Konoha High: Book 1

So I got this story from the idea of a role-playing my friends and I are doing. It's a Naruto Fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the following things, the rights stay with the author. I do not own Konoha village, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Guy, Shikamaru, Sakura, Sasuke.

Georgia Williams is the new English teacher at Konoha high at the village hidden in the Leaves.


7. 7.

She watched as the car pulled up outside of her house. Letting the curtains close she sat down on the sofa and switched the television on. There was a knock making her roll her eyes. She waited for a few seconds in silence hoping that they’d go away. Another knock. Lozzie sighed and stood up.

            “One minute!” She shouted towards the door. “What does a woman have to do to get some peace?” She then muttered to herself.

            “Well hurry the hell up then! Man, woman!” Georgia called back through the door.

            Lozzie sighed and flung the door open surprising her friend.

            Georgia, who had jumped out of her skin, frowned at her friend. “Do you have to do that every time you answer the door to someone?” She asked.

            “I only do it to you!”

            “Well I must be special then.” Georgia grumbled.

            “Oh trust me you’re not that special.” Lozzie laughed.

            “Thanks.” She replied.

            “Aw come on! What’s up?” Lozzie asked, picking up on the strange atmosphere change.

            “Nothing.” Georgia told her.

            Georgia took her coat off, throwing it onto the end of the bannister. She walked into the living room and made herself comfortable on the sofa.

            “Geez make yourself at home then!”

            Georgia smiled.

            “Why don’t I go and make the drink?” Lozzie asked sarcastically.

            “Yes why don’t you?” Georgia replied.

            Lozzie smiled at her picking a cushion up and throwing it at her. She laughed as Georgia screamed before disappearing into the kitchen for a few minutes. When she reappeared she passed Georgia the cup and sat down opposite her.

            “So the silver haired guy…?”

            Georgia smiled slightly.

            “Oh him…he’s no one.”         

            “Right of course!” She exclaimed dragging the ‘I’ in right out. “He’s totally no one because you always kiss someone who means nothing.”

            “I’ve never kissed someone before…” Georgia replied.

            Lozzie laughed causing her friend to turn to her, her eyebrows furrowed.

            “I know learn sarcasm Georgia.” She told her. “So the guy?”

            “I don’t know…he was cute, I don’t know what came over me…”
            “I do!” She sang.

            “Right because you are the all-knowing Lozzie.”


            “Look I’m gonna go…I have paperwork.”

            Lozzie nodded.

            “I’ll tell you more another time alright?”

            “Yeah, I’ll hold you to that though!” She called to her.

            “Sure!” Georgia called back.

            “Oh wait!” Lozzie called. “I have something for you!”

            Georgia sighed and walked back up to her friend’s house. She followed her to the kitchen.

            “We brought it for you!”

            She passed Georgia a small black box.

            “We…?” She asked her.

            She took it and opened it. Inside was a small necklace with a red pendant on it.

            “Right and you brought me this how?”

            “I brought it with my boyfriend I told you…”
            “Yeah but you never mentioned who that was.” Georgia told her.

            She smiled as if picturing him before going to answer. She opened her mouth before shutting it again, as the explosion sounded. They both screamed looked at each other, Georgia checking the outside for the source, before turning to the door that led down to the basement.

            “Please tell me that that didn’t come from down there…” Lozzie whispered.

            “Why what’s down there?”
            “My chemistry lab…the one you helped me build…”

            “Oh yeah…” Georgia replied.

            Both women turned to the door as someone opened it slowly.

            “Hn.” They said after a while. “I never expected you to be back so soon.”

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