Guilty Pleasure

BTS FANFIC Jimin has a girlfriend. The members have to be happy right? But when Jungkook finds out that they are the same age. Will they become friends? Or more than that? - Lee Sae Hee - Park Jimin - Jeon Jungkook - Lee Min Hee - BTS (minor characters)


2. Chapter 2

All there was to hear was the silence of the room. Saehees' question had probably surprised most of the members in the room. Saehee heard Jimin clear his throat as he got up.

"I'll be taking Saehee home now."

Jimin has pulled on her wrist as they quickly went out of the room. Saehee looked over at Jimin and saw anger. She gulped as they made it into the elevator.

They both entered quietly as Jimin had cornered Saehee and pressed a random number. He looked at her eyes filled with fear. Fear you may ask? Jimin mostly sexually abused of her, mostly to relieve anything negative he would be thinking. The stupid thing was that she still loves him.

"You know how awkward you made it in there Saehee?"

As he twirled a finger in a strand of her hair. She looked down to the floor as she clutched the end of her shirt. He had pressed harder toward her until the handle had pressed against the back of her ribs.

"I'm asking you a question okay?"

"I know I did but I got a message from my sister and it mentioned his name."

She managed not to stutter as she looked up into his eyes. The sharp brown orbs that screamed anger were staring back at her. She liked the Jimin that greeted her before. Soft, caring, gentle, lovely.

"I'll take you home."

Those were the only words he said before getting off of her and leaning on the wall of the elevator. The ride to her house was silent as the only sound was the raindrops against the car.

They arrived at her house as she unbuckled her seatbelt and was about to get up. She felt a tug on her sleeve and saw Jimin with his caring eyes again. She smiled as she waved at him.

"I'm not getting my kiss, of goodnight?"

Saehee noticed that her caring, loving boyfriend had came back. She had not yet gotten used to his switch of mood swings but she told herself she'll get through it.

"You want a kiss?"

He pouted as he nodded. She leaned in as she felt his hands on her cheeks. He pressed his lips on hers as he slipped in his tongue. She moaned and trailed her hands to the back of his neck. Tongues fighting for dominance and moans were all heard and seen.

They had both backed off for breath as they smiled. Jimin had hugged her and smelled in her scent. His hands caressing her hair. He let go and pinched her nose.

"Sleep early okay?"

Saehee nodded and got off the car and ran toward shelter. She heard the car drive off and she opened the door. She took off her converse and left them aside. Taking off the other accessories she had had on for the day.

She walked in and saw her sister laying down on her bed. Minhee got up and walked to the kitchen. She signaled Saehee to follow her as she silently prepared some tea. She sat down the mugs and took the chair infront of Saehee.

"So you didn't respond back to my message. Where the hell were you?"

"I was meeting Jimins' members at their building."

Minhee scoffed as she drank a big sip off her tea. Minhee looked back to Saehee.

"So you think that now that you have a boyfriend you could go around having sex with him a lot. Mom and dad would be disappointed if they heard this wouldn't they be? They did leave me in charge of you."

Saehee shivered at the thought of her telling her parents that she has a boyfriend. It's not that she didn't want to have sex with him. It's just that he does it with too much force.

Minhee grabbed her mug and Saehees' mug and placed it in the sink. She glared at Saehee before going closer to her.

"When the doorbell rings, just open it cause it may be Chanyeol okay?"

As she left with a water bottle back into her room. Saehee gave out a breath as she sat still on the chair. Saehee went outside and sat on the stairs outside of their apartment.

Was I really embarrassing with the question I asked earlier? Was I being over board? Should I have asked that out loud? Should I have...

"World to Sae?"

Saehee felt a tap on her shoulder. She jumped up but then hit her head on the plant hanging from the porch roof. She rubbed on the now bump on her head, while he laughed.

"Stop laughing Yeol."

"I'm sorry it's just you were-"

"Ah. Shut up already!"

Saehee pouted as she sat down again and placed her head on her right palm. She suddenly remembered.

"Ah Minhee-eonni is waiting for you."

"Thanks for telling me kiddo."

As he ruffled Saehees' hair.

"Yah! I'm not that young anymore. Eonni is only two years older than me."

Chanyeol smiled, he had waved as he got into the house. Saehee sighed as the rain had gotten slower. She looked up at the gray-turning-white clouds.

"It's so boring these days."

"I feel you."

Saehee had jumped for the second time now. She was now facing the youngest from the group she had met a couple of hours ago.

He smiled at her as he sat down next to her. Saehee gulped as she tried to say something. There was an awkward silence, but then he started talking.

"My hyungs didn't know I was dating. That's why it was very quiet."

Saehee now felt more miserable than before. She had stood up making Jungkook look at her. She started bowing to him.

"I'm very sorry. That slipped out I was just reading a message my sister sent me I'm very very sorry. I'll make it up to you, um I'll-"

"Yah, you talk a lot."

He chuckled as he stood up. He ruffled her hair before starting to walk somewhere. He stopped and looked back at her.

"Aren't you coming?"

Saehee nodded and ran to where he was standing. They both walked and entered a pizza place. Saehee didn't want to eat at the moment, but she loves pizza.

Jungkook started ordering a pizza of his liking. When the cashier had told them the total amount of money he had turned back around and faced her.

"I hope you do carry money. This is the least you could do for ruining my secret."

Saehee looked at him confused before grabbing a twenty dollar bill from her pants and handing it to the cashier. Jungkook smiled to her before sitting down on a table, Saehee not knowing what to do followed him.

They both chose a table facing to rainy day of Seoul. They waited for their pizza to come as Jungkook started questioning her.

"How did you meet hyung?"

He took a slice of pizza and started eating. Saehees' mouth watered.

"Well I met Jimin by a friend of my sister, Chanyeol."

"How long have you been dating."

"For about a year."

"Are you happy?"

That question broke Saehee. Was she really happy? Did she enjoy staying beside him at all? Did she still love him?"

Do I still love Jimin?

Saehee had stopped breathing for a second. She thought and asked herself this question for the first time. Jungkook stopped eating his pizza and looked at her. He frowned and saw her pale, she looked like she was thinking.

"Hey, are you okay?"

She had finally looked up at him. She felt tears wanting to release but she forced them in. She cleared her throat as she smiled.

"I'm fine."

"Well you don't seem fine, at all."

"Well I am fine. Anyway I have to go now."

She got up and started walking toward the door. She stopped midway when she saw an old best friend. She was glued in place, she could stop looking at him.

"Lu Han?"

She had whispered under her breath. She took a deep breath and walked back to where the youngster was seated. Still eating his pizza she stood above him.

"Hey can you help me with something. But you can't ever tell anyone."

"Ah, sure."

Saehee signaled him to stand up. Confused he stood up and noticed her staring back at someone. He wanted to turn around but she held his neck. She went closer to his face and whispered.

"I'm sorry."

He was about to ask her but then he felt something warm against his lips. His eyes widened and saw her lips against his. He wanted to react in a way that reminded her that he was dating her sister.

But then he felt guilty because he started liking the kiss. He had moved his hands on her cheeks and kissed her more roughly. She opened her eyes and tried to back away buy his arms were now around her waist.

Saehee saw Luhan look at their direction. He was quite suspicious as he was nearing the "couple" that were kissing. She wrapped her arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. Luhan stopped when he noticed who it was. He chuckled softly and looked at the ground and nervously walked away.

Saehee kept her eyes on Luhan while he took his order and left. Saehee unwrapped her arms off of Jungkook. Before she knew it, he wouldn't let go. Saehee blinked in confusion as she tried to push him off gently. Her lips were still on his, she tapped on his shoulder. After a while of tapping, Jungkook finally opened his eyes. He met his eyes with Saehees' gray colored eyes.

He then noticed the contact of their lips. He unwrapped his arms and let go of her. Once he took his lips off of hers, he felt the cold air brush by his lips. His mouth felt cold and messed her warm lips. Saehee cleared her throat, and fixed her hair.

"I'll be going now."

She whispered but loudly enough for him to hear. He nodded as he was left glued to the floor. He heard the door open and close, he touched his chest. His heart was raising, heartbeat after heartbeat. He felt his face hot and his lips turn into a smile.

"What is this feeling?"


Hello, this is Nanen-authornim. Thank you to all who are enjoying this fanfic so far. Um, //whispers// don't worry they'll be a smut soon. Keke anyway, the comments really motivates me to update.

Please do try to comment, I LOVE comments. Anyway, I hope you do keep enjoying this fanfic and keep supporting my other fanfics. Thank you 👻

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