Amnesia // book 2 l.h

~>SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES "AMNESIA". THE FIRST BOOK IS TITLED "UNEXPECTED LOVE"<~ "You've changed, not for the better but for the worse. I don't even know who you are anymore." Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

We walk into the house with ice cream in our hands laughing. I haven't had so much fun with someone in so long. Even though, Marc is going through a rough patch, he makes everything seem brighter. We walk into the kitchen and sit down.

"I know we have ice cream, but would you like anything else?" I ask.

"Oh no thank you" he says with a smile. "But I am craving some Pixar movies."

"Oh so you are a dork? I see." I say playfully as i walk towards the family room. He sits on the couch while munching on his M&M Ice cream. He looks very content with himself. I get the xbox set up and Netflix appears.

I sit on the couch beside Marc and eat my Peanut butter cookie dough ice cream. The best kind there is.

Kyan and Liz walk in and smile. "Netflix and chilling I see." Liz says.

"Don't be ridiculous, we are Pixar and eating." I say as Marc turns red.

Kyan sits beside us. "Tonight is movie night with the guys. They are free and want to FaceTime as we watch a movie." He says.

"Yikes. Want to go Marc?" I ask. He giggles.

"Nah lets do this family movie night."

Kyan starts to call them on the iPad and Ashton immediately picks up.

"Wheres my boo bear?" He says to the screen.

"I'm here baby cakes. I miss you so much. Come home for kisses." Liz says.

"Liz, if you don't stop, I will barf on the screen so you guys can't FaceTime anymore." I say with a smile. Marc nudges me as he dies of laughter.

"Hey Marc!" Calum says. Marc waved and says hello to them all.

"Where's Luke?" Asks Kyan.

"Peeing!" I hear Michael yell.

"Hey guys we love and miss you!" I say and i get a bunch of i love you's back.

"We are watching Monsters INC okay?" Liz says and all agrees.

So we start the best movie in the world and i hear a flush and a hello from Luke. We all dryly say hello since we are watching the movie. Marc puts his arm around me and i cuddle into him. I am so comfortable i could fall asleep.

"Get a room." Luke says.

"Pay attention to the movie." I say.

I end up drifting off not much longer.

I feel movement so i wake up. I see a scared Marc. "I am so sorry, did I wake you? The movie is over." He says.

"Yeah its okay. Just in time to say good night to these dudes and to you.

"Good night, love you guys." I say as Marc and I walk to the front porch.

We walk out and close the door behind us. "Thank you for tonight. For listening to me and for the treats and movie. It was fun."

"Anytime you need something I'll always be here okay?" I say.

He leans in and gently kisses me. I get goosebumps.

"Good night. I hope to see you soon." I say.

"You too, Rina." He says as he gets into his car.

I walk inside with a smile and i see Kyan, Liz, and the FaceTime call staring out the window.

"Why did you guys kiss?" Luke says.

"Because we are kind of dating. Get over yourself." I say. "Good night Mikey, Cal and Ash. Kick ass tomorrow. Bye Luke." I say then day my good nights to Kyan and Liz and head for bed.

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