake that seal's her gloom.


...On the day of the wedding

People gathered round

to try a piece of Katie's cake

And soon they all felt her pain


And while the groom was on the stage

In between his speech 

he stopped for Katie's gaze

And then he felt her say...


she said...You'll find my love one day

             ...You'll find my love one day.


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