The Snowboarder

"He was good at snowboarding and at stealing my heart." Copyright ©


28. BFFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I groan and roll onto my side, cuddling closer into the body beside me. I hear them groan, and their hands stretch further around me, and pull me into them. I sigh. 


"I'M SLEEPING!" I wince at his loudness - he shuffles into me, and buries his head into my neck. I breathe out slowly as he starts to gently nuzzle his lips into my jaw. He leaves gentle butterfly kisses, and I moan slightly.

He pulls me closer - I realise I'm naked, and moan.

"Jack - get off of me!" I giggle. He shakes his head, grinning, and continues to kiss me. He tangles his legs up with mine - he purposely presses into my thighs. I groan a little louder. 


"Go away - he'll jump on me as well -" Jack laughs and cuddles closer.

"GO ON THEN!" I groan.

"Jack! I'm naked - I don't want him jumping on me!"
"I'll protect you -" He rolls us over, trapping me underneath him. His hands grope at mine, and trap them above my head. I feel him positioning himself in a way that he's pressing into me. 


"Jack -" His breath is warm against my face - he starts to leave a little marks on my neck. He tangles his legs tighter with mine; I breathe in sharply. 

"Jack -!" I try to push him off of me - he refuses to budge. "Jack! I swear to god -" He groans and grinds a little, just to make me moan. I do.

"THREE -" The door flies open, and Mat stumbles in, ready to fling himself at Jack - he spots me.

And Jack on top of me.

And he starts laughing. Hard.

 I turn bright red, and squirm underneath Jack, trying to get from underneath him - He laughs and draws back.

"I'm busy -" He says, waving Mat away. "Take the bus!" He sinks closer into my body - his lips fall onto my lips instead. He kisses me gentler now Mat's in the room, knowing I won't do anything too drastic with him watching; I hesitate, before responding, blushing hard. Mat stops laughing, and groans.

"Oh, come on Jack! I need a lift - and you're late for snowboarding!"
"I. Don't. Care." He says between kisses. I sigh.

"Jack - You're. Gonna. Be. Fired ..." I whisper.
"I. Don't. Care."

"I. Do." I turn my head away from him - Jack returns to sucking at my sweet spot. I whimper slightly - Mat doesn't budge from his spot, rolling his eyes.
"You guys are so disgusting -"

"Oh, because you and Izzie aren't?" Jack says suddenly, looking over at him. I gawp at Jack, surprised - He knows about Izzie and Mat? - and Mat flushes bright pink. "Oh, yeah! Who's disgusting now? I heard the phone call - Don't butt dial me again, mate!" I blush hard.

Jack heard Izzie and Mat? Oh gawd. I need to tell Izzie - that's so awkward!

Mat stops blushing as hard - and scoffs.

"I have to listen to you - you get to listen to me!" I groan.
"You two are so -"

"I need a lift! Please Jack!" Mat steps closer, and then wrinkles his nose, and steps back again. "I won't leave otherwise." Jack shrugs.

"That's fine. I don't care." He turns back to me - he starts kissing my lips again. He moves himself back into the same position; he pins my hands above my head with one of his; his other hand starts to trail down my body.

I feel Mat's eyes on us - I feel really self concious, although we're under the covers, and squirm away from him again. 

"Jack! Just give him a lift -"

"Awe, don't you side with the bad guy as well!"  I laugh, out of nervous, and so does Mat.

"Bad guy? Ouch. I'm wounded!" Jack wraps his arms around me and hugs me tighter. 

"I'm not going to let you go -" His hand continues to move down until it gets to my hips. He starts to draw soft circles on my waist; the movement makes me grow damper. He notices and grins.

"Jack! The clocks ticking! Come on! We gotta go -" I lift my mouth to Jack's ear and breathe out softly.

"If you give him a lift, I'll show you how hot a snowboarder can become later on ..." I whisper. He breathes in quickly, and I also breathe in shakily at the promise; he nods.

"Come Snowboarding with me ..." I hesitate. His hand moves from my hips to my thighs. He starts to rub gently; I pull my legs up, and wrap them around his body. I bite back my moan as he shuffles slightly, making his erect self press deeply into me. I struggle to keep myself from moaning, as I nod hard. He grins, and turns to look at Mat over his shoulder.

"Fine. Give me ten minutes to get dressed." He says quickly. Mat grins.

"Thank you!!! ... Thanks Maia!" He winks at me, and I turn bright red. He disappears out of the door - Jack turns to me, and gives me a devious look.

"So ..." He whispers. I let out a small moan, letting myself cave in for a second. He chuckles and looks down at our bodies pressed against each other. "I've got a problem ... and I can see, so do you ... You wanna sort it out real quick?" Every part of me screams yes, but I know I could seriously tease him like this.

And at the moment, he's been teasing me all this time - I'm gonna get revenge.

I shake my head and force a sweet smile.

"No thanks babe. Save that for tonight ..." I kiss his forehead, and push him off of me. He swears slightly - the erect boner is causing him trouble - but then suddenly, his face darkens.

He realises what I'm doing.

He rolls back onto me and pins me down.

He starts grinds.


Against my thighs, making sure to rub against my senstive spot.

My breathing becomes heavy as he grabs my waist and makes a sudden thrust, just making sure he doesn't give me the pleasure of entering me, and instead continues to tease me. I try to bring him closer; he doesn't listen, biting at my jaw; grinding at my legs until I'm panting - wanting him to make love to me right that second.

But, instead, he quickly rolls off, onto his feet, and gives me a dark smile.

"Sure babe. Can't wait for later -" He grabs his clothes, getting changed quickly, laughing hard at me being a shaking mess, and disappears into the toilet to care for his problem. 

I get dressed slowly, shaking hard at the way he left me. 








Jack/Jace sighs, and looks towards me. I smile and lean against the window, in the warm, and give him a cheeky wave. He gives me a look - a look that says 'help me'- and then glances back to the twelve year olds before him. He sighs again.

His lips move as if he's talking - I can't hear from the other side of the window, but the children can. They nod eagerly, and start to snowboard down the side of the snow mound, wobbling, and falling over. Jack doesn't watch them - he looks to me and beckons for me to join him; I shake my head, laughing. He pouts, and snowboards forwards. I lean closer, eager to be near. He comes to a halt at the window, and grins. I grin back. 

He starts to signal for a drink - hot chocolate - and I shake my head, watching him suffer. He sticks his tongue out, and gestures towards the door. I make my way over, and he follows on the other side. He unlocks it, and opens it. The cold hits me straight away - I shiver.

"What?" I tease. He pouts.

"Cup of tea please?" I laugh and shake my head - his hand comes up, and cups my cheek. It's cold - his lips fall onto mine. They're somewhat warm?

I sink into his kiss, breathing in gently. Finally, I pull back, knowing I'm disturbing his lesson. I smile gently, blushing, and he gives me a sheepish grin.

"Afterwards, yeah? You owe me a drink - and later ...? Remember your promise?" His face darkens - I chuckle and kiss his nose.

"We'll see ..." He laughs and goes to say something else, but my phone rings. I hesitate, before answering it. He stands there, frowning. I gesture for him to go back to the class. He moves away reluctantly, blowing me a kiss. I roll my eyes and turn to the voice on the other end of the line.
"Heeey!" Oh gawd. It's the trouble maker herself - Izzie.

"Oh gawd - not you!" She laughs, and I grin. I shut the door to the ice rink, growing cold, and return to my spot at the window. "What you want BFF?" SHe laughs.

"Yeah, don't call me BFF. ... I prefer BFFFE!"

"Best Friend For Fucking Evveeeeeerr!" I laugh, and so does she. 

From the other side of the glass, Jack pulls a face, looking curious to know who I'm talking to, and I ignore him, gesturing for him to look after the little girl that fell over. He does what he's told hesitantly, and I focus on Izzie, who's calmed down a bit. 

"No, I'm bored ATM. I wanna do something - you busy?" I hesitate - I can't tell her about Jack/Jace working here. She already knows that we're brother and sister going out ...

"Awe sorry BFFFE, I'm busy! I'm doing homework-" She makes a noise, and groans loudly.

"You're such a kill jooooooooooyyyy! Don't do your homework! Do it in form, like I will, and come shopping with me nooooooooooow!" I laugh, shaking my head, before remembering she can't see me. I just laugh again.

"Wow! I've got to go anyway - see ya BFFFE!"
"LOVE YOU!" I end it, and pocket my phone just in time for the children to spill out of the door, and Jack to emerge, grinning slightly. He winks.

"End of my shift -" He takes my hand and leads me towards the changing rooms. I roll my eyes as he tugs me into the boys changing rooms, and into the furthest cubical - we hear the children he was just teaching stumble into the room a few seconds later. I hold my breath, looking to Jack in fright. If I walk out now, they're going to get mad that a girl is in the boy changing rooms -

Jack laughs softly and kisses my lips gently. He pulls back, and locks the door. I raise an eyebrow as he pulls at his ski jacket, and drops it to the floor. He pulls at his gloves and throws them beside hie jacket. He kicks socks off; resting the snowboard beside the door. I roll my eyes as he removes his jacket, and then starts to button his trousers. His eyes stay on mine, daring me to watch - wanting me to make a move.

I know I owe him some alone time some point today - I'm tempted to do it right now. Right here.

But the kids outside could listen in, and that would be really awkward ...

I hesitate, before sighing. I lean forwards and wrap Jack into my arms. He chuckles, and kisses my lips gently, teasing both of us with the speed pecks. I sigh a little, and sink in closer into his arms. 

Outside the locker, I hear one of the kids groan. 

"Who took the end locker? I wanted that one!"

"Nah! I dibs it -"
"You can't dibs it stupid; somebody else has taken it!"
"Oi! Who took it?" Jack ignores them; his fingers start to run up and down my back, making me shiver. I run my hands through his hair, tugging at his beanie and dropping it to the ground. He drops his trousers, kicking them to aside, and then fingers start unbuttoning my own jeans - I breathe in sharply, stumbling closer into his embrace. He grins. 

"HEy? WHo's in this loCKER?" Somebody bangs on the door - I wince and try to block them out, but then a voice is laughing.

"Hey! I'll look underneath if you don't speak -" I quickly push Jack away, and look to the door, biting my lip. Jack sighs, runs his hand through my hair, and kisses me quickly. He pushes me out of view, and unlocks the door. I look at him in his thermal leggings, and baggy top - I look at his dirty blonde hair, and the bulge in his pants -

I suddenly feel really hot, and blush hard. He notices, grinning, and then opens the door wider.

"Hey boys, you alright?" He says. I bite down hard on my lip as the boys gasp.

"Oh. I'm sorry - I thought it was one of our friends -"

"Don't worry -" Jack suddenly steps out of the locker - I hear him walking away and I panic.

Would he really just leave me here? Would he leave me all by myself surrounded by twelve year olds? He better fucking not -

"So, you boys like snowboarding?" I hear Jack ask. The Boys seem to calm down a little - they grow fidgety and embarrassed.

"Yeah ..." One mumbles. In the gap between the door and the wall I can see Jack opening a locker and grabbing his clothes; the other boys slowly getting dressed, and scuffing their feet, blushing. I hide where I am, watching as Jack grins and starts back towards the locker.

"Good. It's really fun." He steps in, shutting the door behind us. I continue holding my breath, smirking slightly, and Jack rolls his eyes, throwing his clean clothes onto the bench, and then grabbing my waist. I give him a warning look - he doesn't care and smashed his lips onto mine. I breathe in sharply, letting him push me up against the wall. I tangle my hands up in his hair, and tug gently. He grunts into my mouth; his hands start to pull at the zip on my trousers. I whimper; I start to pull at his top. He grins, and throws it to the ground. He removes my own top. I pull at his thermals, and wrap my arms around his body. His hands fall to my underwear; he starts to gently rub at my thighs, and I moan into his mouth. 

Somebody clears their throat.

"Ur - are you ok Jack?" Shit. I forgot about the kids - I pull away from Jack quickly, and he groans. He tries to pull me back in; I struggle to catch my breath again, pushing him away, and looking to the door. He sighs.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He says, and he steps closer. I turn my head away, shaking it, and looking towards my clothes on the floor - he lifts his mouth to my ear and smirks against it. "Shh ... They'll hear you." He winks, and I feel my knees buckles. I grip onto his top tightly, pulling him into me. 

"Bitch." I whisper, and he laughs. His hands start to slide down my front; down to my jeans. His breath is warm on my face as he slowly tugs at my trousers, pulling it down until it gets down to my knees. I kick them off, and pull myself onto his waist. He smashes his mouth against mine; his fingers loop round and start to rub at my back, exploring my bare skin. I tangle my fingers into his hair; he grunts into my mouth as I wrap my legs tighter around him.

He suddenly starts to grin.

"Whoever moans first, loses ... And have to come clean to the teenagers outside, to what we're going to do -" He whispers. I hesitate, before grinning.

"Oh no - I still don't forgive you for this morning -" He laughs, remembering, and then glances at my underwear. He shrugs.

"You seem to recover quick ..." I forget what I'm doing - my hand stoops down and grabs his rising tent. He bites down hard  on his lip, just about letting out a little gasp, and I grin darkly.

"Oh I do - I'm getting revenge." I squeeze tightly and he winces, before chuckling.

"One minute each - whoever moans loses, and has to come clean to the teenagers outside."

"And has to do what the other person says for the rest of the day."


"Deal!" He gives me a massive grin - his hand starts to stoop downwards. "Guess, I'll go first-"

"Na, ah. I'm going first, bitch. Ever heard of Ladies first?" I pull myself off of his hip; I push him towards the cubical bench; outside has got quiet mumbling. I don't pay an attention to them, and bite my lip sexily. "Ready?" He laughs, and wraps his arms around me.

"Bring it, bitch." I laugh and smash my lips onto his. 

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