Project Z (Preparation/Character Entries here)

Project Z - Republish! A brand new, original RPG(-ish) TellTale(-ish) series that allows you to make choices, but does not require a lot of patience and time for the players.
Gain Weapons, skills, friends and enemies(*crosses out*) in this strange world, and surviving is your only chance...
"Will it... ever end?"


15. Test Subject 10: Ashlee Knight

Test Subject: 10

Name: Ashlee Knight (Character of @Captain SpongeyStar)
Age: 15
Nationality: German
Sexuality: Female
Sexuality of interest: Male
Ash is a shy, quiet, timid person. She normally sits in a corner and doesn’t participate much in class, but is an independent student. If she is with her friends she is more chatty since she knows them better. 
Appearance: She has brown hair that goes just below her shoulders, never once has anyone seen it curly, it’s always straight. She has brown eyes. She is also average height for her age. 
Families/Relationship: Ash has a younger sister called Riley, she is 13 years old. She currently goes to Boarding School in another town so is far from her family. Her parents, Maria and John, both work in the hospital so don’t get to spend as much time with their children. 
History:  Ashlee was born and raised in Germany, when she was 7 years old she moved to London with her parents. At the age of 4 she started biking. She is still living in London now, in a 2 storey house.
Like/hobbies: Ashlee loves to ride bike. She has been riding since age of 4. She also enjoys running.
Dislikes: Loud, mean or arrogant people
Specialty/Strength: Very flexible and is good at hand to hand combat.
Weakness: Ashlee is a very shy person so does’t mingle with others well. She’d only talk to people if she knows them well, like her family and close friends.
A small paragraph that describe a day of your character's average life: 
Ashlee wakes up at 6am each day, no matter what happens, and goes for a bike ride to the local park. When she gets there, she’d sit down at the bench and read her book for 10 minutes, then get back on her bike and come home. She arrives back home at 7am, giving her time to get ready to go to school. Her school day is 7 hours. When she gets back home from school, she makes sure she finishes all her homework then she helps her mother to cook dinner. After all chores are down she’d go on her bike and bike up and down the street. On weekends, Ash spends her time with her friends. she’ll either invite them or she’d go to their house.

Battle Status 
Attack: 6
Defence: 2
Agility: 2
Remain ability points: (the rest of your points after assigning): 0
Weapon: Ninja Stars/Shruriken: she have 5 of them hidden in her boots, they are very sharp so are encased in a piece of fabric. Gains 2 ability points to be used whenever the character used it (include P), but some choices may cause the character to loose them.
Skills: Endurance and speed: gains 1 agility points every time the chapter is written in the character's POV.


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