Pets are mericals!

After a walk in the park with there pets, Sabrina and her sisters don't realize what's coming next in their busy & boring music loving lives


3. Home sweet home

Later in the day when James got home with Fox he was talking to the other guys (Kendall, Logan, Carlos) about how he met another fan. The guys could tell he liked her.

James pov

Her long brown wavy hair flowing in the wind as she runs over to her dog, I feel as if we met before.

Turns out both James and Sabrina were freaking out.

Sabrina's pov

It all happened so fast. When I noticed Fox in the distance the thought crossed my mind "what if the guys were here?" I was pissed at Maggy but once I looked up and realized my favorite  member, James was standing right there in front if me and this wasn't a dream. When I got home I was telling the girls how I felt but wasn't sure how to explain it to James.

As the day went on I could notice Maggy was acting weird. She was scratching the door and holding her leash in her mouth. I thought she might want to see Fox again. I then questioned why she ran of like that earlier.


The next day James called Sabrina but she wouldn't answer the first call so he left her a message saying "hey beautiful, it's James, are you interested in becoming a musician someday, if so call me."

Sabrina's pov

When I looked at my phone to see a voicemail and a text I was panicking because I was already in a band with Jaden and Jessie.

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