What's gonna happen?

When Becky moves to Melbourne, she never dreamed she'd meet her most favourite band ever, THE JANOSKIANS, her and her best friend Mercedes move to Melbourne and finally meet the guys that helped them out through all the hard times, Becky's dad beating her, Mercedes' ex boyfriend beating her, you'll find alot out during the story, Becky and Mercedes have travelled a long way from home, will they ever go back? Or will they live their new lives in Australia? What's gonna happen?


4. Chapter 4

He took my hands and lead me to the bathroom, we walked in and he started running my hands under the hot tap, I screamed out in pain, it hurt... a lot.


We watched as Luke took Becky to the bathroom, moments later we heard her screaming, ‘’Wow... He must be doing her good!’’ Jai said, I smiled, ‘’No... She’s screaming in pain’’ Mercedes said from beside Jai, we all looked down at her, at that moment the bathroom door opened.


We walked out of the bathroom and saw that all eyes were on us, Mercedes looked at me, ''I'm so sorry'' she whispered, ''It's fine'' I replied, she smiled, I laid my head on Lukes shoulder as he lead me back over to the table, we sat down and Mercedes looked at me with a questioning look, I took out my iPhone and started typing vigorously, 'He told me, he loved me' I typed, she lifted her head after reading the text and smiled,  she tilted her phone and showed Jai the text, he put his head down, at that moment Lukes phone buzzed, I leant over and read the text, 'Congratulations bro, she's a beautiful girl, but we need to get that eating disorder sorted :)' it read, I looked at Luke and then down at my nuggets, all eyes were on me, ''There's no way she's gonna eat that'' Mercedes said to Jai, I slowly lifted my head and looked at Luke, ''Luke...'' I started, ''Yeah?'' he asked looking down at me, ''Can you go and get me some ketchup?'' I asked, ''Sure'' he replied, I smiled as he stood up, he walked away, Mercedes looked at me, ''She won't eat'' she whispered to Jai, Luke walked back over with the ketchup, he placed it infront of me and sat back next to me, I smiled and took out a chicken nugget, I then dipped it in the ketchup and started nibbling it, before I knew it, I'd eaten all the chicken nuggets and was eating the fries, everyone, especially Mercedes, stared at me in shock, I carried on eating and ended up finishing the happy meal, it was shocked faces all round.

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