Amnesia // book 2 l.h

~>SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES "AMNESIA". THE FIRST BOOK IS TITLED "UNEXPECTED LOVE"<~ "You've changed, not for the better but for the worse. I don't even know who you are anymore." Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Important authors note at the end

"Wake up!" I faintly hear a familiar girl scream, "for shits sake get up! You live in my house now so get up you lazy girl!" Ah, yes. Liz, such a wonderful voice to hear oh so early in the morning.

"Yes, step mother." I say trying so sound as if I'm Cinderella. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

"Only if you knew what I was up to today, Cinder." She says

"Do tell!" I scream and pull her on my bed perfectly placed in the middle of Liz's guest room in her house.

"My cousin, Kyan is coming back today and we are in charge to make him feel at home and be his tour guides. Our tour is called "oh what fun"!" She says excitedly. I roll my eyes at how excited she is to be up this early. It's 9:00am. She needs to leave my room.

I faintly remember Kyan. He was a year older than us so he must be around 20 by now, and I only remember his goofy metal smile. He had braces for a long time. He was also acne covered. He must look dorky by now.

"Oh joy. He's nice." I say

"Yeah but trust me. Puberty hit him like a truck." She says "sadly, he's still a little dorky and he wants to go to some church thing. But if it makes you feel any better you can invite your egotistical boyfriend. I would invite ash but he's hanging with his sister today." She says with a sigh.

"My boyfriend is not egotistical." I say. Then she laughs. A loud one at that.

"Oh yes he is. Since he came back from the Luke got back, he thinks he's the shit. Oh honey, he so isn't." She says.

I think about it for a while and she is right. The past couple of weeks all he talks about are the girls that chase him and the fame he has now. It's kind of annoying.

"I guess you're right. But I am going to call Luke. Stay with me so we can see if this "ego boosted Luke" is a coincidence, or factual." I say. She nods and I dial then put it on speaker phone. After three rings he picks up.

"Hey babe." He says and I smile.

"Hey Luke, are you busy today?" I ask.

"Nah. Netflix for me why what's up?"

"Well, Liz's cousin is coming to town and we have to go to some church thing with him. Want to tag along?" I ask.

He scoffs. "Yeah no thanks. I'd rather watch Netflix. Church is boring and fans could want to hug me and stuff."

I roll my eyes and Liz jumps up and down while punching the air. "The old Luke would go with me because he put other people's needs before his own." I say.

"Well this Luke doesn't care. Have fun!" He says and I hang up. What an arse.

I go to say something to Liz but she interrupts.

"I know. I always am right. Get changed, Kyan will be here in a half hour." She says and claps her hand while running out of my room

I groan and get out of bed.


The door bell rings as I put my mascara on. I run down stairs hoping to not fall down because then my maxi skirt would just fly out of control.

I hear Liz and a boy speaking. Probably Kyan.

I go to the door and see this tall, dirty blond, hazel eyed boy at the front door. I do a double take while he shakes his head and laughs. Man oh man that laugh was adorable.

"Kyan?!" I say more shocked then anything else.

"Yes this is he." He says with a laugh. "I haven't seen you in forever Rina." He says as he out stretches his arms and I gladly take the opportunity to hug him.

"You've never looked better." I say. "How long are you in town?" I ask.

"I'm done my baseball training in the states so I'll be staying here forever. Sorry about that." He says sarcastically "you look amazing as well!" He says as I blush.

"You guys are cute but Jesus is waiting for us. Let's go!"

She says and we are out the door


Kyans POV

In around 15 minutes we arrive to the church. Right as we are about to enter the banquet hall for this "Question and Answer" thing Liz pulls Rina's arm making me come to a stop as well.

"Don't say anything anti catholic" she says and I laugh.

"I am catholic. I will never say anything anti catholic." Rina says with a chuckle. But we all know that's not true. When we were younger she was like Simon Birch. God I loved it though. She made life fun.

"Oh yeah? I remember you questioning God to a priest when we were 8 in front of the whole mass!" I say with a chuckle.

"Oh shut up guys!" She says and we take our seats.

"Settle down everyone!" The priest says "we need to get these questions handled. So go ahead and ask. I will gladly give answers and teach you the way of God," he says and Rina snorts causing both me and Liz to elbow Rina. " any questions will be answered. Even if they are questioning God." He says worry full.

Rina gets this mischievous smile on her face that makes me smile. She has so much determination and drive, I can't help but to not stare at her.

She stands up and both Liz and I stretch our arms out to stop her but classic Rina is too stubborn.

"I have a question, father." She says politely.

He nods as if he is telling her to continue. "So, let's say a non catholic scientist dies. He believes in evolution not Adam and Eve. He was a good guy all his life: he loved and treated everyone with respect, was generous to the poor, was nice to his enemies and raised his children the way all children should be while treating his wife with the up most respect. When God is about to say whether he should go to heaven or hell, will he send him to hell because he is a non catholic?" She asks.

Everyone falls silent. Yes I know, Shes great at questioning her own faith.

"Well, I'm not too sure. God loves all equally but one that denies the faith of our community shouldn't be allowed to enter Gods kingdom." He says

Did he just have the balls to deny a right and just man? I can see the fumes coming out of Rinas ears and so I stroke her arm to try and calm her down.

"Did that answer your question?" He says.

"It wasn't the right answer." She says and everyone gasps. "How dare you? This man that I was talking about is sure of a hell a better man than you! Who do you think you are? Let's say my best friend over here didn't believe something I said. Is it right for me to dispose of her as my best friend? She has been by my side since we were younger and do you think that it's right?" She says.

"Well no" he says.

"Exactly, so non Catholics should have a chance at an after life with God." She says. "That's all."

She sits down and I pat her shoulder.

That was the best thing I've seen since I was 8.

"Let's go to Burger King" I say. "Let's celebrate the new Priest Rina!"


Please note that I myself am a Roman Catholic and I am in no way denying my faith towards God. I am trying to give Rina a rebellious feel and she isn't denying or offending this religion. She herself doesn't deny God, she just wants what is right. Thank you.


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