High School Survival Guide

Hayes Grier your typical popualr boy and his over the top best friend Dani Gadson have seen it all ever since Middle school!

"Uhm Hayes what do we do if the teacher is coming towards us?" I asked panic looking at him and Hayes shuts his eyes

"The book says to ran away"


1. High School Survival guide part 1

Hayes and me ran through out the school trying to not get caught for doing the most horrible thing to the principle Linclon we sorta kinda dump some sticky stuff on his head it was a accident i swear.



"IM SORRY MR.LINCLON BUT THAT WOULD JUST PURE SHIZNIT!' Hayes yelled back as we ran some more going into some hallway


"Hayes were died...' I said blankly


"The book the book its got all the answer tip number 39" then it clicked into my mind the book damn hayes is a genius and i got this book out that had all our tips for surviving highschool past down from generation and generation , flipping through it finding it and reading it to my self


"His coming Dani!! hurry..."




thats all i got  for today!!!

stay tuned for more!!!

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