Do You Remember me?

Meet Becky Jayne Irwin, she’s the precious sister of Ashton Irwin, they are pretty close, he’s always cared about her, but when their dad leaves he takes Becky with him, she doesn’t wanna go, Ash doesn’t want her to go, and she’s been taken away from her one and only love, Michael Clifford, she’s now 17 and she’s changed a lot since Ashton last saw her, Will he still think the same of her? Will Michael still think the same of her? She’s changed, what happens when she turns up to Ashtons concert? Will he realise that this was his precious little sister? Or will he just think of her as a regular fan?


1. Chapter 1- Leaving


‘’Come on Becca, we’re leaving’’ he said, ‘’But daddy, I don’t wanna go’’ I whined, I was 8 by now, ‘’You’re coming’’ he yelled, he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the front door, I looked back at my 11 year old brother, Ashton, ‘’Don’t let him take me Ash’’ I pleaded, although there was nothing he could do, he looked at me with sadness in his eyes, ‘’I’m sorry, Bex’’ he said, my dad pushed me into the car and he got into the driver’s seat, he then started driving, I looked out of the window and cried, I didn’t wanna leave Ashton and mom, I cried and cried, we slowly pulled up to a house, I sighed and clambered out of the car, dad looked down at me, ‘’Let’s get settled in kiddo’’ he said, I nodded and ran towards the front door whilst he opened the boot, I pushed the door open and fell into the hallway, it was different, and lonely.



I watched as dad drove away with Becky in the back of the car, she was gone, she was my best friend, my partner in crime, my everything, I hated dad now, he’d taken her away from me, I watched the car drive into the distance, I fell to my knees and I cried, I cried harder than ever before, I was in bits, my best friend had been taken away from me, I screamed at the sky, she was gone… FOREVER! :(

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