Konoha High: Book 1

So I got this story from the idea of a role-playing my friends and I are doing. It's a Naruto Fanfiction. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the following things, the rights stay with the author. I do not own Konoha village, Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Guy, Shikamaru, Sakura, Sasuke.

Georgia Williams is the new English teacher at Konoha high at the village hidden in the Leaves.


1. 1.

“Good morning class, I’m your new English Sensei Georgia.” She smiled at the class as they all looked back at her in a bored manner. She was a woman of medium height with brown hair that she never tied up and green eyes that lit up as she smiled. “Say…how old are you guys?”

            “What does that matter? Man this is such a drag!” One of the male students moaned while stretching their arms.

            “Right well…forget I ever asked.” She replied, her smile dimming. “So today I’m gonna just ask you guys a few things about yourselves alright.” She paused. “Let’s start with…you.”

            She pointed at the student who had spoken before.

            “Fine. The name’s Shikamaru Nara. I just want the easy life.” The boy explained. She watched him curiously as he finished what he was saying and rubbed his neck. He looked like the type of boy that didn’t like doing much. He had black hair tied up and his head in his hand. He was wearing the standard uniform for the school. A white button up top with a black blazer over it that had a green leaf symbol on it and black trousers.

            She looked towards the boy sat just in front of him. He was a small blonde child with bright blue eyes and a childish expression on his face.

            “You next.”

            The child pointed at himself to which she nodded in reply. He beamed at her speaking proudly.

            “My names Naruto Uzumaki, believe it! I’m going to get stronger and become the next Hokage of our village!”

            Georgia stared at him in surprise. She remembered that there had been ninja that once lived in this village, like in all of the hidden villages, but she didn’t think that they would still be around. She cleared her throat before replying.

            “Right…Naruto, that sounds like an amazing dream.” She smiled back at him. “Are you prepared for what you will face though?”

            “It’ll all be a breeze! I’ll be there in no time!” He laughed.

            “Idiot.” Another student muttered angrily towards him.

            “What was that Sasuke?” He shouted appearing on top of the desk in front of the other child.

            They narrowed their eyes at each other in distaste, Georgia sighing as the argument continued. She sat down listening to it, she cast her line of sight back to Shikamaru who rolled his eyes and looked away. She closed her eyes, opening them the instant she heard the cry of pain. A smile crept onto her face at the sight in front of her. Naruto was clutching his head while still standing on the desk, the boy called Sasuke sitting there with a satisfied smirk and a pink haired girl glaring daggers at Naruto. She went to ask the girls name when the bell went. The students stood up leaving the room silently.

            “So… Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru Nara, Sasuke and a pink haired girl…interesting.” She smiled to herself picking up a plain paper pad. Opening it she picked up a picture beginning to sketch it out. She carried on smiling sometime into the second period.

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