London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


3. Wake up

I woke up and moved my head back and fourth on a pillow. Wait what, I didn't fall asleep in my bed. I opened my eyes to be blinded by my blindness. Everything was blurry, my glasses most have fallen off somewhere on the floor. I was about to get up but then I heard muffled voices coming from the other side of my bedroom wall. My first thought was how did people get in here and what am I supposed to do. I got out of the bed and walked out of my bedroom to embrace who ever the people were on the other side. My eyes caught a blurred vision of two guys standing in front of me. "Oh look she's awake." One said with a British accent, the British one had brown hair, that's all I could really see." Oh you must be confused of how were in here." The other one spoke up, this one had blonde hair and some type of accent, close to a British one but I couldn't tell. "Oh here maybe if you had your glasses you could see a bit better. The one with brown hair reached out his hand that was holding my glasses. I walked over a bit and squited my eyes a little to see where he held my glasses. I said thanks and grabbed them from him placing them on my face. My eyes went wide as soon as I did that.. 


How is this even possible why, why is this happening to me.The emotions inside me were going crazy,hopefully my face didn't show my confusion and disbelief. Well I guess they weren't shocked, cause I guess they didn't recognize me. Well I did look different now but it wasn't really to an extreme. The room was silent and who stood in front of me was Harry styles and Niall Horan. Go figure. 

Niall- Well were your mentors, well actually are band is. 


Harry-Your'e Chelsea right ?

Bella- Yep that's me

Niall- Well were One Direction if you didn't no that, the other mentors here are Ed Sheeran,Justin Bieber and  5 Seconds of summer

Bella- Wait you said 5 Seconds of Summer is here 

Harry- Wow you seem to be happier to hear about 5SoS being here rather then us 

There it was Harrys stupid attitude, the attitude that made me hate him. Niall said 5SOS was here and if I was correct that was Luke's band but he wouldn't remember me let alone no me now cause my name was changed and I looked different

Bella- Well they are Australian 

Harry- So were British and Irish

Bella- What's your point 

Niall- Anyways were your mentors like I was saying. All of us will be coaching you in singing. Harry will be the only one coaching you in dancing in the morning 

You got to be kidding me, really out of all of them why him. Why did they have to be my mentors, like come on god. Does he even have a bone in his body that can dance

Bella- Great I can't wait (sarcasm) 

Harry- Well were going to go unpack. Were in the rooms next you so if you need anything don't ask 

Niall- Harry!

Bella- Oh look we have a pop star who's full of himself. Wonderful 

With that Harry turned around and walked out the door leaving Niall behind

Bella- Well it was nice meeting you, now I'd like to go back to bed please 

Niall- Oh yeah, nice meeting you Chelsea,sorry about him. We will come by later to discuss somethings 

Bella- One question, how did you guys get in my room?

Niall- Oh haha yeah, each group of mentors gets master key, the master key can open any door.It's so we can check on you and get you ready to go 

Bella- Which one of you has it?

Niall- Harry gets to keep it 

Bella- Great

Niall- Well I'll let you get some rest 

He turned and walked out of my room, leaving me to go back to my bed. This should be fun (sarcasm) 

Harrys POV

Well that was interesting, she wasn't a regular girl that's for sure. Most girls would be freaking out to us, come on were One Direction. I could already tell that this realtionship between us was going to be trouble. I can picture fighting and bickering will happen between us. Yep one word for her "Bitch." Niall walked into my room disturbing my thoughts.

Niall- Dude what was that, you just met her. She seems nice

Harry- Yeah I don't like her 

Niall- You just met her Harry,how could you not like her ?

Harry- Just how she acted back there, just I don't like her. She's a brat 

Niall- Hmmm reminds me of someone, standing in this room right next to me 

Harry- I'm not a brat Niall

Niall- Haha believe what you want, but I think she's fine. So don't mess up and don't act up dude. 

He turned around and walked out the door closing it behind him.

Chelsea's POV ( Bella)

Well I said I was going to go to bed but now I was fully awake stressing out. How am I going to pull this off. I can't let them find out who I'am, Im going to have to pull out my mad acting skills and fake it. Let's just hope I don't brake it. I went back into my bedroom and changed into my grey tight sweat pants and a blue thank top. Now this was comfier. I pulled on my fuzzy socks and walked out the door to the fridge. Empty, I should of guessed they wouldn't have stoked it. I closed the fridge and went back to where my bag was and grabbed 20 euros from it and my room key. I don't bother with putting on my shoes cause, eh what the heck. I know I'm already breaking a rule, going somewhere without a mentor. I was only going down to the snack bar, how dangerous can that be right? I buzzed the elevator. Stepping in and pressing the button for the first floor. It started to move, but when I got to the 13th floor is stopped and the doors opened. Allowing non other then a shirtless Luke Hemmings. Boy did this boy grow up,I still remember the first time we met and how he cheered me up. He walked in and looked at me. I quickly looked to the ground, not wanting to make eye contact. 

"Oh you're going to first floor to."

No he's talking me

"Um yeah."

"Have I seen you some where?"

"No I do't think so."

"Yes I know who you are now."


Oh no was my cover that easily blown. 

"You're Chelsea, right, One Directions comparator."

"Yeah I'm Bel..Chelsea, Yep I'm Chelsea."

"It's nice to meet you."

He put out his hand, so I shook it. This was so awkward like you had to be here.

"You to."

Finally the first floor came and the doors opened. Not even saying by to him I started to walk out but then he spoke up.

"Chelsea shouldn't you be with one of your mentors?  You're kind of breaking the rules."


"Oh,I'm just grabbing some snacks. It's not like I'm going to die or anything from just going to the snack bar."

"True but you should be with someone. You don't want me telling the boys about this now do you."

He had a wide smile on his face. He was so playing with me. So I decided to play back. I put my hands up to my face and started to fake cry 

"Oh ...please don't, I - swear- I won't -do it- again, I just wanted to get some snacks."

"Wow, wow Chelsea I was just joking, please don't cry."

I removed my hands from my face and started to laugh 

"Wow fake cry, nice. I just go played by a girl."

 I grinned at him and laughed.

"Yeah you did, so do you care to join me to the snack bar."

"Well since theres no one is here to watch you, your mentors should really keep an eye on you. Anyways yeah I'll come with you."

He linked his arm in mine and we walked to the snack bar together. There was no line when we got there so we looked at the order board and decided what to get. 

"How can I help you."

"Luke go a head I still don't no what I'm getting."


Luke got a bag of chips and a water bottle,he paid and stepped back

"Hi how can I help you dear?"

"Can I please get two bags of gummies and the 1L of chocolate milk."

"Sure thing love."

She got up and grabbed my items.

"That will be 5 euros please."

I reached into my pocket to grab the bill but before I knew it she was handing me the bag with the items and I grabbed it questionably .

"What? I didn't pay yet."

"Your boyfriend did for you, how sweet."

"Boyfriend ? what?"

She pointed behind me and I turned to see she was pointing at Luke.

"Oh were not..."

My hand got pulled back and Luke shouted back to the lady a thank you.

"Luke you didn't have to pay, let me pay you back."

"No it's cool Chelsea."

"Luke let me .."

"Stop Whinnying haha, lets get back to the rooms."

He pulled me to the elevator and pressed the button. It arrived and he pressed the 16th floor button. He was still holding on to my hand 

"Um Luke ?"


I looked down to our hands to see if he would notice. He glanced down and started to blush as , I started to too cause it was awkward. He  let go dropping my hand

"Oh sorry."

"Oh it's completely fine."

I tired very hard not to sound nervous. We arrived on the 16th and he walked out with me. 

"Hey Chelsea I was wondering if you wanted to hang for a bit."

"Sounds good to me."

I swiped my card when we got to my room and flicked on the lights.I carried the bag to the kitchen and placed the milk in the fridge. 

"So what do you want to do Luke?"

"Um I don't kno... Omg you have a balcony. Let's go out there."

Luke ran out to the balcony while placing his things on the table. I grabbed one of the bags of gummies I bought and walked to the balcony , leaning on the door frame.

"Well arent you going to come join me out here."

"Um no I'm good in here, I don't really like heights."

"Oh come on."

Luke got up and walked towards me grabbing my hand

"Luke seriously I really don't like heights. Please don't.."

But it was to late I was in the middle of the balcony and Luke went and sat down on the outdoor chair. I was frozen it was like I was stuck to the ground. My eyes moved to the ground down belong and god almighty we were fucking high up. I cringed at the sight and closed my eyes , now I really couldn't move. 

"Well come over here and sit by me."

Luke patted the cushion next to me 

"I'm not moving, no way."

"Are you really that scared?"

"Terrified to death actually."

My eyes were squeezed together pretty hard until I felt two hands wrap on to my waist pulling me close. I felt myself get seated down on to a cushion. My eyes were still closed.

"I'm sorry Chelsea I didn't think it would scare you that much."

I leaned my head on Luke's shoulder and open my eyes

"No it's fine, I've just been really scared of heights since I was little."

"We can go back inside if you want."

"No it's fine as long as you stay here and I mean stay close."

"Yeah, ya I will."

He hugged me and I kept my head on his shoulder and surprising her kept his arms around me. It actually made me feel a bit better. We chatted for a while. I missed this, I missed how we used to text each other 24/7. We eat the bag of gummies, and laughed at each others embarrassing stories. We then heard a knock on the hotel door. 

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