The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


21. The Move


"Stay with me?"
"I am ..."
"No ... I mean like live with me ... WIll you live with me? Please?"

I stop drawing circles on his chest and open one eye, and then the other. I look up at his hopeful face; his arms wrap further around me; his eyes open wider, innocenter. My mind takes a few seconds to process it.

Do you want to live with him?

Do you want to live with him?

Do you want to -

"Oh my god! Yes! Yes I will!" I laugh. His face brightens and he pulls me closer, wrapping his legs tighter around my  body. His eyes fall to my underwear, hopefully. I roll my eyes and pull him into my mouth; we kiss the morning away but i don't let him remove my underwear ...







"So, you staying here is going to be a permanent thing?" 

I look up from the sofa and at Mat. I give him a lazy grin.

"Yup." I say popping the 'p'. He rolls his eyes and slouches into the sofa beside me. 

"You're sleeping with your brother?" He asks. I roll my eyes. 

"I know, I know. It's weird; please don't judge." He laughs softly.

"I'm not." He grins and kicks his legs upwards and onto my lap. I roll my eyes. "I admire your strength and courage to go through this." I glance over at him, trying to work out if he's kidding or not. He doesn't look like he's lying ... 

I smile.

"Thanks ...?" He reaches over and grabs the popcorn. I roll my eyes. 

"And I also admire your stupidity." He admits sheepishly. I laugh out loud. 

"Oh thanks!" He chuckles.

"You're welcome." I turn back to the TV. My phone vibrates beside me; I quickly look at it.

Izzie: I'll be round in ten.

I scoff.

Me: Oh ok then. Invite yourself round!
Izzie: I will. My family is pissing me off and I need to leave before I kill someone. 

Me: Don't run over anybody on the way please. I don't need to spend my afternoon in prison.

Izzie: I won't.

Izzie: I'm taking the bus anyway. 

Me: Good. You can't do much harm on there.

Izzie: - I'll just hijack it and kill everybody on it and make it go onto the curve and kill the people on the sidewalk like grand theft auto. 

Me: ...

Me: You play too many video games.

Izzie: I know. ;)

I switch my phone off and push Mat's legs off of me. 

"Izzie's going to be round in a few minutes. Where's Jack?" Mat grins sly.

"Don't you mean Jace?" I stare at him surprised for a few seconds, before groaning.

"He told you everything about him?"

"He didn't have to. We've known each other since primary school; I'm made of one of a kind bestfriend material." 
"You know what you're also made off? Bitch. Bitch material." He pretends to be wounded. 

"You're so mean." He splutters. I give him a grin.


The doorbell rings almost instantly; I look up and over to it. Gee the girl is desperate to get away from her family ...

I slide over to the door and open.

"Hey Izz- Michael?" Michael looks up, alarmed and then looks around quickly.

"What -? How - ? Why are you here?" He demands. I stumble back into the house; Mat appears from the doorway. He frowns, and then looks shocked. 

"Ur - Maia? Go to your room. I'll send Izzie up in a minute." He says quickly. I nod and scurry away, trying not to cry. 







"He's at the house?" Jack snaps. I nod and glance over my shoulder and at issue, who laid on my bed, texting away to someone. I walk further into the bathroom and hold the phone further to my ear as Jack finishes swearing. "And he's still downstairs?" I bow my head and then remember he can't see me. 

"Yeah. Mat tried to get him to leave but he won't go. He's locked himself in the bathroom and won't leave until you come home." 

"Does he know where I am?" I bite down hard on my lip. 

"He thinks you're at Asda." I mumble. He swears. 

"Ok, ok. ... Where are you? I don't want you going near him, got it? If he touches you again -"

"Jack ... I'm fine! Izzie is here with me. We're in my room." I hear him breathe out in relief on the other side of the phone. 

"Izzies there? Thank god!" I bite down hard on my lip as someone knocks on the door. Izzie glances over at and then at me. She frowns. 

"Maia? It's only me!" Mat! 

I sigh. 

"Jack? I'm going to go now -" 

"Don't go near him! I'll be home in half an hour!" 

"Ok -"

"I love you Maia!" My heart speeds up; I blush hard. 

"I love you too ..." I whisper. He hesitates before sighing into the receiver. 

"Bye ..." He ends it after a few seconds of sitting there and listening to my breathing. I pocket the phone and turn to Izzie and Mat. Mat is sitting on the bed beside Izzie, maybe a little too close together ... 

"Hi." I nod my head in 'hello' and he nods back. 

"Michael's still downstairs. I don't think he's leaving any time soon ..." Mat informs. I nod and hug myself tightly. It's getting cold in the house; Izzie's opened the bedroom window. I shut it quickly and glare over at her. She's too busy talking to Mat to notice. 

"Jack's going to be home in half an hour." I inform Mat. He nods and continues to talk to Izzie. I stand there awkwardly for a few seconds, before deciding to turn on the radiators. I start down the stairs; neither friend looks up at me. 

The dial is on 5 (no wonder the house is turning into an ice cube). I quickly turn it to the highest I can, 30, before sneaking past the bathroom and towards the kitchen. My phone rings in my back pocket; I answer it quickly. 


"It's me." 

"Hi Mum." I grab an apple as she clears her throat. 

"So Stan's left some cardboard boxes in your room for you to put your things in and there are some bin bags downstairs, under the sink, for you to use as well ..." I swallow hard. 

"Cool ..."

"Cool ... Well - ur - ... I'm going to miss you..." I hold back the tears and hold the phone closer to my ear. 

"I'm going to miss you too mum but it's time for me to move out and living with Jack is a good move -" 

"I figured you lived here ..." I turn round quickly and towards Michael. He's standing there, hands thrusted deep into his pockets; his face sad and slightly scared.

"Michael!" I stumble back and toward the knife rack. He notices. 

"Hey, hey! I'm not going to hurt you! I just wanted to talk -"

"Go away! Don't talk to me! Jacks going to kill you!" I plead. Michael steps forwards, closer to me in the small kitchen. He's a meter away from me; I grab the knife and my phone and stagger into the kitchen. He follows me, pleading for me to listen. 

I end the call with mum and call Jack. Someone puts a hand on my arm; I scream and swing the knife at Michael in defensive. He falls backwards, unharmed, but now slightly angry. Jack picks up. 

"I'll be there in five minutes. The traffic isn't as bad as I imagined." He sounds calmer now he's had a chance to thonk; I hate myself as I raise his fright up again.

"Michael!" I breathe. "He's come ou-" 

"Maia! Maia! Just listen to me!" He grabs my hand again. I drop the phone as he lunged at the knife. He throws it to aside and grabs my other hand. He leans forwards; his eyes open pleasingly. I swear and try to draw back but he has a strong grip on me. "Maia stop! I'm trying to talk; i don't want to hurt you!" 

"Get your hands off of me you bastard!" I snarl. He pulls me into his chest; I open my mouth to scream for Mat but his hand clamps down on my mouth, muffling my screams. He tackles me to the ground, his undying strength on my arms never fading. "Maia please listen!" I pause. Should I listen to him? 


Hey guys! How you doing?? Xxx What do you think should happen? Should Maia listen to what Michael has to say or not??? Xxxx 

Love you all! Stay amazballs!!! 

Rooosssseeeee xx :*


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