Konoha High: Book 1

So I got this story from the idea of a role-playing my friends and I are doing. It's a Naruto Fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the following things, the rights stay with the author. I do not own Konoha village, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Guy, Shikamaru, Sakura, Sasuke.

Georgia Williams is the new English teacher at Konoha high at the village hidden in the Leaves.


17. 17.

“You’re telling me this now because….?”

            “Georgia I’m telling you this now because you’ve just stormed into enemy territory on your own.”

            “Right thanks for pointing out the obvious.”

            “Well, whether you like it or not she is your new partner. Trust her. She’s the best sniper we’ve got.” They replied.

            “I don’t see her.” Georgia told them.

            She glanced over the large tree that was lying in her way and scanned the area.

            “I’m going further in-”

            She jumped back.

            “I found your bloody sniper! What the hell does she think she’s doing?!” She whispered angrily down the earpiece. “Listen I don’t have time for this. I have to get in there quick. I’m not losing Larry this time.”

            “Fine calm down. Millie wants a word with you by the way.”

            There was a silence before a woman started to speak down the phone.

            “Alright, are you there?” She paused. “Georgia?”

            “Yeah I’m here?”

            “Ok, I have an idea. Can you see the tunnel up ahead?”

            Georgia looked up again. There was an old looking tunnel slightly covered by leaves and vines.

            “If you can get into that then I have this feeling we might be able to stop them.”

            “Where will I end up?” Georgia asked.

            “If the blueprints are correct then you should end up….in the main training room.” Millie informed her.

            “Right and tell me Millie, what if there are…I don’t know about twenty people waiting for me there?” Georgia ducked as another bullet flew past her. “Will someone call that fucking sniper off?”

            “It wasn’t me.” Came a female voice down the earpiece. “It was another sniper. Don’t worry I took care of it. As for you though, wait for me. I’ll be down to meet you and we can go in together-”

            “No way! I don’t know you!” Georgia paused. “I’m not waiting.” She said finally.

            Georgia dropped her gun, running towards the tunnel. She heard unfamiliar shouts behind her as she stopped at the entrance. Pulling the vines off, she took her handgun out of her pocket and slowly crept down it. When the light had left her, as it was midday, she took out a small torch and turned it on. She placed her gun gently on top and carried on down, the torch shining a little ahead. She stopped behind a door and turned the torch off. Placing her ear to the door she smiled. There was nothing to suggest that she was going to be ambushed. Georgia pushed it open and climbed out she glanced around before placing the torch in her back pockets.

            “Quick hurry! The forces are outside! I can’t let them get to Larry!” Someone shouted.

            Georgia hurried to the door and watched outside. There were groups of people running past. First they were in uniforms then they were in armour.

            “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Came the unfamiliar voice behind her.

            Georgia jumped and turned around with a bemused look on her face.

            “I’m Lozzie. Your new partner!” She introduced herself.

            The woman had ginger hair with brown eyes and was taller than Georgia. Georgia sighed and turned back around. Lozzie turned her head to the side and started shouting.

            “Will you stop it?! You’re going to damage her!” She paused. “No I don’t care about what you want to do! I want her not to be harmed!”

            There was a crash her eyes flying open. She looked around, people stood over her. She tried to move the restraints tightening as she moved.

            “Stay down!” Kakashi told her as he was pushed back against what she was on.

            “What the hell….?” She croaked.

            “Don’t talk!” He pushed them back and scowled.

            “What…?” The restraints clicked open.

            There was another explosion, Kakashi grabbing hold of her. He picked her up, Georgia looking around.

            “Time to go!” Asuma shouted.

            Kakashi stood next to Asuma, the two of them making hand signs.

            “Time to sleep.” Kakashi told her.

            She looked up at him, his eye doing something weird. It was red with black tear shaped things in his eye.

            “What’s…what’s…?” Her voice trailed off as she closed her eyes.

            He smiled slightly as she drifted off. He took one last look at the scene before they disappeared, reappearing out in a forest.

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