The 14th Doctor

The 13th doctor is changing, Clara doesn't have that much time, she hates seeing this happen. But when the 13th changes, he changes into something that has changed the doctors line. The 14th doctor has come and she isn't going to give up her spot so easily.


3. Weeping Angels

Clara kept her eyes on the doctor for hours, she could see how uncomfortable she made her feel. The doctor finally spoke, "alright then, tell me more about the 13th then".

"He was smart, caring and loving".

"Well i suppose you'd find that in a man, but you know it's hard to be a doctor and it's the worst thing a doctor could do".

"And what would that be?" Clara said, folding her arms. 

"Fall in love". The doctor said, pulling more levers. "It's like a sin for a doctor".  Clara shook her head, "that's can't be true, why would it be bad?"

"Because we doctors can't stay in the same time, we are always moving from time to time. We aren't allowed to stay in a certain time forever, we have to keep moving, and if we stay we'll be wiped out and a new doctor will take our place. That's probably what happened to the 13th, he hasn't been with your for a while hasn't he?"

"No he hasn't, why?"

"Because time has erased him from the earth, he went against the doctors rules. He fell in love, and love can keep a doctor behind schedule". The doctor said, Clara looked away, "so that's what happened to all the other doctors i guess?" The doctor shook her head, "no some just get to old for it, so they regenerate themselves to form a new being". Again she pulled a few more levers. "I think we're heading off to our next destination". Clara joined her side, "where are we going?"

"Have you ever heard of the weeping angels?"

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