The creature

This story CAN be scary!
You have been warned!


1. Oneshot.

She looked out the window. 
Outside the wind blew in the trees and rain poured down. 
The sound of thunder rolled through the room and she closed her eyes to listen. 
The rain drummed on the roof of the little cabin she and some of her friends were staying in. 
She started feeling cold even though she was lying underneath a thick blanket, wearing socks and pajamas. 
She opened her eyes again and looked at the window.
She could see a small, dark silhouette.
The window slowly creaked open, not waking any of her friends.
The creature opened it's eyes and she felt like screaming, though she couldn't, she was paralyzed by horror over the creature's grim look. 
A low whisper escaped her dry lips. 
That was all she could manage. 
Her friends were still fast asleep.
She knew they were all doomed. 
What she saw in the creature's eyes was pure madness, a wish for blood, flesh and bones. 
A wish for screams and terror. 
She could not imagine a reason why the creature wouldn't get what it wanted, it would be impossible for us all to escape.
It slowly started crawling through the window opening and into the room.
Soon the creature would be standing in front of her. 
She struggled to scream, make noises. The others must escape! 
Even though she wished for the ability to move, she didn't get it. 
She just couldn't do anything to save herself and her friends.
She was trapped inside of herself. 
Her body was simply a rag doll, waiting to be torn apart by this creature. 
Don't, she thought. Don't get eaten by this creature. 
The creature now stood on her blanket and she could see all of its body. 
The skin covering it's skull was thin and wrinkled. 
It had long, pencil-thin, pointy ears. 
One of them was hanging downwards because of a break in the middle, it's skin tried hard to keep one half of the ear together with the other half. 
The creature had no nose, just two holes. It's eyes were big. 
They were formed as raindrops and the pupils were wide. 
They would have looked cute on a drawing, those eyes, but they were planted on this grim creature. 
The eyes were filled with the creature's thoughts and inner longings, and that was what made them horrifying. 
It's mouth was shaped as a circle and it was very little. 
The mouth was open and it did not seem like it could be closed. 
It showed little bunny like teeth. 
Nothing seemed scary about them beside the red liquid that dripped down from them.
Two long lines were drawn at each side of the head from almost next to the ears and all the way down to the mouth. 
Above each ear it had horns, short little brown horns. 
It's neck was long and slim, it seemed almost impossible for it to bear the head that was placed on top of it. 
The shoulders, too, were very slim. Attached to the shoulders were two arms that were as thin as sticks. 
The creature's hands were little and roundish. 
They looked like paws. 
Four holes were embedded in the flesh of the paws. 
The creature's chest and stomach was thin too. 
The ribs showed clearly through the skin and it almost seemed like the stomach did not contain anything and that the skin just tried to hide the spine. 
The legs were quite different from the rest of the body. 
They were thick and covered by a long, rotten pelt. 
The feet had three toes each and between the toes was skin so thin that she could see her purple blanket through it. 
Even her imagination could not create such a creature. 
The way she imagined how a demon looked like would be cute compared to this monster. 
The creature smiled as if reading her thoughts. 
The smile split its face in two. 
She realized that the line from ear to mouth to ear actually was the creature's mouth too and now they opened up and showed all it's teeth. 
Long, sharp, blood dripping, horrifying teeth. 
It's tongue snuck out and licked it's lips. A rotten stench came from the creature's  mouth and she felt like she would throw up if it neared her any more. 
She felt the stench surround her and strangle her. 
The creature lifted its paws and through the four holes came long, sharp claws shaped like knifes. 
Suddenly, it came to her. 
Her wish had been fulfilled, the ability to move had returned to her. 
Before the creature could do anything, it was lying on the floor with her blanket over it. 
She stomped hard on the creature and then ran to the front door. 
It didn't budge. 
She tried every door and window that let outside. 
None of them opened. 
It was as if the doors and windows were fake. She heard the creature scream in anger and quickly she ran to the bathroom and locked the door when she was inside.
She stood there staring at the door. 
For a long time there was silence. 
A sudden thought flashed up in her mind. 
This is not possible. 
This must be a dream. I just have to.. 
She turned around and stared at the window that was in the bathroom and she realized that it had been open all the time. 
The creature had stuck its head up through the opening and now it stared at her with those horrible raindrop eyes. 
She slowly turned the key and opened the door, though there was a problem. The door did not open. 
She was stuck in there with the creature. 
It gave her an evil, rotten grin and crawled into the room, closing the window with a long tail that she had not noticed when it stood right in front of her. 
A metallic smell filled the bathroom and she saw pieces of flesh stuck to its teeth. 
Blood ran out of the two lines that connected to the circle of its mouth. 
All over the creature's body were red dots of blood. 
The creature had killed her friends, no doubt about it. 
She felt tears filling her eyes. 
It was all over. 
The creature got ready to jump at her. 
It walked to the back of the room and started running towards her. 
It jumped and its claws stuck right into her stomach and then... 
She opened her eyes. 
She blinked and looked up at one of her friends. 
"Wake up sleepyhead!" 
She tickled her until she sat up and answered.
"I'm up, I'm awake!" 
Then all of her friends went into the living room were they started eating breakfast. 
She thought about the creature. It had all been a dream. 
She smiled, relieved that it had all been a horrifying dream and nothing more. 
She looked out of the window, still smiling. Her smile froze. 
She stared right into two raindrop shaped eyes.

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