The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


24. Lucas (Kola!)

Oh god ... Did he just ask me to marry him? Oh no ... Oh god no ... Not yet - I'm not ready -

He laughs.

"Relax baby girl! I was just thinking out loud; I don't have a ring!" I breathe out in relief and he strokes my cheek, before giving a devious look. "... yet ..." I give him a deadly glare.

"Watch it!" I snap. He laughs hard. He takes my face and pulls me into his mouth; I hesitate, before relaxing into his mouth. He leans upwards, trying to move closer into me but I pull back almost instantly. "Stop it! You're making me miss the show!" He grins hard; I smile and turn my attention back to the TV; he distracts himself with my hand again.










Izzie grunts and staggers into the room; I follow her, freezing my ass of.

"Oh fuck." She hisses. "I thought it was meant to be sunny today!" I scowl and slam the door shut; the wind can't get to us inside, thankfully, but I'm still freezing. She pulls at her hood and I kick my shoes off. I pry off my coat and groan.
"JACK? MAT? WE'RE HOME!" I yell. I hear music being turned down slightly.

"WE?" Mat yells. Izzie grins.

"IT'S MEEE!" She yells. The music is cut and Mat stumbles down the stairs, grinning at us.

"Izzie!" He laughs. Izzie grins and kicks off her shoes. She meets him halfway up the stairs; they hug. I stare at them, unable to understand why they are hugging. I go to question it, but then suddenly Jack is appearing from the doorway, a bag of crisps in his hand. I roll my eyes. 

"Give me a hug! I'm freezing!" I groan. He laughs and pulls me into embrace; I cuddle into his chest quickly. He staggers backwards and then puts his bag of crisps on the side.

"Fuck! You're freezing!" He wraps his arms tighter around me, licking his fingers for salt and vinegar leftovers, before wiping his fingers on his jeans, and then hugging me close. I groan and burry my head into the crook of his neck. He's warm; his top is made out of some flimsy material; I can feel the bandages against my body. I turn my nose into his neck, trying to warm it up. His warm breath on my neck makes me whimper.

"It's snowing again." I say bluntly. He laughs and looks up. I turn my head to look at Izzie and Mat. Izzie's going upstairs; Mat's watching her go with a grin. As soon as she's out of sight, he wolf whistles. 

"I want that." He nods towards where she disappeared, and then turns back to us. He grins at me. "Cold?" I stick my tongue out and look up at him. I bat my eyelashes.

"Pretty, pretty please can you put the kettle on while I go get dressed into warmer clothes please?" I put on my best smile and he laughs. He leans his head forwards and kisses my lips, before nodding.

"Ok, but hurry up! I need hugs!" I laugh and quickly peck his cheek, before running upstairs and towards my room. 








The heating is on full blast; I struggle to stay awake because of the heat and the soft murmur of voices. I cuddle closer into Izzie's side; she gives a little snore. Jack's hand continues to draw patterns onto my back; Mat holds Izzie into his side. The boys are talking quietly about football; I find myself drifting in and out of conscience until my phone rings, startling me from my slumber. It scares the shit out of Izzie as well, because she jumps harder than I did. She looks around quickly like she's ready to fight for her life, before realising where she is. She looks over at me, and then at Mat sheepishly. They give each other a quick smile; she shuffles closer into his side. I pull away from her and reach over to grab my phone, exhaustedly. Jack winces and pulls me onto his lap. I yawn and cuddle into him, answering it.

"Hello?" I mumble. There's a laugh.

"You've only just woken up?" I sit upright; Jack gives me a surprised look. 

"Lucas? Oh my god!" I grin so hard my cheeks hurt. I hear him laughing on the other end.

"Yup!" He says, popping the 'p'. I quickly get up and stumble into the other room to avoid upsetting Izzie and Mat, who were trying to have a conversation.

I lean heavily against the kitchen counter; I bite down hard on my lip.
"So Small," He laughs. "You've got exactly one minute to look decent because guess who is waiting outside your door right now?" I can't breathe; I freeze as Jack walks in. The doorbell goes; I look up quickly. Jack scowls.

"What's going on -" I run towards the door, ignoring him. I haul open the door and, right there, is Lucas. I throw myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him tight. He drops his phone, and hugs me back. 



Jack P.O.V:

I follow her towards the door, confused. Who the hell was phoning her and why did she run out after she picked it up? And the fuck is this boy she's hugging outside our flat? 

I linger back, taking the boy in. He's got brown shaggy hair; his eyes are a dull brown. He's dressed in tight jeans and a baggy top. I try not to glare but I fail miserably. 

Maia pulls the boy closer to her; the boy's head lodges further into her shoulder. I realise I can hear crying. Maia's crying. 

I get ready to fight incase he's hurting her but I don't need to. Maia draws back.

"Oh my god!" She sobs. "I've missed you so much Kola!" Kola? The actual fuck?

I clear my throat; Kola, that bastard, looks at me, surprised, before he smiles.

"Oh. Hi." He smiles. Maia pulls back and then looks at me. She laughs; her arms are suddenly wrapped around me, hugging me tight.

"He came back ..." She whispers. "My best friend came back ..." 




Maia P.O.V:

I feel Jack's shoulders slump in reassurance when I say 'best friend'. I can't help but laugh and hug him tighter, before drawing back. I throw myself back at Lucas, unable to decide which boy I want to hold. I go for Lucas because I haven't seen him in the last few months. He hugs me back, before pushing me away.

"You look well! I guess you're enjoying Canada more that you thought, eh?" He teases. I laugh.

"It's alright." I admit. Maia arrives at the door frame, Matt's arm wrapped around her waist. They give Lucas a funny look; I pull him into the house.

"Guys this is Lucas! He's my best friend from England!" I shut the door behind him, the cold and the wind finally catching up to us. Lucas shivers and then gives a warm grin to my friends. "Lucas this is Izzie, Matthew (Mat) and Jack!" I grin at Jack; he grins back. Lucas beams.

"Hi!" Izzie nods her head back at him, Matthew gives a huge smile.

"Hi!" I look back to Lucas.

"How's England without me? Boring? Miserable? Wet?" He laughs. 

"You wish! We've all had parties the previous nights to celebrate your leaving!" I smack him but I'm laughing. He pulls me back in for another hug; I hold him close, burring my head into his shoulder. We stay like that for a few seconds, before someone clears their throat. To my surprise it isn't Jack, it's Izzie. I pull back and glance over at her. She nods towards the kitchen and then grins over at Lucas. 

"Would you like a cup of tea? I'm sure Matt would make you one!" Mat glared, before sighing. Lucas grinned and nodded.

"Yes please." Mat and Izzie both disappeared into the kitchen; I slipped into the living room, Jack and Lucas trailing after. I took a seat and turned the volume down on the TV. Lucas takes a seat beside me; Jack gives him a funny look, before resulting to sitting in front of us. I could see the jealousy that swarmed inside of him; I felt horrible, but I got up and sat beside him, curling into his side. Lucas didn't seem offended; he laughed it off. Jack seemed surprised by us both. 

"That was rude Small!" He teases. "...So, is this your boyfriend?" I blush and Jack's arm snakes around me. I dip my head down in a yes and he laughs hard. "I never thought I'd see the day when little Small found someone to love before I did!" I gasp and kick him, but I'm laughing as well.

"You're so mean!" I accuse and he bats his eyelashes.

"Well, what can I say?" I grin and pull my legs into my side. I cuddle further into Jack's side as Lucas starts to explain what's happened over the past few months I've been at Canada for. 












Lucas was staying up for the holidays, but it's a different time zone to Canada; we're mid way through our spring term. That meant at school I was hanging around with Jack and Izzie, and after school it was me and Lucas. I think Jack was a little jealous of me spending so much time with Lucas, but once I managed to persuade him (there was a lot of kissing involved ...) that there was nothing to worry about, he soon left Lucas alone. Lucas was sleeping on the sofa downstairs; I manage to continue going into Jack's room the first few nights, before Lucas was soon staying up later and wanting me to stay downstairs and sleep with him, which I saw, hurt Jack lots, so when Lucas left, I couldn't help but feel relieved, and really upset. We hugged, under the jealous supervision of Jack, and we drove him to the airport. He kissed me on the cheek, Jack didn't see, and I don't plan to tell him because I know I'll never have feelings for Lucas. He's been my best friend since nursery; he's sweet and all, but I don't think of him that way ...

Jack's now sitting beside me, holding my hand with a cheesy grin on his lips. We sit in Mum and Stan's house, eating dinner. It's nice. Everyone's talking like nothing happened, that I wasn't kicked out of the house. Mum and Stan seem to make more contact now the baby is in Mum's stomach. Everytime Stan thinks we aren't looking, I watch as he squeezes Mum's hand reassuringly, or he kisses her cheek when ever she smiles, or he wraps his arms around her protectively when we're watching TV. I can see Mum and Stan are conscious of Jack and I touching, yet neither one says anything. Although they don't say anything, I do watch as Stan swallows hard whenever Jack kisses me ...

We finish eating; I get up to help with the plates. Mum gives me a friendly smile and collects the other two plates. I follow her out of the dining room and into the kitchen. She hands the dishes to me and I put them into the dishwasher. When I stand up again, I realise she's watching me with a funny look on her face. I raise an eyebrow. 

"Are you ok?" I ask. She nods and smiles wilder, brushing my hair behind my ear. She then sighs and pulls me into her.

"I'm so sorry I kicked you out ... I was so upset and angry and - and I don't think the baby hormones were helping ... Please can you move back into the house with us please? It's lonely without my baby girl ..." I sigh quietly.

"Mum," I sigh. "You're going to have another baby girl in a couple of months! And anyway, Jack and I are fine in our flat. It's actually a lot of fun -"
"Have you had sex yet?" The sudden outburst of the question makes me freeze in horror before I draw back quickly. I give her a disgusted look; she doesn't care, searching my eyes for an answer. "Have - have you had sex yet?"
"What - No! No, god no! Nothing like that -"
"Has he seen you naked?"
"No! Mum -"
"Are you going to marry him?"

"What the actual -"

"Are you going to be the mother of his children?"
"God - Mum!" I yell. She stops asking and just watches me, sulking slightly. I glare hard. "Do you mind? Would you like it if I started to question you and Stan?"
"I'm just asking -"

"You're accusing!" I snarl. "You were accusing me!" She scoffs.

"No I wasn't! I was just asking!" I scoff this time and slam the dishwasher shut, storming out of the kitchen. Stan and Jack are laughing; Jack looks up when he sees my enraged face and stops. 

"Are you ok?" He asks. I nod.

"Yeah." I lie through gritted teeth, sitting down beside me. He takes my hand and gives me a puzzled look; I look everywhere but at him. Mum appears again, looking a little flustered. Stan gives her a frown, but Mum doesn't meet either boys eye either. We both sit in silence for the rest of dinner. 

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