The 14th Doctor

The 13th doctor is changing, Clara doesn't have that much time, she hates seeing this happen. But when the 13th changes, he changes into something that has changed the doctors line. The 14th doctor has come and she isn't going to give up her spot so easily.


1. The 14th Doctor

Clara held onto the tie that the 12th had given her, she could feel the hot tears as they slid down her cheeks, she was in love with him, but it wasn't right, he was a time lord, and he wouldn't be there for her. She could see a faint smile on him as his neck started to glow. "Don't worry Clara, everything is going to be alright now" she heard him say, right after his body was engulfed in golden light, Clara shielded her eyes but the light was so strong she could still see the light through her eye lids. She back away, only to trip over some boxes. She wasn't sure how long she was out for, but when she woke up she was tucked in a bed. Her head was pounding, how did she get in here. But that's when she remembered, the doctor. Who was the new one, would he remember her? She quickly got out of bed and headed out in the corridor, racing to the control room. her heart was beating fast. She could see the control room door, it was ajar. She peeked through the crack, sure enough she could see someone, but they were on the other side of the monitor. All of a sudden a voice was heard. "I know you're there, don't be afraid, i'm the doctor", she hear, but the voice was different, a more feminine voice, she pushed the door open, made her way up the steps and to the monitor, and what she saw almost knocked her out... Again.

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