Best Mistake (Sam Wilkinson and Nate Maloley)

Jasmine an Sammy have been together for a year and half what happens after on mistake will Jasmine forgive Sammy or not? then Nate comes in aftter Sammy messes up, WHen digitour comes Steve aka the co founder of digitour invites Jasmine to digitour stirring up a whole lot of trouble


4. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Studio drama

Sam was gone in the studio and Monica come over with the most widest smile ever.  Monica and I hang out the whole day and decides to go visit Sam and the jacks in the studio. Sam still had that dodge charger but he left it for me to ride around if i had to run errands.


Once we got into the studio we got stopped by the office saying hello to my favorite sanctuary lady mrs. peggy! After that we headed into the studio where Gilinsky was sitting with this chick with ling brown hair, she was pretty but wait thats madison beer.


Monica liked Gilinsky she has for a long time ever since I punched him in the face for jacking my food one day at the mall . He’ll tell you the story along with Sam he reminds me everytime we hang out.


“Hey guys!” Both Monica and me said and Gilinsky got up from the couch walking over to Monica hugging her and Madison got up waving towards me hugging me tightly

“Jasmine nice to see you! Sam is in the booth his so good” yass bish he is thats why his mine lol just playing. My love for him is real not that fake shit just to get attention. Sam was standing in the booth with his hand on the headphones, squirting his eyes. I tapped on the glass getting his attention and his eyes landed on me, Sam smiled rapping while pointing to me.


“Jasmine get in the booth with your boy and do a cover together” Johnson said pushing me a pair of head phones, and i smiled going into the booth joining Sam


“The way would be perfect!” Sam said and the music started to play and the boys were video tapping us everybody loved it because they all were clapping and Madison ran to Sam jumping on him i got my eyes on you little missy i'm 19 so back up okay honey bunny.


Madison hopped off Sam really quick and just pushed her hair out of way laughing moving back to but I was already pissed off at this girl that thinks she can just run up on my boyfriend like that . Just letting her do it and I just turned on my heels heading for the door pushing my hair out my face as i step outside tears were about to come.


Somebody grabbed it was Sam right as he whipped me around to see what was wrong i quickly yanking from his grip.


“Let go of me Sam okay” I spoke sternly with gritted teeth


“Jasmine what is your problem what crawled up your ass and died?”


“You never gonna see what i see. That little friend of your jumped on you like it was nothing, and what pisses me off more is you let it happen Sam.”  Sam looked down at the ground messing with his feet tapping the ground. His hands rested in his pocket but i was already in tears.


“Im sorry Babe…..”


“Yeah...Yeah i’ll see you later Sam” I pushed my hair that was sticking on my face which Sam lifted my head up about to try and kiss me “No im done with you today”


“Bye babe”


“You're not getting a babe”


After that little thing with Sam i left the studio monica had driven in her car so it was okay. Once i got home i took off my red converses throwing them across my apartment landing on one sam’s pair that he left over. Fuck it i don't care about anything that's happening in my life right now looks like Netflix and me are gonna be best buds today.


Underneath my bed was my laptop, a few other things were there. I layed on my bed clicking on this one movie called ‘Paranorman’ once that movie started my butt was already laughing this chick was running from this zombie and she got cornered and she started to scream real laoud when the zombie was coming rear but he was really slow so she stopped screaming and waited then got eaten lol!


A/n: (Or something like that just watch it for yourself)


It was a a really funny movie spoiler alert the one guy with the muscles is totally gay just thought i let you know. and after that movie was over i went right on the web looking up paranorman junk they had freaking they had a SHIRT AND PILLOW!!!!!!!!!! thats gonna be mine haha! i add those to my cart purchasing them with the card i had from my mom she lets me use it.


5 to 7 days until my shirt and pillow come in! It's gonna be good. Things were going good until my pandora started to play melodies by madison and i quickly thumbed down that song.


It was a little after 7 it was really weird not having Sam with me. Eating some root beer float sitting on my couch flipping through the channels to find something to watch.


“No...Oh hell no that show sucks….ah yes family guy” I murmured to myself getting ready for the laughs that were about to happen. It was the episode when brian and stewie went back in time to this wedding. Then i was watching some show about these two brothers live with there grand dad in this nice neighborhood but the thing is they are some bad little black kids who get in too much trouble. It was some epsiode when the kid with the braids was doing some candy selling business and other kids got in and they had gold chains and stuff and at the end there was big gun battle.


(that was a lot of words lol!) by the time i was done with that show there was a knock on the door, at the door was Sam he had a hat  on this time and held some flowers in his hand and a balloon saying ‘Hey i come over to say I'm SORRY’


“Wow your something!” I said smiling taking the flowers sitting them on my table. Pulling him into a kiss. “Your forgive now! i love you Babe”


Sam chuckled taking my hand and we went in my room laying down looking at each other. sam was tickling me making me laugh up a storm.


“Love you so much Jas”

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