The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


7. My Brother's Lips

It's a long and awkward drive to Izzie's. We sit in silence; I stare at my lap and Jack stares at the road. It stays like that for fifteen minutes. 

Eventually we come to a halt on Izzie's drive. I unbuckle my seatbelt, swallow hard and tuck some hair behind my ear.

"I - Ur - ... Thanks for the lift ..." I go to get out but then he's grabbing my arm and pulling me back into the car.

"Maia," He says quickly. I glance over my shoulder and at him. His face is sad; his eyes have lost their normal cocky sparkle. "Everything that happened this morning, we forget about, ok? It will make everything really awkward otherwise and I don't want it to become awkward between us ... Especially if our parents get married ..." I wince. Because it isn't awkward enough without you mentioning it again ...

"Sure. We forget about it; nothing happened." I go to leave again but he pulls me back. I peer over at him again.

"Pinkie promise?" I smile a little, despite the situation, and pinkie promise. He grins, and I realise how red his face is as well. He's blushing. I smirk a little more and he rolls his eyes, his face cooling down. "Cool ... Well - ur, do you want a lift back?" I shake my head and pry his hand off of my arm. I place it back in his lap and he flinches. 

"I don't know what time I'll be back but I'll only be a few hours; I'll just grab the bus." He hesitates.

"You sure?" I nod and push open the door.

"I'm sure. Have fun sleeping all day." I get out the car and wave bye, before rushing into Izzie's house. I try to ignore the way my heart beat speeds up when Jack waves back and gives me a cheesy grin, and I close the door behind me. 






He pulls me closer; so close that I can feel his warm breath on my lips. His hands on my waist make my breathing hitch upwards; my eyes slide shut and I lean against his chest, letting him hold me upright. My hands curl up on his chest; he closes the gap between our mouths. 

His lips press against mine. They're soft; careful; perfect.  

I'm too shocked to do anything at first; I just stand there and let him do all the work. Then my mind goes into action.




I shuffle closer. Our lips start to move in synchronize; he tilts his head sideways to get better access to my lips. His arms wrap around my back; he pulls me even closer. Our chests are touching; our stomach are touching; our lips definitely touching. I moan softly as he deepens the kiss and tries to step closer. I lose my balance and we fall back into a fresh lump of powder. We're in the Snowdome so all we fall on is snow; we survive a serious injury.

Jack doesn't care we fell over and continues to kiss me passionately; I snake my arms around his neck and pull him closer. 

The Ski jackets are thick and awkward to hold each other in; my fingers find themselves undoing my jacket. Jack pulls me closer and groans into my lips. I pull at the zip, and start to pull the jacket off. He groans into my lips and his arms slide under my jacket and around my back. His fingers start to rub against my back; they're warm yet cold from the snow at the same time. I whimper slightly.

His lips start to get desperate as I wrap my arms tighter around his neck and kiss him harder. The kiss becomes powerful; the force of pressing against each other makes my teeth feel like they're bending backwards. His tongue is suddenly there; I forget about my bending teeth. It presses onto my lips, begging for entrance. When I don't respond, his lips part my own and his tongue slides in. My head pounds with want; my heart does backflips in my chest. I groan as his tongue slides over my own and makes the hairs on the back of my arms stand upright. My legs turn to jelly as his hands slide up and down my back. Everything is just right. 

Just perfect.

Even if he is my half - brother. 

He stops kissing me suddenly; he draws back a little. I groan at the sudden weight being lifted; he whimpers slightly. 

"Maia .." He whispers. "Wake up." I wrap my arms tighter around him; I try to pull him closer. I don't want to talk; I want to kiss. "Maia ... Come on, wake up!" It's not Jace's voice; it's Izzie's. I open my eyes. Jack is still there but his lips are moving in time to Izzie's voice. "Wake up Maia ..." I scowl. "Wake up ..."


Hand's grab me. They shake me. 


"Maia! Forgoodnessake! Don't make me tip an ice bucket over your head!" I groan and turn my head away from her.

"What? Izzie! Get off of me!" I moan. She groans. 

"Get up! Your brother is here to collect you!" My brother? ... My brother ...



My dream

I dreamt I was kissing Jack ... Oh god ... This is not good ... This is really not good ...

I sit up quickly. 

"What? What's the time?" Izzie glances over at her clock.

"Just coming up to ten."

"Ten PM?" I demand. Oh shit. Mum's not going to be happy; I told Jack I'll only be out for a few hours ... Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit -

I must have fallen asleep during the film we were watching ...

"Why didn't you wake me?" I snap, pulling myself off of her bed. She laughs, and shrugs her shoulders. 

"I fell asleep as well; oh, and my phone died so I had to borrow yours." She borrowed my phone? 

"My brother's here? Jack's here? Where is he?" 

"He's right here." Jack steps into the room; I go scarlet. My dream ... I push my thoughts to aside and pull myself up, trying not to look guilty.

"Where's my phone?" I ask Izzie. She nods over to my bag. I grab it and quickly double check If I have everything. I sigh when I see how light my purse is. "Izzie ... Give me back my money." She groans.

"I hate you." She pulls out twenty pounds from her pocket and passes it to me. I snatch it and shove it into my bag; Jack stands there, smirking slightly. Izzie glares over at him. "Who let you in?"

"Your mum." 


"She likes me."

"Well I don't like you."

"Well I don't like you either."

"Get out my house!"
"I'm waiting for my sister!" Sister ... My dream ... I kissed my brother ... Oh god ...

"Jack! Stop annoying her and let's go! See you Izzie! Text you tomorrow, yeah?" She nods and gives me a quick hug. I return it and then retreat down the stairs. I pull on my converse and meet Jack at the door; I don't meet his eye and follow him outside.

"You had me worried." He finally says when we reach the car. I swallow hard and slide into the Mercedes. 

"Really?" I whisper. He gives a simple nod of his head.

"Yeah ... You said you'd be a few hours; you were missing for a bit more than a 'few' hours. Lauren and Stan were going crazy." I flinch.

"Oh shit. What did Mum do?" Jack hesitates.

"Well, she started to go bonkers, but when I told her you were staying over at Izzie's, she calmed down a little." I glance over at him; he focus' on the road, blushing slightly. I can't help but feel relieved that he lied for me; I hold back the urge to hug him.

And then my gaze falls to his lips and I hold back the urge to kiss him. My mind whirls back to my dream. 

His lips press against mine. They're soft; careful; perfect.  

I'm too shocked to do anything at first; I just stand there and let him do all the work. Then my mind goes into action.




I shuffle closer. Our lips start to move in synchronize; he tilts his head sideways to get better access to my lips. His arms wrap around my back and -

No. I need to forget ...

Just like I 'forgot' about when I tackled him when he was in his pants this morning ...






I've got a crush on my brother ...



My brother ...

I give up. 

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