Confessions of a Geek like Me

Hey, y'all. I thought I'd share with you guys some stuff that's been running around in my head lately. Chapters are bound to be short, but they're published daily.


11. Day 11

Is it normal when you find the battle with Ganondorf absolutely annoying, but the battle with Ganon absolutely terrifying?

I was shaking uncontrollably when I finally got to Ganon.

It doesn't help when you get attacked by a Redead just as you're leaving Ganon's castle.

Yeah, I don't think I'll beat Ocarina of Time when Majora's Mask comes out.

I keep dying once I get a hold of the Master Sword for this battle.

My little bro keeps suggesting catching Poes (y'know, those really big ones that are in Hyrule Field once Ganondorf takes power), but they don't seem to wanna be caught.



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