The 14th Doctor

The 13th doctor is changing, Clara doesn't have that much time, she hates seeing this happen. But when the 13th changes, he changes into something that has changed the doctors line. The 14th doctor has come and she isn't going to give up her spot so easily.


2. Doctor Is That You?

The 14th doctor hadn't turned out to be who she wanted it to be. This was really strange to her, she was able to muster up some words. "Aren't the doctors only men?" She said, she watched as the doctor looked up, her hair was pitch black with a streaks of whites from the top. Her skin was dark. The top she wore was too big, it showed her crevice. "Uh... Yeah... Uh, okay i have no clue, but anyway, i'm here so i guess they aren't all men". She said, she tried to correct the top but gave up. "I really need to change this top, it's annoying me so damn much!" she ripped her top off. Clara was shocked, she could move a muscle, not even to look away. The doctor was smaller then the 13th, she as well built, and also pretty young, maybe in her teens? The doctor had just noticed Clara's stare. "Oh right, it's ride of me to rip my shirt off like that, but i need to change, would you mind just holding on for a minute?" She sprinted off into the other room leaving Clara thinking to herself. Weren't all the doctors men, how could this happen, she was so young, was it a glitch in time? She stared down at the tie, or was this meant to be? She could hear the door slam, the doctor had come out and was wearing a tuxedo, with white stripes. "Oh, is that a tie, i really need one, may I?" She asked, holding her hand out. Clara obediently passed the tie over. She watched as the doctor fitted it around her neck. "So who may you be?" She asked, leaning against the monitor. Clara examined the doctor who moved uncomfortably. "My name is Clara, i was the 13th's sidekick".

"Oh... I'm sorry I took him from you... I bet you got so use to him".

"Yeah, but i think i got too use to him though".

She could see the doctor tense, "wait, what do you mean?" She asked, folding her arms and frowning. Clara looked away, "i mean that i think i got too cozy and fell in love?" 

"What! How could you, that's the first rule in the book, you never fall in love with time lords!"

"There's a rule book?" Clara asked. The doctor shrugged. Clara bit her lip, "i know you're still him, so can i kiss you?" The doctor stared at her, her icy grey eyes did not falter. "Who are you talking about?" Clara shook her head, "i know you're the same god damn doctor, now please!"

"I can't kiss you we're both women, you'll have to save if for the next... That is if it's a guy". Clara watched as the doctor walked off to survey the monitor. She was going to be in a whole pile of poop now. She missed her chance, how long was this doctor going to stay here for?

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