Guilty Pleasure

BTS FANFIC Jimin has a girlfriend. The members have to be happy right? But when Jungkook finds out that they are the same age. Will they become friends? Or more than that? - Lee Sae Hee - Park Jimin - Jeon Jungkook - Lee Min Hee - BTS (minor characters)


3. Chapter 3

Saehee walked out of the pizzeria as she tried to calm down her red cheeks. The cold breeze that was passing by calmed down the red tomatoes. She took a deep breath as she started walking down toward the street.


A man called out to her. She turned around and saw Taehyung. He smiled at her as he made his way toward Saehee. He was wearing sunglasses and dark clothing but his rectangular smile was definitely his.

She waved at him as he was already in front of her. They started walking down the street and waited for the sign to turn green so they could walk. Taehyung faced Saehee more and he tried telling her something.

"Are you doing something today?"

Saehee shook her head and she looked at him. She wanted to say it but she didn't want to sound rude.

"I was just going to go to the market to buy some groceries. You wanna come along?"

Saehee pouted which melted Taehyung's heart. He was madly blushing as he tried not to squeal.

'Gosh Taehyung try not to act like your kiddy self around her. Even though your hyung is dating her. Don't make a fool of yourself!'

Saehee nodded and smiled at him. He smiled at her as they heard the signal that they could start walking. While making the way toward the market the clouds got gray and the thunders were heard close by.

Saehee looked up and smiled. She has been waiting for some rain in Seoul. She loved the rain, except one thing. Thunderstorms.

She nervously walked closely by Taehyung, just not too close to tend for him to notice. But oh boy did he notice, he was trying not to let his three year old self burst out of him. He was trying to show Saehee his manly side, which was like 5% of his 95% childishness.

"So how are you liking Seoul?"

"Ah it's fine, or as all I have seen since today."

Taehyung stopped walking and looked at Saehee.

"Wait so you haven't seen none of Seoul? I thought hyung would show you."

Saehee innocently shook her head as she sighed. The rain started slowly pouring as Taehtung grabbed Saehee's wrist and pulled her to shelter under a store.

They went outside and Taehyung pulled out a lion decorated notepad that had a list of their groceries. He cursed under his breath as he had forgotten about his cutie notepad.

He tried to avoid Saehee notice his notepad as he occupied her by telling her he lost his wallet as he hurriedly grabbed the groceries.

"Taehyung I don't see any wallet around here-"

"Oh my gosh! It was inside my butt pocket all this time. I'm so sorry I made you look around."

Taehyung pulled out his walled from his pocket and showed Saehee. She playfully glared at him as she chuckled.

"So you are done getting groceries?"

Taehyung nodded as he went to the counter to pay for the stuff. Saehee was about to follow him when she saw something orange fall out of his pocket. She went to pick it up and saw a lion decorated notepad. She chuckled and went to Taehyung.

"That'll be W43,000sir."

Taehyung took out a bunch of 10000 wons and paid the old lady. She smiled at him and gave him his change. He took the bags and went to look for Saehee. Saehee, in the meanwhile, was taking pictures of the cute lion notepad.

She noticed someone was coming and hid the notepad. She stuffed it in her pocket and saw Taehyung with some bags.

"Need any help?"

"Well you can just carry two bags cause they are all heavy!"

"Are you calling me weak?"

"What?! No what I meant is-"

"Ah, I'm just playing around with you Taehyung!"

Saehee laughed as Taehyung pouted. She grabbed the two lightest bags that Taehyung had given her. The rain had stopped so they could walk toward the dorms. Saehee decided to joke around with Taehyung.

"Hey. You know what's orange and has cute little ani-"

"Ah no! I forgot something in the market!"

Taehyung freaked out as he started hurriedly walking toward the market again. Saehee tried to catch up with him but it seemed like he was Flash.

"Kim Tae-"

Saehee stopped herself before finished the sentences. Taehyung was an idol, if she had finished saying his name. Probably he would have been a meal to the Sharks.

(No offense taking to all Army's 💕)

She tried walking out of the people walking down the street apologizing to all the people that she would bump into. She finally got into the store they were just at.


Saehee whispered yelled as she tried searching for him. She found Taehyung sadly walking toward her. He seemed in the verge of crying.

"What's wrong?"

Taehyung shook his head as he started walking to the exit. Saehee sighed as she followed him, again. She grabbed Taehyung's shoulder slightly so that he could turn around.

"Hey, tell me what's wrong. Maybe I could help?"

"Well I kinda lost something important to me. Seokjin and Jimin hyung gave it to me a while back, before our debut. It meant so much-"

"Hey are you talking about this?"

Saehee handed him the notepad as he dropped the groceries and picked up Saehee and hugged her. He was laughing and thanking her so much as she laughed slightly.

"You dropped it a while back at the store. It was cute-"

"Ah man I was suppose to show you my manly side of me!"

"Ah! Taehyung don't be sad. You are already manly, no seriously dude you have a deeper voice than my grandpa."

Saehee laughed as Taehyung pouted. As started walking while she kept laughing. Taehyung kept looking at her until he started chuckling. Saehee heard him chuckle as she turned around and looked at him.

"What are you laughing at now?"

"Your heading the wrong way."

"Pft, I know that. I was just testing you."

Saehee quickly began to walk the opposite way she started walking before. Taehyung laughed inside of her cuteness.

'If only I was there before Jimin hyung. I would make her laugh everyday even if I'm tired. I just wanna keep seeing her smile and her...'

They arrived at the dorm not shortly after it began raining. Taehyung rang the doorbell as they heard running inside. Saehee laughed and thought of how cute they were instead of being in videos of fierce looking men.

"Coming! Yah Namjoon move your fat ass!"

"Yoongi hyung, please go with me. It won't happen like last time. Please!"

"I already said no!"

"I promise I'll take care of you. It's just the girls were like-"

"No is no Namjoon! Now let me get the door"

"Not until you accept to go with me."

"Don't worry I'll get it."

"Thank you Hoseok."

Saehee saw the door open and saw Hoseok shirtless. Let me get you straight, SHIRTLESS. Saehee let go of bags and just didn't know what to do look away, no his body was mmm, or keep staring, he'll think I'm a pervert.

"Hyung! Go put on shirt! Aish and next time check who it is before opening the door Hoseok."

Taehyung had covered her eyes with his hands. Saehee haden't noticed until she could only see black. At first she thought it was because of his gorgeous shirtless body. But then after feeling warmth it was just Taehyung.

"Aish. I'm so sorry Saehee. Ah I'm so embarrassed!"

Saehee felt the vision of her eyes come back after Taehyung had opened her eyes. It was blurring at first but then it got cleared up. She looked at Taehyung and thanked him but half of her wanted to strangle him for ruining the perfect image.

"Hey hyung's I'm back-"

Saehee froze after hearing that voice. She turned around and met his face. She felt cold, hands cold, feet cold, stomach turning, face sweaty and red. She met him again after leaving him there.

Her heart begin to burn and ache.

His heart began to burn and ache.

'What is this feeling'

Both Saehee and Jungkook kept staring at each other as their hearts ached and burning not knowing their faith and destiny will be changed forever.

Hello guys I'm so so so so sorry I haven't been updating but I had to revise of what o was going to write next so I hope you do like the idea of Taehyung and Saehee keke I just thought of why not more drama *evil laugh* anyway thank you for the patience and please give me comments of your thoughts. Thank you 😶😶

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