A 1D story : The Change

This is a 1D movella! Can contain sexual content. Follow my friend Lisa Westring for her version of this same story! It's gonna be the same but in our different perspectives.


1. Chapter 1

Isabelle's P.O.V

Me and my 4 best friends lwhere sitting at Starbucks after our job ended. I only ordered a espresso, nothing else. We where having a really good time, until we heard some girls screaming outside. We heard so many "I love you!" Screams outside and it got a more annoying for any minute that went.

Then, 5 guys came inside Starbucks and at that moment everyone in Starbucks gasped. It was the famous British band one direction! We gasped as well and just looked at the 5 handsome guys walk inside the store and ordered their things.

They went past our table and then Niall tripped and dropped his things on the floor.

-"Niall are you ok?!" We all asked him when he fell on the floor.

He was on the floor and was about to pick his things up when I softly pushed my friend Lisa's arm and told her to help him. I knew Niall was her favourite member of one direction. So maybe she could make a good first move and help him.She went up to him and kneeled down beside him and started to help him pick up his things on the floor. We all where staring at them as they where having a small talk with each other. After a minute or so I looked at Zayn. He was so handsome.. I loved the whole band but zayn was my absolutely favourite. I wanted to talk to zayn, get to know him better and be with him..

Then when Lisa and Niall finally stood up I heard her say..

-"do you wanna join us"

And I looked at her surprised. What was she doing? Asking a famous British boy band to sit with us? I looked at Niall to see what he would answer, and he told us that it would be great! He then went to the other boys to tell them to sit with us.

I started to panic, one direction is going to sit at our table! I looked up and saw the boys get closer and closer to our table. When they came to our table we realised we needed one chair. Lisa stood up and was going to get a new chair but Niall grabbed her arm and turned her around. He told her to sit on his lap! I started to smile at her, but then I looked at zayn.. I just couldn't stop look at him.I really like Zayn.. I really do.. And I saw him look at me and I blushed deeply and looked down. I could hear him laugh quietly and then went to sit beside me. I bit my lower lip and slowly looked up at him. He was so close to me, my heart pounded fast..

-"h-hi..." I said a bit shyly and quietly. I'm a really shy girl, and it doesn't matter who I am with I always get shy and I'm always afraid if I do something wrong.

-"hello" he said and looked at he with a handsome smile. I just melted by his smile, I just couldn't stop smile back at him.

After a few minutes we started to talk more and more witch each other. And something happened that I thought something never would happen to me, to us! We got their numbers!It was time for us girls and boys to go. So we stood up and gave each other big hugs. I hugged the other boys before I hugged zayn. I walked up to him and smiled at him.

-"Bye zayn! It was a really great time being with you guys! I hope we get to meet each other again!"

I said as I smiled at him.

-"Of course we will meet again! It was nice meeting you too." He said and smiled at me.

We started to hug each other tight. His strong arms wrapped around me tight and I wrapped my arms around him back as well. This hug was warm and good, I wanted to stay like this forever! My heart started to pound harder and faster than before. What if zayn could hear it?

We went out from Starbucks and went two different ways.. What if we get closer than just friends?

I will never forget this day..

Sorry that it took so long to publish this chapter. But it was something wrong with my phone and finally it's up! I hope you like this first chapter. Remember to follow my friend Lisa Westring for her version!

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