What's gonna happen?

When Becky moves to Melbourne, she never dreamed she'd meet her most favourite band ever, THE JANOSKIANS, her and her best friend Mercedes move to Melbourne and finally meet the guys that helped them out through all the hard times, Becky's dad beating her, Mercedes' ex boyfriend beating her, you'll find alot out during the story, Becky and Mercedes have travelled a long way from home, will they ever go back? Or will they live their new lives in Australia? What's gonna happen?


3. Chapter 3

Mercedes started laughing, ''Dan... Don't be scared of her'' she said, ''But that face'' he started, ''She does it to scare everyone into doing things her way'' Mercedes replied, I looked at her, ''Shut the fuck up'' I said wth a smirk, she smiled, we started eating our food as Beau had brought it back over, ''FOOD!'' I yelled, earning a look off of everybody, ''it's about time you fucking eat!'' Mercedes said, I looked at her and shook my head, as if to say 'Don't tell them', ''They need to know'' she mouthed to me, I looked at her, ''No, they don't'' I replied not realising I'd said it out loud, they all turned to look at me, ''What do we not need to know?'' James asked looking at me and Mercedes, I looked at Mercedes and put my head down, I started picking at my chicken nuggets, ''She- umm...'' Mercedes started, I looked at her and shook my head at her, ''No...'' I said out loud, she stared at me, ''Becky has an eating disorder'' she said, James looked at me, I slowly stood up and ran as fast as I could out of McDonalds, I leant back on the wall once I was out, I had tears streaming down my face, I let them fall, ''How could she?'' I thought, ''She promised she'd keep it a secret from everybody'' I thought, I slid down the wall and punched the floor, ''How could she do that to me?'' I thought.


''Becky has an eating disorder'' I said, James looked at Becky, she slowly stood up and ran as fast as she could out of McDonalds, Luke looked at me, ''An eating disorder?'' he asked, I nodded, ''Why?'' Jai asked, I looked back out at her, she was sat on the floor, ''She-Umm... She thinks she's fat'' I told them, they already knew half the truth, so I had to tell them the rest, ''It started when she was 14, she wouldn't eat properly at school, she'd have like a biscuit and a drink, somedays she'd have nothing, she hated her weight, she still does, that's why she's wearing a baggy hoodie, it doesnt help the fact that her dad picks on her weight either'' I explained, they all looked at me gobsmacked, they had shocked expressions on their faces, Luke looked at me, he then stood up and started heading towards the door, he took one glance back at Becky's happy meal and walked out of the house.


I walked out to see Becky punching the floor, blood was pouring from her knuckles, I sat next to her and pulled her into my arms, ''Becky... I think I'm in love with you'' I whispered, she slowly lifted her head, ''What?'' she breathed, ''I love you, and I wanna be the one to remind you everyday that you're not fat and I wanna remind you of just how beautiful you actually are'' I replied, ''Y-Y-You love me?'' she asked, I nodded, she literally leapt into my arms, ''I love you... I love you soo much'' she yelled, I smiled, she looked happier than before, ''I love you'' she whispered into my ear, ''I love you'' I whispered back, she smiled bigger than before.

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