1. The Perfect Life

   "Lily, can you please come up here?" my mom called from my bedroom.

   "Okay, I'm coming!" I yelled back.

   Immediately I pressed the top button on my tablet, set it on the table, and scurried out of the living room.  Running up the stairs, I smiled at my younger sister who was reading in the hallway.  I reached my room and spotted my mom rummaging through my closet.


   "Oh, you need to pick out your clothes for church tonight," she said, smiling.


   I walked over to my dresser and opened a drawer.  I pulled out a blue skirt, and, standing up I picked out a pair of silver hoop earrings.  I moved then to a spot beside my mom and examined my short-sleeved shirt section of my closet.  I grabbed a white lace top and held everything up so my mother could see.

   "That looks pretty together.  But it's missing something... maybe you need a bracelet?" she suggested.

   "Alright," I said, and returned to my dresser once more.

   "How about this one?" I asked, pointing to a shiny piece of jewelry that glimmered brilliantly in the lamplight.

   "Yes, that's perfect!" she said as her eyes grew wide.

   I put everything on when my mom left the room to feed my baby sibling, Rose.  Mom had named us all after flowers; for example, my other sister's name is Daisy. 

   Turning around in the mirror, I smiled to myself.  I had a perfect life, and I always would.  Or so I thought.  Things were not looking perfect at all.  But no one knew.  No one but the small band of evil men creeping across the country, gathering followers as they went.  Expanding their army.  And soon, they planned, they would take over.



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