3. They Took Him

   I opened my eyes.  So I was not dead.  Funny, didn't the man shoot me?  Or was heaven just not as good as it was made out to be?  No, I was definitely still alive.  But at that moment I wished I was dead.  For what I saw was all destruction and, worst of all, bodies.  Not bodies that were full of happiness and praise and thankfulness.  Bodies that were lifeless.  Women and men, even children were all strewn across the black, ash covered ground.  The atmosphere was not full of song and loud prayer.  It had turned to silence.

   I gave a small cry, and sat up.  How could such a beautiful place be just... gone?  I sat there, looking around.  How much time had past?  Was it really only hours ago that I had been sitting with my family?  Thinking of my family, I stood up sharply, but crumpled again in pain.  I looked down at my knee.  My lovely skirt was blood-stained from a deep gash in my leg, cut open horribly and almost pitiful.  I looked away.  I hated blood; it gave me a feeling of deep revulsion and sadness.  I took a deep breath and leaned forward.  Placing my hands on the littered floor, I crawled slowly around, searching desperately for any sign of life, and hopefully, my family.  It was only a few minutes that had gone by when I saw a limp hand poking out from the rubble.  I hurried to it, and once I had reached it, I pulled.  Adrenaline rushed through me as I heaved the person up out of the remains that hid them. 

   "Mom!" I gasped as I lay her unconscious self on the cleanest spot I could reach. 

   Her eyes were closed, but thankfully she was breathing.  I looked up at the clouds that were now revealed by the fallen ceiling and thought, thank you.  Returning my attention to my mother, I patted her cheeks and shook her.  But I knew she was going to be okay.  I just... knew.

   I kissed her on the forehead and continued my search.  It wasn't long before I heard someone crying. 

   "Please!" I breathed and headed toward the sound.

   "Hello?" I called, and it felt weird to break the silence that seemed to have secrets, concealing all those who were hidden among the destruction.

   The crying stopped, and the silence returned. 

   "Lily?" asked the girl hopefully as I stepped around the corner.

   "Daisy!" I cried and ran toward the small child huddled in the corner, all of my pain and fear melting away.

   "Oh, Lily!" she exclaimed as we hugged.

   "Are you okay?" I questioned.

   "Yes, I am!" she replied happily, but at once her smile faded and she stepped back as she remembered the reason she had been crying.

   "What's wrong?" I asked, seeing her look of terror.

   "They took him Lily," she whispered.  "They took Daddy."

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