The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


30. Love you

"I love you -"
"I hate you."


"Oh, your welcome." He shuffles closer to me on the bed, and tangles his legs up with mine. I breathe in sharply, and hold back a moan. He grins, and kisses lightly at my jaw. I roll my eyes, and cuddle closer, wrapping our naked legs up together. He smirks, trying to push himself underneath me - I wriggle away, and wrap my arms around his chest. He scowls, but doesn't do anything. 
"I can't believe this is happening -" He finally admits quietly. I raise an eyebrow, and turn my head to look at him as he smiles sheepishly. 

"You never thought you'd be able to screw me?" I ask; he chuckles, and kisses my nose.

"No - I never imagined being with a perfect girl as you -"
"Oh shuddup ... I know you just want round 2 -" I tease. He rolls us over, but instead of trying to get it again, he just pulls me into his chest, and cuddles me close. I smile, and hug him back. 

"No, I'm being serious," His eyes sparkle in the darkness, and he wriggles his head into my hair. "I actually do love you, Maia - you're beautiful, funny, amazing in bed can I just say -" I laugh, and he giggles slightly. "And I do love you so, so, so much! I don't care what our parents have to say about it - I want to be your boyfriend, husband, the father of your children -"

"Not yet, though," I tease. He shrugs, smiling lightly.

"We'll see about that ..."
"Jack -"

"I'm joking - if you're not ready, I'm not going to rush you!" I grin at him, and kiss his cheek.

"Thank you baby - I really do love you too -"

"Good, because you aren't going to leave me - I stole your virginity!" He wraps me further into his grip, tangling his legs in with mine, and chuckling at my reaction. I blush hard, and snuggle into his chest, trying to ignore his teasing. He laughs hard - I shake my head.

"Well I stole your heart -" We both clutch our hearts, and taunt one another for a few seconds, before he finally laughs, and kisses my lips. 

"I really love you ..."
"I really love you too!" I kiss him back, and he grins.

"Good ..." We slowly begin to fall asleep, tangled in each others arms and legs. 

And I swear on my heart, that I'll never leave this silly, amazing snowboarder. 




The End :*

Hope you enjoyed xx

(I didn't really know how to continue it, so I've ended it. Sorry if you wanted more, I just couldn't think of anything ... Love you all!! Enjoy all my other movellas!!)


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