Those 5 Words

"Hi" I said while me heart is beating faster by the minute. I looked deeply into his blue eyes. The next 5 words changed my life forever. "Are you ready to go?"


3. { Three }

When we got to there house I jumped out of the car and ran inside. When I got in there house I was shocked in aw. I heard a chuckle behind me and saw Liam laughing at me. I felt the heat rush to my checks. Niall walked over to me and grabbed my hand so hard. "OWWW" I yelled as he continued to pull me up stairs. I looked at the boys and they had a scared expression on there face. I started to mouth help but half way through I was thrown into a beautiful creamed colored room. I ran to my bed and jumped in it. I heard the door slam and lock. I looked over to my left and see an angry niall walking to me. I was about to run but he grabbed my past and pulled me down. He looked right into my green/blue eyes and yelled at me in a deep voice which sounded like a demon. He said " if you ever hit me again I will...." The door was wide open and not letting him finishing his sentence by the boys coming in and yelling and niall to be more kind, friendly to me. I started to cry and Louis came over to me an tucked me in and layer next to me. I knew it was risky but I leaned over and kissed him on his lips and Laid down. After that the room went silent and niall came over to us and told me he was sorry for yelling. I said it was fine, not really believing my self. Then he told me to never kiss Louis again and I nodded again I did not believe me self. After everybody left the room Louis came in and told me I could wear just one of his shirts to bed. I gladly accepted it. After I put it on I had him lay by me an all he on was his boxers. I leaned over and kissed him and snuggled to his chest. Good night love was the last thing I hear before I fell into a deep slumber.

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