Do You Remember me?

Meet Becky Jayne Irwin, she’s the precious sister of Ashton Irwin, they are pretty close, he’s always cared about her, but when their dad leaves he takes Becky with him, she doesn’t wanna go, Ash doesn’t want her to go, and she’s been taken away from her one and only love, Michael Clifford, she’s now 17 and she’s changed a lot since Ashton last saw her, Will he still think the same of her? Will Michael still think the same of her? She’s changed, what happens when she turns up to Ashtons concert? Will he realise that this was his precious little sister? Or will he just think of her as a regular fan?


2. Chapter 2- 9 Years Later


''Becky!'' my dad yelled up the stairs, ''Yeah!'' I yelled back, I hated my dad, I always have, he took me away from Ashton and my best friend Michael, ''Your friends here!'' he yelled, I smiled, I knew exactly who he was talking about, I stood up and zoomed downstairs, ''BECKY!'' my best friend, Mercedes screamed, ''MERCY!'' I screamed back, ''Let's go'' I said, she looked up and down at me, ''You look great!'' she said with a smile, ''Thanks'' I replied, I was wearing black skinny jeans, a flannel top and a pair of black pumps, she was wearing black skinny jeans, gothic boots, and a black vest with a gothic angel on, I had my heir in a ponytail and she had hers down and straightened, she looked great, we walked out to my car, it was a black convertable (See Pic) 

We drove to the venue and I parked the car, we had front row tickets, I got out as did Mercedes, we then walked over to the main entrance and showed them our tickets, ''Hi Rebecca'' the security man said, obviously recognising me, ''Oh, hey Joe, you okay?'' I asked, ''Yeah, I'm great'' he replied, ''Go on in, your brother will be on soon'' he said with a smile, I smiled, ''Cheers Joe'' I said and walked in, I looked at Mercedes, ''WAIT!'' she yelled, I looked at her, ''We got meet and greet tickets'' she said with a smile, I smiled, ''Come on, we're the only ones that's got them'' she said and started heading over to the room where they do the meet and greets, we walked in and saw the lads all sat down, I looked at Ashton, it was the frst time I'd seen him in 9 years, ''You two the special girls who won the meet and greet tickets?'' Luke asked, Mercedes nodded, I kinda just stared Ashton out, he looked at me and smiled, ''You okay?'' he asked in the strong Ausralian accent that we share, ''Yeah, I'm great'' I said, my accent stronger than intended, they all looked at me, ''You're Australian?'' Calum asked with surprise, I nodded, ''Yup'' I said, Mercedes was the only British one in the room, Michael lifted his head and we locked eyes, he'd changed since I'd last seen him, ''What are your names?'' Luke asked, ''I'm Mercedes'' Mercy said, ''And I'm Becky'' I replied, as soon as I said my name Ashton and Michael looked at me, I stood still, ''I've got a sister called Becky'' Ashton blurted out, ''Yeah, I know'' I replied, it was clear he didn't recognise me, ''You girls want cuddles?'' Calum asked with his arms outstreched, ''Duh'' Mercedes said with a smile, we walked over and she hugged Calum whilst I hugged Luke, we then swapped, after hugging Calum I slowly made my way over to Ashton, Mercedes watched me as she made her way to Michael, as soon as I got to Ashton I collapsed into his arms and cried, I cried harder than ever before, he hugged me tight, I cried and cried, Mercedes watched me, ''I've been so lonely Ash'' I cried onto his shoulder, he looked confused, ''What do you mean?'' he asked, I looked up at him.


She looked up at him with tears still streaming down her face, I knew she couldn't tell him, ''She got taken away from her mum and brother 9 years ago'' I said quickly, Ashton looked at Michael, ''9 Years ago?'' Ashton asked, I nodded, he then looked at Michael again, Michael held his arms out for Becky, she ran over as I walked to Ashton, I hugged Ash, Michael studied Becky's face, ''Dude, she looks like your sister'' he said, ''How do you know? Last we saw her was 9 years ago'' he said, ''Because I'd remember Becky's face anywhere'' he replied, Ashton looked down at me, ''How old is she?'' he asked, ''She's 17'' I replied, ''Oh'' was all he said, ''What's your full name?'' I heard Michael asked, Becky looked around, she looked nervous to tell him, he placed his hands on her cheeks, ''Darling, what's your name?'' he asked, she looked at me, ''It's Becky Jane Irwin'' she said slowly, all of the boys includong Ashton stared at her in shock.

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