The Twins!

Aria and Spencer haven't got a clue about love but will that change when they meet Jai and Luke. Will they fall for the bad boys? Are they really bad boys? Is this just an act? Guess you'll have to find out...


4. Meeting!

~~*Spencer's P.O.V.*

Today me and Aria are meeting the boys we may have to call our roommates and I really hope they are cute. If they aren't cute I think driving out to melbourne was a bad idea., It would be a complete waste of time!

*Skip plane ride and drive to apartment*

We walked into the apartment and saw this about 37 year old man and 2 boys who looked about 18 and lemme tell you they were H O T T hott. I especially liked the one with the lip piercing.

"Hello girls I would like you to meet Jai brooks and Luke brooks" Tim said

Me and Aria just looked at each other then back at the boys

"And boys I would like you to meet Aria and Spencer"

"Hi I'm Aria"

"And I'm Spencer"

"Hi Aria, Spencer" The boys replied in unison

"So are you girls going to agree to live here with the boys? Because the boys already said ok"

"Yes of course!" Aria replied faster than I could even finish hereing Tim

"Very well then you guys may move in tomorrow!"

Me and Aria along with Jai and Luke just got to know eachother a little better before the time came where we all had to live together.



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