Konoha High: Book 1

So I got this story from the idea of a role-playing my friends and I are doing. It's a Naruto Fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the following things, the rights stay with the author. I do not own Konoha village, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Guy, Shikamaru, Sakura, Sasuke.

Georgia Williams is the new English teacher at Konoha high at the village hidden in the Leaves.


18. 18.

“You’re an idiot! How the hell could you let her be taken?!”

            Georgia groaned opening her eyes slowly. She stared at the two blurs that were arguing with each other.

            “What was going through your head?!” One of them shouted.

            Georgia smiled slightly at the sight of the two in front of her. Kaze and Kakashi were stood in front of her, a little distance away, shouting at each other. She watched as Kaze grabbed him by the ear and dragged him towards her.

            “Alright. I know-everyone knows what you idiots were hiding. That was stupid. You two are complete morons.”

            Georgia went to protest, Kaze cutting across her.

            “I know originally you never agreed to it but you still went along with it. So you deserve this.”

            Georgia flinched as she felt the book hit her. She turned to glare at Willow who was smiling innocently at her. Georgia placed her hand to her head as it pounded mercilessly.

            “Can we do this another time? My head is pounding like mad.” She asked.

            “No way!” Willow shouted down her ear. “You two need to sort this out now.”

            Georgia flinched away from her. She closed her eyes and placed her head against the wall.

            “Where are we anyway?” She asked.

            “Kakashi can tell you. I’m going with Naruto to find some food be back soon.” Kaze told them walking off.

            “Yeah! We’ll see you soon Sensei!” Naruto called waving at her.

            Georgia waved back and sighed as she turned her attention back to him.

            “Well if you’d like to tell me what’s going on I’d be grateful.” Georgia said to him.

            “It’s been a week since you were taken. We got to you late last night, it wasn’t hard to get to you when your friends found out and came to us.” Kakashi told her simply. “Secondly we then went on to get you here. Where we are now is somewhere away from the building you were originally in. We have to go back to the village tomorrow and then your friends are going to take over-”

            “If they harm them I’ll-”

            “You’ll what?”

            Georgia looked towards the entrance as the male looked at her. It was the same one from the tunnel.

            “Well, it seems like you got into a bit of a pickle. You shouldn’t let yourself get so angry over nothing.” He paused. “At first you hated the idea of having a partner but then she saved you and all of a sudden-”

            “She’s like a sister, I’m not going to let you-”

            “She turned evil and just kidnapped you.”  He said.

            “She saved my life!” Georgia shouted back at him.

            She stood up and walked towards him. He fell to the floor as she hit him. He looked back at her.

            “You don’t usually act like that.” He commented.

            “You don’t usually try to kill people I’m friend with.” She replied.

            “I think you should come with me…you need to calm down.” Kakashi told her.

            “No. He does. I think that if I talk to her she’ll come around-”

            “Come around?” The other man scoffed. “Oh please! You’ve been played since the beginning!”

            “So were you, if I remember correctly, you were the one who put her as my partner!”

            “I think it would be better if you leave.” Kakashi intervened.

            “I came here to find her and talk to her to make her see sense. If she intervenes, which I have no doubt she will, then this entire operation goes pear shape. We can’t have her trying to stop us.”

            “What are you going to do?” She asked him.

            “Nothing you need to worry about Agent Williams.” He told her. “Now I think it would be better if you take her as far away as you can.”

            “What the hell are you going to do?” Georgia repeated.

            “That’s none of your business.” He told her. “Gentleman I think it’s time that we leave.”

            She watched him in surprise as he turned around walking off with two people who had appeared out of nowhere.

            “I think it’s time that we have a little chat.” Kakashi told her.

            “I don’t want to talk about it.” She told him.

            “No, I think we all need to understand this current situation better.”

            “I don’t want to and I don’t do what I don’t want to.” She told him.

            “You don’t have a choice!”

            “What the hell does that mean?!”

            “There are some things you can’t choose.” He said to her.

            “Oh yeah? Like what?”

            “Like who you fall for!” He whispered angrily.

            “Wow. What the fuck does that mean? What the hell am I supposed to say to that?” She replied.

            “I don’t know!”

            “Everyone has a choice. Mine is to not let bastards like that harm my friends.”

            “You’re both idiots.” Kaze said.

            Everyone turned slowly and stared at her.

            “While you two are arguing they’re getting closer to what you didn’t want to happen.”

            She pointed at Georgia and sighed in frustration. Everyone remained silent.

            “Are we going now or not?” She asked.

            When no one answered her she sighed. Kaze narrowed her eyes walking up to the two. She took them both by the ear, both of them telling her to let them go. She shook her head and turned to Georgia.

            “Can I ask you something?” She said.

            Georgia nodded at her slowly.

            “What did she mean by shutdown?” Kaze paused. “Well? What does it mean?”

            Georgia stared at her for a moment. Kakashi and Kaze watched her curiously as her eyes started to close.

            “It’s…it’s…” Her words failing her as she swayed slightly.

            “Hey! Is everything alright Sensei?!” Naruto shouted at her.

            He ran forwards, Georgia placing her hands on his shoulder as she tried to talk to him.

            “Naruto…don’t…don’t let them…”

            Naruto nodded with a smile as if understanding what she had meant. She tried to talk to him again, her mouth not moving. Kakashi glanced at Kaze, the two of them moving forward as she finally closed her eyes and fell back, the blackness taking over.

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