Guilty Pleasure

BTS FANFIC Jimin has a girlfriend. The members have to be happy right? But when Jungkook finds out that they are the same age. Will they become friends? Or more than that? - Lee Sae Hee - Park Jimin - Jeon Jungkook - Lee Min Hee - BTS (minor characters)


1. Chapter 1

You sighed for the fifth time as you stood behind the two big busy doors. People coming in and out as you still stood there. You were thinking of either going in or not.

"Should I..."

You walked toward a nearby bench. You placed down your bag on the floor and your coffee. You were feeling nervous of meeting his members.

What if they wouldn't like me? What if they are really rude? What if they are obnoxious? What if they don't accept me for who I am? What if...

You started questioning yourself as you closed and sat back. You were startled by the ringtone of your phone. You bend down as you looked through your bag. You quickly got your phone and answered without checking who it was.


"Hey, Saehee where are you?"

You heard your boyfriends voice through your phone. You instantly smiled as you haven't heard his voice in the longest. You sat up and got up and grabbed your bag.

"I'm outside debating if I should go in or not."

"Why won't you come inside. I haven't seen you in the longest and you are waiting."

You smiled. You sighed as he explained how to come in and what room number they'll be practicing in. You nodded as you hung up and walked in the entertainment building.

It was quite quiet as the only thing you heard was the clicking of heels and people slowly whispering or trying to talk silently.

You walked toward the women behind the desk. You gave her the information that your boyfriend told you to say as she gave you directions and gave you a small pass.

You thanked her and walked toward the elevator as you walked in. Waiting for the elevator doors to close you saw a body walk through between the gap of the doors.

"Hey, wait up!"

He walked in and thanked you softly as the doors closed. There was an awkward silence until your phone rang. You were surprised by it as you quickly answered it so that it could be quiet again.


"Ya! Saehee are you here yet? Come up quickly. I'm waiting for you in room number 328."

You noticed that your phone was in speaker but then before putting it on normal he hung quickly. You sighed as you slid your phone in your bag and waited to reach the right floor. You felt a tap on your shoulder that made you jump.

"I'm sorry for listening to your conversation but I heard that someone is waiting for you in room number 328. Um I'm going to that room now. Someone from BTS I'm guessing?"

You nodded as you looked at him. He kinda looked familiar to you as you kept looking at him.

"Wait. Are you..."

He smiled at you as he looked at the ground. He looked back at you with a smirk.

"I'm guessing you are Jimins' girlfriend he is greeting to everyone. Well I'm Jung Hoseok, but you can call me J-Hope if you like."

You smiled as he extended his hand to you. You looked at his hand before smiling as you took his hand in your grip. He got closer to you but you didn't mind since it was one of Jimins' friends.

"Well since now you are kinda of my sister in law, may I know your name?"

"Well my name is Lee Saehee. Nice meeting you Hoseok."

He smiled again as you finally heard the elevator ring and got off. You followed him to the room as you kept looking at his face. Something kept bothering you as you stopped and took his wrist softly.

He was shocked at your action as he saw you walking toward him. He was getting nervous at you. He kept backing off until his back touched the wall. You finally got close to his face and chuckled to yourself as you saw him nervous. You quickly touched his cheek and flicked off an eyelash. You backed away and smiled.

"The eyelash on your cheek was bothering me."

Hoseok cleared his throat and nodded. He continued to walk and you noticed a soft light pink color on his cheeks. You chuckled to yourself as you noticed that he had already opened the door.

"Hyung your back—"

You heard a guy stop speaking as you walked in the room. You saw the music stop as you nervously stepped in the room. You saw five other guys staring.

"Saehee! Your here."

You saw Jimin running toward you as you smiled. He hugged you by the waist as he picked you up. You laughed as he set you down and gave you a big kiss on the lips. Ignoring the other presences in the room, he still kissed you.

You then felt a wet sensation on your bottom lip. You kindly pushed him off and looked at his eyes. He hugged you tightly. You smiled you missed everything of him. Everything.

He let you go as he looked at the looks he was getting. Everyone had a pink face as they were looking at the ground. Jimin looked at you and smiled as you smiled back at him.

"Guys this is my girlfriend, Saehee. She just came back from the States."

You bowed to them as they all gave you a bow back and they started saying their introductions and you all joked around as they started practicing again. They were all the opposite of what you thought.

No One's POV

As they all joked around there were people who weren't so happy of the fact. The youngest of the group wanted to ask a question.

"Hey Saehee how old are you?"

The question was stolen right out of his mouth. His hyung had already ask her. Saehee looked at Yoongi as she smiled.

"I'm 18, my birthday is on December 31st, 1997."

All their eyes turned to her. They started questioning her.

"Wait you and Jimin are two years apart?"

Finally the youngster has spoken. They all looked at him before getting a response.

"Yea we are two years apart."

As she continued to eat a slice of pizza. They had ordered two pizzas and a bucket of chicken. They had also seen something or thought of something they should never ever do before.

She was all a part of their ideal type.

From Seokjin; he clearly saw how nice she was to everyone. How she served everyone first before herself how she attended her own boyfriend in everything that was needed. To feeding and cleaning him to massaging his shoulder from all day of practice. He wanted to be the person that she took care of.

From Yoongi; he totally saw that this girl had a great taste in hip hop music. He loves when a girl had the same taste in music with him. To Kayne West from Lil Wayne. She knew most of the artist he mostly likes since, she explained, she had lived in America. He wanted to try at least to compose a song for her.

From Namjoon; he loved the way she looked with a white "Supreme" shirt and light-blue ripped jeans with some red converse. She was light skinned which made him even more attracted to her. He wanted to match clothes with her by the mark she wears, Supreme.

From Hoseok; he just still couldn't get the image back their of when she took a chance and made him feel so nervous. The way she gently took the eyelash away from his cheek. He thought it was a way of showing affection. He wanted to be the one who kissed her like Jimin just did.

From Taehyung; when his hyung asked him if she could do ageyo. He melted from inside, she had perfect ageyo as he just wanted to do things that he couldn't do. He was clearly not her boyfriend yet he wanted to do. He wanted to be the only one she shared her ageyo with.

From Jungkook; he was already taken of course. But there was one thing he couldn't take his hands off. Her legs. They were long and looked smooth by the parts of skin revealed. He couldn't stop thinking of how nice and gentle she was with the others especially Jimin, she looked as if she loves him a lot. He wanted to eat pizza with her, they both loved anything to do with flour.

They all continued chatting and eating they were interrupted by a ring. Saehee checked her phone as the others continued goofing off.

From: Minhee

To: Saehee

Hey. I just wanted to know where you were at. Jungkook cancelled our date because he was at this busy meeting with his group BTS. You wanna come with me somewhere to eat or drink?

Saehee looked up to stare at the youngest. She then looked down at her phone and looked at him again.


He looked at her as they both made eye contact. All of the members looked at them as she questioned him.

"Are you perhaps dating someone named Minhee?"

They were now all looking at Jungkook as he looked at her. He sat up and crossed his legs as he nodded confused.

"Yea why?"


"What's wrong?"

Jimin finally decided to question as the members and Jungkook were confused. Saehee looked at all of them.

"Your dating my, sister."

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