Do experiments have the capability to feel emotion, or only the emotions that their creator allowed?


2. 1

C H A P T E R  O N E


Strands of hair were shielding my features; thus making my identity a secret. Me, the 'boy', although evidently not a human, definitely felt human emotions. I was starved, wet and urged to escape the room which I was currently locked away in. A bird in a cage, longing to be free; the perfect metaphor to describe me. 
     Deeming me as a monster as soon as they saw my abilities, the town's previous inhabitants turned against me and had refused to let me continue my ways. Although I once believed my powers were to protect, their harsh words had soon convinced me otherwise. Now, contradicting thoughts jumbled my mind.
     Nameless and an unimportant, meaningless speck in comparison to the rest of the world; I thought dying of starvation, in a box-like room was rather fitting for me. The floor was merely mud and it had dirtied every inch of me. My hands had delved deep into the soil, carving patterns and letters into the ground. It was as if I was marking my territory, leaving a story behind that symbolised I was once there. That was the only thing that comforted me during the time tears overflew and stained my cheeks with an everlasting wetness.
     I often dreamed of outside during the time I was in that room; the feeling of the wind blowing my hair into a bigger mess than it already was; the feeling of rain refreshing my senses; the feeling of sun rays heavily beaming down at me. I wondered if the missing brick in the wall was there on purpose, as if they meant for me to see the hazy vision of outside, in order to tease me.
     Oh, and the dreams I had --
     I close my eyes and breathe, reminiscing the torturous moments I once had to endure. Imagine spending the entirety of your childhood used as a weapon created and controlled by the government, to be reprimanded by the people you dedicated your life to protect.
     At least my childhood wasn't entirely bad. I still remember the day I was saved, in great detail.
     When the mysterious boy, with hair as black as the midnight sky, busted through my door, I immediately punched myself in the face to ensure I wasn't dreaming; to check that it was reality and my brain wasn't betraying me.
     "Come with me," were the first words he uttered, his eyes not once averting to glance at me. It was a rather abrupt command, and the authority in his voice made me decide my fate right on the spot. I would go with him, and I would be saved.

     It was apparent he was the same age as me, yet my strength was nothing in comparison to his. He was human, and I was merely a robot. That made me curious as to whether I was incapable of such. Therefore, I became his apprentice. Well, I didn't really gain his permission. I just decided from that day on, that I would learn from him. That I would grow up to be like him.
     I never would've imaged I'd join a group which was rebelling against the government; against the ones who made me.

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