The 14th Doctor

The 13th doctor is changing, Clara doesn't have that much time, she hates seeing this happen. But when the 13th changes, he changes into something that has changed the doctors line. The 14th doctor has come and she isn't going to give up her spot so easily.


4. The Time Of The Angels

Clara's heart was beating fast, "why are we here, this place is dangerous!" The doctor just smiled and put on her coat, "i know, but there's something in this time that i need".

"What could you possibly need!?"

"I'll tell you later".

Clara stormed after the doctor as they made their way out of the tardis. It was quiet and cold, where were they? Clara looked around, there were high walls everywhere, "where in a cave if you want to know that" the doctor said as she pulled a thin stick out. A light seem to escape from the top, illuminating the cave. There were rocks everywhere, "where do we go from here?" Clara asked, suddenly gripping tightly to the doctor's sleeve. "We have to go further in, i know it's further down there". Clara was pulled along with the doctor as they moved down the path and deeper into the cave. It was getting colder, Clara felt like she could breathe. "Can i stop here, i don't want to go any further please".

"You can't stay there, other chances you'll be killed by one, and who knows where they are right now". The doctor held her hand and squeezed it. "We need to stick together, as much as i want to leave you, we still need to be together". Clara rolled her eyes and followed her further down the rocky path. Clara felt like going back, there was no way she was going any further, but then there was something glowing ahead. "What's that, i can see something!" She said, the doctor nodded in response. "That's what I'm after, now come on i don't think the angels know we're here!" Clara was pulled along as they neared the light, she could see the light as it formed in a glowing ball that was floating. "Stay here, i'll go and get it". The doctor pushed her gently away and approached the glowing ball, pointing the metal sonic stick toward it. The glowing ball began to grow as it formed a male. "Hello there, you must be the 13th?"

"No i'm the 14th, the 13th's gone".

"Right well, i expected the 13th, but anyway, i thank you for saving me, i really hated those weeping angels, but luckily the light was strong enough to keep them stable, so after i go you must hurry to the tardis. There will be no light for them to hide from. The rest of the doctors are scattered through time, and you must get them together, the daleks are back and we need all the doctors together".

"Where should i go first?"

"The second doctor should not that far from you right now, i pray for you that you find everyone of us in time". Right at that moment the light entered the end of the sonic stick and it went pitch black. "Run, go!" The doctor switched the sonic back on, leading a path of light back to the tardis, screams were heard everywhere, it filled Clara's ears, covering them she ran on, hearing the doctor behind her. "Angel!" she heard her scream. Clara looked up to see a stone figure looking down at her, "don't blink keep running!" She could hear herself scream at the doctor, she could see the tardis, it wasn't that far away, but there were so many angels appearing. Her heart was beating fast. Where they going to make it? To her it seemed as if the tardis was moving away from them, "hurry up, we need to get in there before they kill us!" The screaming seem to get louder. Clara grabbed the door and tried to open it. "It's locked, did you lock it?" The doctor smiled, "ah i see, so one of them was able to lock us out, luckily i have this!" She pointed the sonic stick and there was a clicking sound. Clara pushed the door and the fell in, quickly the doctor had kicked the door, slamming it shut. "So we came out of here to find that?" Clara pointed the sonic stick to which the orb had disappeared into. "Yes, that was the first ever doctor to travel the time of this world. I had to save him, but there are other things that you need to know". Clara folded her arms, "yeah, the Daleks, you have to find all the doctors before they attack?"

The doctor got up and dusted herself off. "Yeah something like that, i don't want to do it, but if i want a peaceful future i have no choice". Clara followed the doctor over to the monitor, "alright, our next stop, in medieval times". But then Clara grasped the doctor's arm, "doctor, i think there was a reason the door was locked". The doctor followed her gaze to come to see an angel standing a few feet away from them. It's stone face cracked and it's wings spread out. "Clara, start rolling the machine, i'll keep my eye on it. If yo don' t know what to do we'll switch spots". Clara examined the controls, she a few tricks up her sleeve. Sh began to press a few buttons, hearing the tardis groan as it began to sway. "What are you doing Clara!" The doctor yelled, her eyes still stuck on the angel. "I'll keep my eye on the angels, go and open the door!" She yelled, the doctor quickly opened the door to reveal a space like place, Clara had never opened the door during flight, but right now they had no choice. The doctor had grasped onto one of handles of the door. Clara, held onto one of the one of the levers. She could feel the room seem to tilt, her feet seem to left off the ground. She watched as the angels started moving sideways, right towards the door. "Bye bye bitch!" She screamed out, the angel had vanished through the door. The doctor slammed the door, "now, where are we going again?"

"The medieval time".

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