Amnesia // book 2 l.h

~>SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES "AMNESIA". THE FIRST BOOK IS TITLED "UNEXPECTED LOVE"<~ "You've changed, not for the better but for the worse. I don't even know who you are anymore." Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I knock on Liz's door to make our way to the Sophie's Dress Palace. She opens the door with a smug smile on her face. I look at her with confusion.

"What?" I say with a roll of my eyes.

She just laughs and opens the door wider and I see Ashton in the back with a huge smile on his face.

"WHAT?" I repeat more flustered.

"I really cant believe you havent asked about who is hosting the party, can you Ash?" She asks eith a smirk.

"Its simply unbelievable." He says while throwing his arms in the air for exaggeration.

I chuckle at their ridiculousness and play along with them. "Oh dearest friends, who is hosting the party?" I ask.

"Oh a guy named Garry." Said Liz and i rolled my eyes.

"Nope i swear it was Larry." Said Ashton

"Oh wait, it was Harry, Harry Styles." Says liz.

My jaw drops. Harry styles?! THE Harry Styles. I think im going to puke. Ashton and Liz laugh at my reaction.

"Okay we have to look SO good for that party." I say. They laugh some more.

"Yeah yeah lets go!" She says while pecking ashton and leaving the house.

"I can't believe it." I say dumbfounded.

"We are supposedly invited to the rest of One directions party's. They have a couple a month or something!" Liz says with a squeal. "I love liam."

"Yeah and i love Harry." I say.

I usually hate boy bands because they are all shitty and too pop for my liking hut One Direction is a MAJOR exception


We make it to the dress shop in no time at all. We both decided to get tight dresses since the party is at a night club.

We head to the sections we like the most in the store. I see a lot of dresses that are way too revealing and some that are way too ugly. Some have the ugliest patterns and colours, but then I see a couple that aren't too bad. I grab them and try to find Liz. I see her in the blue dress section, not surprised. Everything that girl owns is either blue or pink.

"Have what you like?" I ask Liz with an arm full of blue dresses.

"YES! Let me try on the dresses first!" She says and I nod with a laugh.

Almost every dress she tried on was either hideous or just didn't flatter my gorgeous friends figure. But finally she tries on a strapless blue tight dress. It was perfectly snug and plain just how we like it.

"Oh my! this is the one! I'm buying it!" She says.

"It sounds like you just bought a wedding dress." I say.

"Shut up and try on your dresses." She says.

I try on the first one and it was horrendous. It was way too loose and sparkly. Why did I take this off the shelf?

The second was alright but it just wasn't me. It was pink which is my least favourite colour but the snug fit and v neck is flattering on me.

The last dress I try on was simply perfect. It fit my curves and was a crew neck. It was short and tight just the way I like it. It was a bright red. This dress left Liz speechless... For once.

"BUY IT!" She screams and I laugh nodding my head.

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