Amnesia // book 2 l.h

~>SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES "AMNESIA". THE FIRST BOOK IS TITLED "UNEXPECTED LOVE"<~ "You've changed, not for the better but for the worse. I don't even know who you are anymore." Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


8. chapter 7

Chapter 7

I wake up to a pounding sound from the garage. I plug my ears to try to block the noise from entering my delicate ears that were just listening to an ocean breeze in my dream.

The banging becomes louder and more irritating. Who the hell decided it would me a smart idea to drop an atomic bomb in the garage?

I struggle to get out of bed to stop the imbecile pounding on the drums. I get out of my room and see Kyan and Liz stumbling out of their beds as well.

"Lovely morning, isn't it?" Kyan says.

"Yeah the birds are quite loud today." I say and Liz chuckles.

"Why the hell is the asshole banging drums this early in the morning?" Liz starts. Oh, the noise is drums! "Its not my mom because she's working, so who is it? Its 9 am on a Saturday for gods sake!" Liz screams. I chuckle at her remark about her mother. Has she really played the drums before?

"Calm down. Lets go check." I say. Kyan runs in his room and grabs a baseball bat.

"Okay. Ill go first." He says and we laugh.

We slowly and cautiously make our way down the stairs while heading to the loud garage.

We swing the door open and see ashton beating the drums as hard as he can.

"For fucks sake ash! Shut up!" I scream. He looks at me and laughs.

"Oh its so lovely to see that you guys have awoken from your slumber!" Ashton says and we hear three more voices laugh. We walk in more and see Calum, Luke and Michael sitting on the couch laughing.

I cover myself since I'm in a tank top and shorts.

"Oh stop covering yourself. Its not like he hasn't seen you like this before." Michael says.

I run up to him and start hitting him. Everyone starts to chant "Fight!" As i hit him.

Liz runs up and pulls me off. "Sheesh. You are very defensive." She says.

I roll my eyes at her.

"Why are you guys here anyways? Usually you guys sleep till 2 in the afternoon." Kyan says.

"We wanted to take you guys out today. We wanted to go to the beach and catch a bite." Calum says.

Liz walks up to Ashton and kisses his cheek.

"What did you guys do, Ash? Why are you being so kind to us all." She says.

"Ouch! How offensive!" He Says as he holds his heart. She giggles at him.

"No but seriously guys, why?" I say.

Luke walks up to me and puts his arm around me. "We want to show you the world!" He sings. I roll my eyes at him and push his arm iff my shoulder. "Okay I'm kidding. We just have some good news to tell you. We want to celebrate!" Luke says with a big grin.

"Okay! Lets go get ready and celebrate!" Kyan yells.


We finally make it to the beach and its around noon. I smile at the view as i step out of the car. Its just like my dream. Peaceful.

The boys run out if the truck and start screaming as they run to the water. I take that back. This is so not peaceful.

Liz takes my hand and starts to run to the water line.

We set all our things down and we take off the dresses covering our bathing suits. The boys throw their things at us while we set up the place where we will be tanning.

We hear Calum yell "Thanks!" As they run into the water with a volleyball.

They all stop running at the same time, turn around and whistle at us. "Looking fine ladies!" Michael screams and we laugh.

I lay down on the towel and sigh. So does liz.

"This is the most girl time we've had in a while." She says.

"You're so right! The guys are usually up our arses!" I say and she laughs.

"So how are you taking the whole, 'Lets just be friends' deal?" She asks.

I stop to think for a second. "Im alright. I do miss having him around and i miss the cuddles and love, but i guess its better this way." I say.

"You're really strong, Rina." Liz says and i laugh.

"I don't really have a choice. But the thing thats strange is that, its not really awkward." I say.

"You guys have some history babe, it shouldn't really be." She says.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and i look up at a silhouette in front of me. I stand up with its help and look up at him. Its a really attractive guy. Light brown hair and eyes to match, plus a hot body. It is now a good day boys and girls.

"Oh hi." I say awkwardly. He laughs a little.

"Hi I'm Marc, and you are...?" She introduces himself. Oh he's so cute.

"Oh me? Im uh.." I stroll off.

"Rina." Liz says with a cough.

"Yeah thats me." I say.

In a distance i see a group of guys calling marc over.

" i really have to go but is it alright if i get your number?" He says.

"Yeah of course!" I say and type it into his phone.

"Who's this?" I hear Luke say from behind me.

"Oh this is my new friend Marc." I say. Marc's friends scream louder and he rolls his eyes.

"Okay i really got to go. It was really nice meeting you beautiful." He says with a wink.

I giggle in return. As he runs off i do a big face palm.

"A giggle? And i forgot my name? Oh I'm such an idiot!" I say and Liz laughs.

"Guys like that. You made a good first impression." Kyan says.

"I don't like him." Says Luke.

"Oh shut up, you were just hitting on a girl in the water but ran to Rina right when you saw Marc. Stop being jeal-" Michael says but gets interrupted my Luke's fist to his arm. "Ow! What the fuck man!" Michael screams. Calum rolls his eyes.

"How about some food?" He says and we all nod and run for the hut.

As we take our orders I get a text. Its from a number i haven't seen before.

I smile when i see the message.

"Hey! Its Marc from the beach:)"

"I think Rina just received some nudes." Ashton says and i roll my eyes at him.

"Why the smile?" Kyan asks.

Liz looks over and smiles too. "Its Marc" she says and everyone makes "oooh" noises but Luke.

"Whens the food coming?" He says.

"We just ordered. Be patient. So why did you guys bring us here?" Liz says.

"To tell you that we got..." Calum begins and they all shout "A record deal!" But ashton shouts "Aids!" Instead. We all start laughing at him.

"Thats amazing guys! Who signed you?" Kyan asks.

"Hi or Hey Records. But theres more." Like says as he looks at me. "We are going on tour again." My jaw drops.

"Noooo! For how long babe?" Liz says to Ashton.

"Just a month." Ashton says.

"When are you guys leaving?" Kyan asks.

"Next Monday." Calum says.

"Thats only four days away!" I scream.

"Surprise!" The boys say.

They just came back and they are going in another tour? Now this, this is going to change everything.

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