Amnesia // book 2 l.h

~>SECOND BOOK IN THE SERIES "AMNESIA". THE FIRST BOOK IS TITLED "UNEXPECTED LOVE"<~ "You've changed, not for the better but for the worse. I don't even know who you are anymore." Copyright © 2014 by xxSuperWomanxx All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.


11. chapter 10

Chapter 10

I honestly don't want to go to the airport to see the boys go off again. Even though they are only gone for a month and they are touring Australia, I will oddly miss all of them but Luke. Luke has been an asshole to me ever since he met Marc. I get that its weird and all, but its not like Marc and I are serious. Plus he always goes out with different girls every night. He should stop being a hypocrite and grow up.

A knock on my bedroom door interrupts my thoughts.

"Come in." I say. Kyan opens the door with a smile.

"Time to go to the airport." He says. I sigh at his statement and nod.

I put on my Nikes and I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the airport. It is going to be the same as before but no tears, and no love.

I walk down stairs to see Liz and Ashton making out. "Jeez guys, do you ever stop? You're like rabbits." I say.

"Shut up Miss Miserable, we are saying our goodbyes." Liz says.

"Don't you mean, 'See you later'?" Says Ashton.

Yuck, that was a little too corny. I make my barf noise and head to Kyans car. I sit in the passengers seat beside Kyan.

"Hey there sunshine." He says with a smile. I weakly smile back then sigh.

"Is it bad that I wont miss Luke?" I say.

"I wouldn't if i were you. No offence to Luke." He says and I giggle. "Just let him go and focus in Marc." He says.

"I will, thanks. Hows dating going for you." I say.

"Well, Ive been out in a couple dates with this girl recently." He says while blushing

"Shut up no way, who?" I say.

"A girl named McKayla. Now we have to go. I'll tell you about this later." He honks the van horn and the boys plus Liz pile out and into the van.

"Off we go!" Screams Calum.

"Round two!" Says Michael.

Yep, round two.

We make it to the gates 45 minutes before their flight leaves. Ashton and Liz are cuddling to my right and Kyan, Calum, and Michael are chatting to my left.

I see Luke all alone looking at the planes take off and land. I decide that I would be the bigger person and go talk to him.

"Why so glum, chum?" I say. He smiles.

"Im just thinking, is all." He says.

"What about?" I say.

"I don't want to become more egotistical because of this tour. I don't want to become even more worse ." He says and it makes me kind if bummed out.

"If you don't want to, you won't. It's up to you to control that." I say and he nods.

"I am sorry for treating you like dirt. I guess fame changed me." He says.

"Its alright." I say.

"Do you think we can ever be friends again, and go back to the way we were before?" He says.

I giggle. "Of course, Luke." I say.

"Can you do me a favour?" He asks.

"Yeah, sure." I say.

"Text me good night, every night while I am gone. Your text will remind me to be myself." He says shyly.

"I will. You can count on me." I say. I open my arms and he comes in for a hug. I am happy i got to speak to him today. I saw a glimpse of the old Luke which made me happy.

"Flight 446 is boarding now, flight 446." The announcement says. I smile at Luke.

"Round 2." I say.

"Wish me luck!" He says as he kisses my cheek.

"Good luck!" I say.

I run to the other boys and say my goodbyes.

As they walk off, Luke turns around and runs back to me.

"If Marc makes you happy, date him. Its best if we move on." He says with a smile and runs back.

I smile as I watch them walk off. Even though it hurts to let him go, I am really happy with where I am at.

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