Konoha High: Book 1

So I got this story from the idea of a role-playing my friends and I are doing. It's a Naruto Fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the following things, the rights stay with the author. I do not own Konoha village, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Guy, Shikamaru, Sakura, Sasuke.

Georgia Williams is the new English teacher at Konoha high at the village hidden in the Leaves.


10. 10.

            “Hey Sensei! I can answer this one!”

            Georgia looked up at Naruto as he waved his arm in the air.

            “Yes Naruto? What’s the answer?” She asked him.

            “You must always consider the context!” Naruto shouted.

            “Yes Naruto that’s right.” Georgia laughed. “But it’s not quite what I asked the class about. I wanted someone to tell me if they’ve ever read the book…”

            “Oh…I’ve never read the book…” Naruto replied.

            “I can tell that Naruto. Right ok, what do you know then?” She asked him.

            Naruto stared at her blankly for the moment. He smiled at her.

            “Well…” He laughed. “It’s not exactly related to the book…”
            “Well what is it related to then?” She asked him.

            “It’s to do with-”

            “Actually.” She cut across him. “I couldn’t care less about what it is, if it isn’t related to our work then I don’t want to hear it.”

            Naruto looked at her annoyed turning to look away. She watched him with a smile.

            “Well then back to the boo-”

            The bell rang interrupting her. The class ran out of the room towards their next class, Georgia sitting down in her chair. She lifted her feet up, resting it on the desk.

            “Have a free?”

            Georgia looked up at Lozzie. Lozzie smiled at her and dragged one of the chairs up to in front of her desk.

            “How’s the first lessons going?” Georgia asked her.

            “A student set fire to the lab…”

            “Well is everyone ok?!” She shouted.

            “Yeah of course!” Lozzie laughed. “It’s not like I’m going to let anyone get hurt! Anyway I put it out as soon as it started!”

            Georgia smiled and watched her.

            “Are you going to take your feet off that?” Kurenai asked her.

            She walked in and smiled at them.

            “I’m Kurenai.”

            Lozzie shook Kurenai’s hand.

            “So what is it you need Kurenai?” Georgia asked her.

            Kurenai looked between the two women.

            “Lozzie is my best friend, so what you want to say you can say in front of her.” Georgia told her.

            “Right…I understand. It’s about the other afternoon and what happened earlier…”

            “Yes? What about it?” Georgia asked her.

            “I was out of line…I apologise, I shouldn’t have done it.” She paused. “It’s just that he looked pretty…”
            “Happy?” Georgia suggested.

            “You could say that. I mean we’ve never seen him act like that with anyone-”

            “Yes and you won’t again.” Georgia told her.

            Lozzie looked at her with her eyebrow raised. Georgia looked back at her with a straight face.

            “What I’m trying to say…Kurenai is that I’m not the right person for Kakashi. I’m sorry to disappoint every-hold on.”

            Georgia looked towards the door when noticing Sakura stood there.

            “Err…am I…?”

            “No Pinkie, come on in! What can I do for you today?”

            Sakura stared at her for a second.

            “Come on I haven’t got all day.”

            “Err…yes, I’m sorry Sensei, I just want to know if I missed anything today because I missed the lesson.”

            “So I did, I noticed that you weren’t there.”

            Georgia picked up a piece of paper and passed it to her.

            “I didn’t get a chance to hand the class any of this, it’s basically just a piece of paper with some frequently asked questions on it. Go and buy Jekyll and Hyde, then read the first two chapters and answer the questions on them.”

            “But Sensei that would put me further ahead that the rest.”

            “Well done, but it’ll mean that you had the initiative to do something. It’s meant to put you ahead. Goodbye Pinkie!”

            Georgia waved at her with a smile. She then turned back to Kurenai and Lozzie.

            “So anyway back to the last topic we were talking about, Kakashi. I’m not the girl for him, Ii mean let’s face it it’s been-what?-two or three days and we haven’t talked to each other. So I think that you should set him up with someone else.”

            “Set who up with who?”

            All three of them turned to look at Iruka and Asuma.

            “I came to find out where you were.” Iruka explained. “Your class is waiting outside of the room.

            Kurenai nodded and turned to walk out of the room.

            “Just think about it alright?” She said.

            “Fine.” Georgia sighed.

            Asuma and Iruka watched them curiously. Lozzie stood up and smiled at her.

            “Well, I’m going to have to go because I have a date.” She told them.

            “Ha! Have fun then, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Georgia smiled at her.

            “See you tomorrow?” Asuma asked. “Period four just ended.”

            “Yeah, well she’s not going to be coming back trust me.” Georgia replied. “Anyway, don’t you guys have a class to teach too?” She asked them.

            “Na not for the rest of the day.” Asuma replied. “We were actually wondering whether or not you wanted to go into the shops with us…?”

            “Sure. I don’t see why not.” She replied.

            She picked up her coat of the back of her chair. She followed them out of the room walking down the corridor with them. She noticed Kakashi walking up towards them, Kurenai behind him.

            “Hey what’re you-?”

The two men laughed as they tripped her, Georgia flying into Kakashi, both of them going to the floor. They stared at each other for a second jumping back upon realising that they were kissing.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” They shouted at the same time.

They stared at each other for a minute. Both unsure of what to do.

“I’m sorry!” They said to each other, again at the same time. “I hate you!”

Everyone around them laughing at them as they continued. Again they stared at each other.

“Why the hell are you still lying there?” Georgia asked him.

“I was about to get up until I realised that you’re still sitting on top of me.” He replied smiling at her.

Georgia blushed bright red, jumping up off him. Kakashi stood up and walked up to her. Iruka, Kurenai and Asuma glanced at each other. They all laughed pushing the two into each other. Georgia pushed him back again as their lips collided. She heard a camera take a picture and a light erupted from beside her.

“You two are real bastards, I hope you know that.” She told them.

“Did you just swear?” Asuma asked her.

Georgia nodded.

“Sometimes I have to let it out.” She replied. “Especially at times like this.”

Asuma and Iruka looked at each other and backed away for a second.

“Why are you backing away?” She asked them.

“You have this black aura surrounding you at the moment…” Lozzie told her with a smile. “You know this picture is Facebook perfect…”
            “Don’t you dare.” Georgia warned her. “Put the phone away.”

“Hmm…nah! I think this would be perfect!”

There was a click sounding from her phone and a bell coming from Georgia’s jacket pocket. A look of horror crossed her face as she pulled her phone out and clicked on the notification.


Lozzie smiled at her and put her phone away.

“You’re welcome!”

Lozzie clapped her hands together walking back into the class. The students all staring at the group of teachers as they remained quiet.

“I’m going home, get someone to cover my lesson.” She told them.

Lozzie poked her head back around the door. Her brown hair covering her face slightly.

“Shit!” She laughed. “Georgia’s going to have a temper tantrum!”

Georgia stopped and turned her head to the side.

“Goodbye!” Lozzie shouted, ducking her head back into the class.

            Georgia turned back and walked off. As she exited the building she slipped her jacket on and headed to her car. She climbed in driving off away from the village, she sighed to herself, throwing the phone out of the window.

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