Our love is a sin

Young love, doesn't exist my dear. Only in your dreams and this isn't one.." The memory makes me shiver
She's right, this isn't a dream, i know for a god damn fact. Me and her would never work. Shes like water,& I'm the fire. This is a...


1. Prologue

"Mommy?" The young girl whispers, her voice filled with both confusion, and softness. "Yes dear?" The mother replies, smiling kindly at her young one. "Will i find love mummy?" Her voice coming out stronger. The mothers eyes fill with worry, but her smile shows nothing but hope. "Of course love will come soon my dear. Now go to sleep." The woman says to the youth, her red lips touching the nearly pale skin on the girl's forehead. As the girl closes her eyes and drifts into a deep slumber. 

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