The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


16. Make-Up

I did the stupidest thing; I texted Mum saying I'd be back late and went to Jack's house. I missed the curfew of ten minutes because my Art teacher completely hates my class, and ended up taking the bus to where he's living. The wind is stronger than yesterday, but the snow has thankfully cleared up. The heavy clouds above my head looking promising though ...

I wait at the door, after knocking, and bite my lip. There's swearing on the otherside.

"MAT! YOU GET IT! I'M TAKING A SHOWER!" I grin as I hear Jack. More swearing.

"AW PLEASE!" Footsteps come to the door.

"WHATEver ..." The door swings open; Mat stares at me for a few seconds and then laughs. "JACK! IT'S YOUR SISTER!" There's the sound of something falling.


"YOUR SISTER!" He hollers. I wince and he gives me a grin. "One second," He mouths this part and turns to the stairs. I listen as Jack fumbles around to turn off the shower.

"DON'T LET HER LEAVE! I'LL BE ONE MINUTES!" Mat turns to me, smirking.
"Well then. Come in I guess." He extends his hand to show me the way in; I blush and make my way into the house quickly. From the top of the stairs I hear the bathroom door opening and then a bedroom door being slammed. I laugh, roll my eyes and follow Mat into the kitchen. He nods towards the kettle.
"Want anything to drink?" He asks. I shake my head and look around the small kitchen. There's nothing exciting about it; it's really small and Mat and I being in it at once is too inclosing. Mat leads me out of another door; this leads into the living room. This is bigger than the kitchen. A lot bigger in fact. It's probably bigger than mine and Jack's room put together ...

Mat gives me a slight grin.

"Sorry about the squash; we're only rented this flat so we don't have planning permission to extend the kitchen-"
"I'm here!" Jack stumbles into the room, his soggy black-with-the-water- hair dripping down the side of his face. He spots me and grins. "Hi! I thought you weren't coming!" I shrug.

"I couldn't find you." I admit sheepishly. Mat stands there, giving me a slightly weird look. He then turns to Jack and gives him a thumbs up, before slipping out of the room. I watch him go, puzzled, and Jack swears and rubs his face in embarrassment. I swear. "You told him?" 

"I had no choice; he saw us kiss ..." I glare; he steps forwards and pulls me into his arms. I sigh and he hugs me; his wet hair wetting my top. "I thought you were grounded ..." 

"They can't ground me from going to see my brother ..." I mumble. He tilts my head up and leans his forehead against mine. He hesitates and then his eyes dart over to the stairs and back at me. 

"You want to go to my room?" He mumbles. I shrug.
"Ok then." 






The doorbell rings downstairs; I don't move from my spot on his lap. His arms stay wrapped around me as he buries his head further into my neck. I smile sleepily, trying to focus on the film we're watching. It's a tricky job when I'm falling asleep ...

"JACK!" Mat yells from downstairs. Jack groans and pulls me closer.

"Turn the volume up and pretend we didn't hear him ..." He whispers. I laugh and turn onto my side. I snuggle into his chest and he draws his head back, grinning at me. His lips gently press against my forehead, and then he leans his chin where he kissed. I let my eyes slide shut and I savour the way he holds me ...

"JAAAAACK! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Jack spits some spiteful words about his flatmate, and then scoops me up into his arms. I roll my eyes and struggle free; he groans and tries to pull me in again. I laugh and take his hand, pulling him out of his room and down the stairs, ignoring the film that's still playing. 

Mat is laying on the sofa and there's a girl on top of him. They're kissing. Passionately by the looks of it. Jack laughs.

"Get in there my son!" He laughs. The girl pulls away and glances over at us. She gives us a huge smile; I give a weak smile back. Jack grins. 

"Hi. I'm Jack." He offers her his hand; she crawls off of Mat and shakes his hand.

"Stacy." She says. Her eyes don't even glance at me; I get weirdly jealous and realise I'm glaring. I turn my gaze away to Mat, who's watching me carefully. I swallow hard as Jack drops her hand and points over to me.
"This is Maia; she's my girlfriend." I laugh and roll my eyes, but I shake her hand nethertheless. She gives me a sour look and then groans.

"You've already dibs the place tonight?" She asks. I frown and glance over at Jack, who is frowning as well. I look back to her.

"You're already dibs the place where you're having sex?" I stumble backwards, knocking into the table. 

"Oh god no." I say quickly. "No, no! The - Ur - place's is all yours!" I steady the lamp I nearly knocked over and give an apologetic look over to Jack, who is blushing hard. Mat is laughing; Stacy looks confused. 

"Oh sorry." She says, definitely sorrynotsorry. She meant to make it awkward; she's evil just looking at her. A barbie doll as well with all her makeup! "I didn't know you haven't started your period yet." Ok, that was low. I'm too taken aback to say anything but stare at her with wide eyes and an 'o' shape mouth. She gives me a sneer. "Close your mouth honey; the boys might stick their dicks in it ... Oh wait. I bet you haven't done that either?"

"Ok, we're leaving." Jack snaps and grabs my wrist. He hauls me away as I narrow my eyes at her. Mat glares at Stacy as I stumble out of the room, wounded by her words. Jack hauls me up the stairs and pushes me into the room. I stumble and then glare over at Jack.
"What? What did I do? What did I say to make her say all those mean things?" I yell. I know I shouldn't take my anger out on him, but I do. He knows I need to let my anger out; he tries to comfort me. 

"Nothing. She's just horrible!" He says and tries to pull me into his arms, but I'm fuming. What kind of girl meets the flatmates girlfriend and insults her? If she's going to be coming around more often, she's in serious trouble ...

"That BITCH!" Jack grabs me and pulls me into his chest before I can destroy anything. He strokes my hair.
"Don't worry babe ... She'll be gone in a few minutes ..." I let him calm me down; my anger finally fades until I'm just standing there in his arms. He finally pulls back, giving me a wearily look. "Calmer?"

"I still want to rip her head off if that counts." I spit. He laughs and presses his mouth to mine; I don't hesitate to wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer. He pushes me backwards and onto the bed; his fingers slide into my hair and he entangles his legs with mine. We both lose ourselves in the kiss. 




We don't get far. My phone rings; Mum is getting suspicious. I face time her to let her know that I really am with Jack. I sit on his chair; he lays on the bed. We put frozen on in the background so it doesn't look suspicious. Mum waves and has a friendly chat with Jack that goes on forever. I entertain myself by throwing bits of paper at Jack's head as he's trying to talk. Mum notices and sighs.

"Maia! Stop being so annoying and come into the camera!" I get up, obeying her, and tuck myself beside Jack. I smile.

"Hi Mummy!" I grin. She rolls her eyes.

"What time shall I do dinner for? Stan is going to be back around half six; would that be OK? ... Or are you staying at Jack's and I can do it now?" Jack turns to look at me, hopefully. I hesitate; he turns back to Mum.
"It's fine Lauren! She can stay with me! I think the neighbors have a spare kennel in the garden for her!" I laugh and give him a friendly punch. I nearly nearly kiss him and pull away a little more to avoid temptation. He grins over at me; I see the idea of kissing me pass through his mind. I grin and turn back to mum.

"It's fine. He'll sleep in the kennel! I'll get his bed!" She laughs and rolls her eyes.

"Just be good you two, OK?" She smiles and then nods. "I've got to go and put dinner on! Be back for twelve tomorrow; we have a christening we're attending." Christening? Oh great ...

I force a smile. 
"OK!" I grin. She nods and says her goodbyes, before ending the call. Almost instantly, Jack takes the phone and shoves it onto the side. He rolls over and we're kissing again. 

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