AltCroft School

[Y] Due to Offensive Language. Violence, Blood, Other [Y] Rated-Related Info.
- There was a time where I felt so down, so hurt, so sad, and so many other emotions at once!
Now, I remember a time where I wish to go back to, but I don’t see myself there, smiling like I used to.
It was a change of events, I told myself this; over and over and over, again. So, I guess, I’m just thinking back to the good old days, right?
If that was true, why would I remember a time so much it hurts? It’s a painful time to be in. I guess, what made my past so bad, so awful, so tragic, more emotions, again? Really?
Well, I’m stuck. I don’t know if I should run away from this. Or, if I should turn back round. -


2. < 1 > Jessica's First Day Back

< 1 >

Chapter One

Jessica's First Day Back

It was a morning like no other for this girl. She was always running around in the mornings, smiling away at the mirror, her pets, and just her family in general. Even then, those days filled with happiness do not last as long as you’d want them to. This girl was no other than; Jessica. What a girl with a name that many remember from their old schools. And even if you haven’t heard of her name, yet… you sure will one day, Jessicas’ are everywhere!

Awoken from such a rude sound, it had to be the alarm clock. Buzzing on and off, it kept her up through the rest of the morning. She hadn’t thought to turn it off, it just occurred to her that the alarm clock was going to keep the pets awake. Her puppy, her kittens. She had the average amount of pets for a young girl her age: she was indeed, only 14 Years Old. What a pleasant surprise to find that the animals had chewed her socks from the day before. She smiled at them, not caring about the socks, she even offered to hug them and she did with ease.

Licking her face and leaving paw prints all over her white and pink robe, she smiled at them and continued to keep that smile for the breakfast table. Leaving the pets upstairs, she waved them goodbye; the puppies, however, cared too much and went after her. Following her down the steps in their cute behaviour-like way. Hopping one step at a time to only reach the last step and slip a little on the wooden floorboards. Jessica was soon greeted by her mother and father.

Her father first to see her in such a warmish morning; holding a cup of coffee in his left hand and a steamy bacon sandwich in the other. He smiled at her as she looked into the room with her hair looking quite scruffy. She hadn’t noticed at first, she thought that her hair was done, already. The day just seemed to be moving quicker in her mind, thinking that she was prepared to leave as early as anyone who’d like to be so early it would be painful to wait.

“Drink up, we don’t have all day, you know.” Her father cheerfully surprised her.

She sighed, “yeah, I know, I just don’t want to rush…”

Her father didn’t say anything back, he just continued to keep his smile for her. Whilst, her mother was nowhere to be seen, it was a wonder to why her father was so happy, today. Expressing his happiness to her, he placed a small box with ribbons on the surface of the table. Rolling his eyes to the box, Jessica could see that her father was keeping secrets from her. Not wanting to be rude, she stayed calm and relaxed. Not wanting anything to ruin such a day like this one.

“Aren’t you going to open it? It’s a gift like no other.” He joked.

She raised her eyebrows; “yeah? I wonder what’s inside…”

Her father pushed back his chair and stood up, unknown to Jessica that he wanted a hug from her. Jessica saw him grinning and looking too happy, she didn’t stay in the room for long. Grabbing the gift box and running up the stairs to ready for school. Her father’s face dropped to a miserable look the moment she stepped out of the room. He sat back down and slammed the Kitchen door with an upset look on his face as he held a picture of his daughter near his chest.

The phone rung; Ring, Ring, Ring

Jessica grabbed the one as she rolled over on her bed with her long scruffy hair becoming tangled in all kinds of knots. She ignored the hair problem and continued to roll down the side of her bed with the phone being snatched as quick as she could. She soon hit the ground, groaning at the bump she had formed on the back of her head. She rubbed it a little and answered the phone with a deep breath in-between their conversation.

“Hello? Lucy, why you calling at this time?” Jessica rolled her eyes.

“Ah, you know, bored. What about you?” Lucy replied, yawning as she spoke.

“Not much. I’m tired, but this day feels quite rushed. Do you feel that way too?”

“Ha-ha, yeah, all the time!” Lucy giggled. “It’s hardly new to me. He-he, you don’t see to be on the Internet much… bored of talking to Ryan?”

“As if! Ryan and I, well, we go back a few grades…” Jessica blushed as she shouted down the phone.

“You sound quite excited knowing that Ryan is still online, now.” Lucy said with sarcasm.

“…excited? I’m thrilled! It’s great to be able to talk to him again, daddy, doesn’t really listen to me much, lately. He’s always smiling when mother is not home!”

“Ah, I see… well, have fun! I’ve got to go, school. I’ve got to go school!” Lucy spoke in confusion.

Leaving her phone behind, she grabbed her IPod instead. Her 4th Generation IPod. There was no more voices downstairs, it was just quiet, and to Jessica’s ears; that always meant something bad had happened. She decided to ignore it for just this once. It’s a change of scenery, she thought to herself. Knowing that something might be up, her mind pondered. Instead of checking on her father, she left him in the Kitchen and grabbed her hair extensions from downstairs and ran back up as quick as she could. Sprinting towards her bedroom, she grabbed her mirror with a burst of energy shocking her. A super grin appeared on her face, looking chuffed to go to school.

Ryan and I, we’re going to go places! Her mind spoke for her. She kept thinking of all the great days that were ahead of her. Even though, some of those days could be ruined, it happens. She didn't care, it was rather a good day or a bad day. For now, she wanted to stay smiling for the good day she was blessed with, thanks to a beautiful morning. The sun shined through her curtains and she acknowledged the birds outside; chirping and singing their little songs.

It wasn’t long for her to realize that she was late. A perfect morning like this don’t come often, she rethought back to how she awoke this morning. It was a smiley time, she thought to herself. She soon forgot about what she wanted to learn from the morning and her mind wondered elsewhere: Right into Ryan’s dreamboat. Now, that was odd, she ended up thinking about her and Ryan. It was far more important to her, apparently. She stayed relaxed and drifted her hair, soon brushing it to fine it out. Her long brunette hair was soon looking as beautiful as in her picture.

She compared her mirror-look to her pictures beside her. She laughed at the pictures and put them down, as she agreed to what she thought; the way she looks in the mirror is far better. Running to the bathroom, she continued to stay calm and chilled. Her own mind kept thinking about Ryan, the thoughts kept coming and going. Soon, she had a flood of thoughts roaming inside her brain. Delighted and excited at the same time, Jessica moved towards her box of makeup.

Pulling out her makeup kit and her little fold-back mirror, she clipped on her hair extensions and smothered her lips in lipstick. A bright red, variety of different bright colours, she beamed at the mirror. Removing some of the make up with her little sponge, she wiped off some of the bad areas on her face; being her lipstick having too much redness. Her phone soon rung again, she heard her ringtone play through the walls between her and the phone.

Almost slipping on the wet floor, she ran across the carpet and two of her favorite animal-themed rugs. Diving onto her bed, she grabbed the phone and pressed “Answer,” as it rung again and again.

“Hey, Jessica, what you up to?” A familiar voice spoke to her.

“Lauren? Is that you?” Jessica replied, uncertain with who it was she was talking to.

“Ah, yeah, you got me! – Did you think it was my twin sister?” Lauren laughed.

“No, I just thought she’d be calling around this time.” Jessica wanted to turn her phone off. “I guess, you’re calling to speak to Andrew?”

“Naturally… sometimes, I call him and he don’t answer. So, I just call you.”

“Yeah, well, I’d like you not to…” she failed to say what she really wanted to say to her.

“well? Are you feeling okay?” Lauren asked with concern.

Jessica felt embarrassed and ended the call with a sly little smile on her face. Leaving behind her phone yet again, she stepped out into the hallway and walked down the stairs to find her coat and her other accessories. Her father still being in the Kitchen, looking down and depressed. She once again had no thoughts to check on her father and put on her coat out of several other coats to choose from. Happy with her choice being: a warm darkish-black and grey jacket. She was already wearing a short skirt for school, and a jacket just seemed necessary to her.

Closing the door behind her, she locked up. Her own spare set of keys was a joy to use for her own needs. She placed her bag around her left shoulder and continued to start her journey to school. Prepared and ready, although she is running late. She didn’t have a care in the world, she just wanted to speak to Ryan and spend time with no other than Ryan himself. Reaching the first bus stop after a few miles walk, she was still running late.

The school wasn’t too far from her, it was down a bunch of roads, and even then, it was still going to take a lot of effort and support to get there. She thought about catching a bus to school, she had done it many other days, but this time, she was going to walk there. She soon reached the third bus stop and met several school friends from her old school. They were waiting for a bus, it seemed. They watched Jessica as she sat down to calm her nerves.

“Looking quite fancy, there.” An older girl laughed at her.

“You rather have it, or you don’t. And you don’t have it, do you?” Her old best friend snickered.

“Yeah? Well, at-least she is still in school. Unlike us.” Her other best-friend defended her.

“Katie, Joanne, Rebecca! It’s been a while since I last seen you, girls.” Jessica smiled.

“Yeah, well, we weren't really expecting to run into you.” Kate whispered with her rudeness.

“Yeah, well she is still one of us. So back off!” Rebecca defended her again.

“Alright, alright, we've been to cruel… who can blame us?” Joanne settled with reason.

The bus soon arrived for them, as did Jessica. She was feeling up to the walk again, and wasn't going to stop for a bus anymore. She trudged across thick puddles full of dirt and rain water. Some of the mud splat onto her ankles, and some of it went inside her boots. She was feeling quite annoyed after that. Her old friends left her, only Joanna and Rebecca waving goodbye to her. Katie was soon on the bus without a smile or even a friendly gesture back to Jessica. Nothing.

“Eh, do you know how to get to AltCroft?” A man shouted from across the square.

Jessica knew that talking to strangers was going to end terrible. So, she was already breaking her routine by walking instead of getting a bus. She didn't seem bothered about rules, anymore. The man waited for her, revving his car back and forth to get her attention. His smile widened as she stood near his window. He asked his question again, this time being more subtle than shouting.

“Well, do you know how to get to AltCroft?” He asked a second time.

“Yeah, my school is there. It’s up there, down that hill and then turn right, another right, then turn left.” Jessica replied with concern.

He pulled out a box, a small box with a label on it. Holding it in front of him, he took something out of it, a small-like cylinder object.

“Thanks, girl. It’s been a nightmare, today, I tell you! Every last birthday can’t be the same as this one. My daughter turning the sweet sixteen. It’s not easy, I tell you that for sure!”

Jessica felt nervous after speaking to a stranger for longer than any other time she had done it. The man thanked her and revealed to Jessica that he was up to no good. Jessica never had any judgemental issues with him. She just thought she’d help him out and then that’ll be that. The man didn’t let her go so easily.

“Ah… it’s a wonder to why she hasn’t started yet. Don’t you think, girl?” He smirked as he puffed out smoke.

She coughed in response. “Yeah, it’s a wonder for sure.”

Laughing at her tone, he realized that she was actually quite a laugh to be with. He knew that she was younger, but didn’t say anything that would suggest otherwise. Jessica was cautious, taking each step back towards the driveway of her friend’s house. Behind his car were several other cars waiting, when they could have just gone round. He wasn’t too happy with how the events were turning out to be. One being that he’s causing traffic, stopping him from talking to Jessica.

“Okay, okay, I’ll make it quick! – If you ever need a lift, a ride, whatever… just call me on this number. I would’ve helped you out now, but look at that behind…” he floored it.

Causing the tires to screech, he had gone at a fast speed whilst the others that were behind him were late to realize he had moved from sitting there. Their faces changed to smiley faces, and the others behind them were looking more miserable. Jessica had managed to get a phone number off a stranger, and some dirt and mud all over her legs. She wasn’t too happy, appearance wise.

Placing the phone number that was on what looked to be an old McDonalds card and a Subway card on the back of that. She was even more cautious to even consider calling the man. Even though, she had helped him get somewhere. She didn’t feel right for standing near him for so long. Anything could have happened, she knew that. What she didn’t know was that the stranger had made her even later. She finally managed to reach the school gates and brushed herself down as she stepped inside through the school entrance.

“Late. Well, I don’t know why I’m not surprised…” A teacher greeted her on the way in.

She looked down, feeling bad for being late. “I’m sorry. I overslept.”

“Not good enough, that’s the same excuse we get from all of them. And you’re no different, it’s always: ‘I was late, blah, blah, blah, because I forgot, overslept, didn’t know.’ The list goes on.”

“Whatever. I’m here now, so who cares?” Jessica bit her bottom lip, interrupting the teacher.

Pushing her way through the crowd of students that were also late to school. She got to the front of the Reception Desk and had to sign in for her class’s register. The Receptionist wasn’t too happy with how many had shown up late. She was overwhelmed with all the shouting and talking behind Jessica. It was more boys than girls who turned up late. Nobody was surprised at all.

“Name?” – “Jessica.” She replied.

“Reason why you’re late?” – “Overslept, I know, it’s a dumb reason but it’s the truth!”

“A-huh, well, go on through.”

Jessica stepped through the door that was unlocked by the press of a button on the inside. Several other students were sitting inside on the row of chairs. The detention area, also known as the punishment area. It was no other than the Head Office, and that was not going to go down well for anyone. Jessica tried to ignore the boys sitting impatient, not caring about what they did wrong. She tried to ignore it, but they wouldn’t let her pass so easily.

“Ha, and you’re late because?” The shorthaired boy tapped her on the shoulder.

“Cause, I just am. Get used to it.” Jessica spoke with confidence.

“Yeah, yeah, me and my boy, Alex. He doesn’t turn up late. So, it’s good to see you turning up at a decent time.” He laughed.

“Yeah, well… I’m late. So, yeah.” Jessica didn’t have much to say to him.

Slapping her on the back with a friendly-like attitude: “Good to know I can rely on you.” He smirked. “It’s always the girls that are late. Don’t you think?”

Jessica was becoming impatient with him. She wanted to see Ryan, not some bad boy.

“…okay… I see why you’re ignoring me. I get it, I do. Just run along, I guess.” He escorted her to the two large doors.

“Sometimes, I don’t know why you’re so kind.” Alex mocked his friend.

“Cause, I’m a gentleman. Ha-ha, as if!”

Jessica ignored their laugher behind the doors, and continued to walk on down the hallway. So many doors, and so many rooms, it was a wonder to her how people never get lost on their first day. Although, it has happened, she just has never witnessed it.

Knocking on the door that was no other than the door to her classmates. Her friends stared at her as did the others. The teacher wasn’t too impressed with her, asking her to stand outside, instead of inviting her in with a friendly welcome.

The door closed her behind her, she hadn’t even managed to get into the classroom. The teacher’s voice could be heard through the walls, talking about a task he wanted them all to do. The lesson sounded: Maths-themed. So, she was feeling good to be late. She never really liked maths. The classroom door soon opened again, as everyone was now writing and doing something constructive. Her teacher, Mr. Payne stepped out of the room to speak to her. He didn’t look too happy at all.

“Late. Huff.” He sighed. “Jessica… I hope you have a good reason to why you are late, today.”

She nodded, not feeling in the mood to speak the truth. “Yeah, I just—I just am.”

“Uh, really? Hmm…” he sounded bored. “You just don’t seem to care, do you?”

“Sir, you can’t judge me on my attitude. I’m tired. Get over it.” Jessica spoke out what she had in her mind. “Oops…”

“Oops, indeed. Sorry to hear that you’re tired, Jessica.” Mr. Payne showed some passion. “It’s just, you can’t expect me to be happy with you for being late. Now, can you?”

Jessica nodded in response and struggled to look into his eyes.

“Okay. Just don’t be late again. You’re not the first one, today, and I’m pretty sure you won’t be the last…”

“Um, what do you mean by that?” Jessica looked away from him.

“Ryan hasn’t showed up, either.” Mr. Payne sighed.

No, that’s not a good morning at all…

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