The woods

Have you ever dreamed of a place that you could go to and just escape form all the pain of the world? I have one of those but it's all in my head...If you want I'll this place with you but you have to promise to keep it a secret. I call it dream world. Its a place where anything can happen f you just believe

P.S.. This is a short story


1. It's magic

There was a girl and a boy. They loved to play all day long. Then one day when they were playing out in the meadows like they did all the time. The girl found some old woods. She smiled at the sight of them. Well her friend was counting from 20 down to 1.  'This will be the perfect hiding spot. He'll never find me here!'  The girl started to dance a bit about how she found her hiding place. I started to yell out loud. "YES!!!" It was loud but not loud enough so that the boy could hear her.

So she ran into the woods going deeper and deeper until she was sure that he wouldn't be able to find her in the woods. She started to giggle as the lights all danced around her. Then just as they came they where gone. The woods where really dark. "Maybe I should go back to the edge of the woods. Its really dark in here." The girl was talking out loud to her self.

Only when the girl turned to go back she found that she couldn't find which way she had come from in the begging. The girl sat down on the rock and started to cry for a little while.


"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Ready or not here I come!!!" the boy called out as he started to run around. He was laughing as he tired to find his friend. He loved to play with his friend Julie. They had played with each other since they where in first grade. The boy kept looking and looking high and low for her. "Julie? Julie where are you? Come on out Julie I give up I can't find you Julie!" He was still laughing. Only when he never got a response back he got scared. The boy ran home to his mom. He had to tell someone about what had happened. He had to get help for his friend he just had to.

Back in the woods....

The girl deiced that she couldn't and she wouldn't give up. So she got up off her rock and started to walk the other way. She had no clue as to wear she was going. All that she knew was her heart was telling her that this was the right way to go. So she thought that she should trust her heart and follow it. As she was walking she saw that the lights that danced around her before she got lost came back. She smiled and followed them as they lead her down a path.

The lights they led her to a brighter a light and a lot of green. "I'm free!!!" She said as she ran back into the meadows. "TIMMY!!! TIMMY!!! TIMMY WHERE ARE YOU? HAVE YOU GIVEN UP ON TRYING TO FIND ME ALL READY TIMMY?" She looked around and low for him but he was no to be in sight. It was like he disappeared. She shrugged her shoulders and went off to the flower meadow she had seen so many times before.

She decided that she would pick some flower's for her mother who would love them. Her mother always told her about how she had the best eye for the loveliest of flowers. Julie would smile when ever she heard her mom say that. All of a sudden she heard a scream making her jump. "OUCH!!!" The girl looked around to see where the scream had come form.

Their was no one to be seen in sight. So she shrugged it off and went back to picking flowers. That's when she heard it again. "OUCH THAT HURTS WILL YOU STOP THAT!!!?" she looked down at the flowers to see one was looking at her. "Ahhhh!" The flower folded it's peddles in anger. "What are you screaming about girl?" The girl looked at the flower in shock. "Well your talking!!!" The flower laughed and said, "Don't flowers talk where your from?" The girl shook her head. "No they don't talk." The flower gave her a weird look as it said, "Well that's a little odd. Where are you from darling?" The girl looked at the flower again.

"Me?" The flower shook its head yes. "I come from England." The girl said with a smile on her face. "Where might you come from?" The girl asked the flower. "I come from here of course." The flower said. The girl still looked confused as she said, "Where might here be?" The flower laughed again. "Well Dream World of course. Have you never heard of it before?" The girl shook her head no. This time the flower smiled.

"Well in this world any thing that you dream of comes true." The girls eyes light up with wonder when she heard this. The first thing that she thought of was her dad. She hadn't seen him since she was little. Sadly before she could dream of him she woke up to the sound of  her alarm clock going off. "Honey get up you have school today!!!" Her mom called from down stairs  Julie groaned as she rolled out of her bed. School was the last place she wanted to be.

As she made her way to school she whispered to her self. "I wish you where here Timmy and I wish that place was real. Then we could play for ever and ever and never have to worry about the day ending. In that world it was would be day time all the time. So that would mean that it would play time all the time."

She sighed knowing that this would never happen. Timmy died when they where little in the woods.

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