London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


5. Nightmares and butterflies

Harrys POV

Why did I have to look after the girl with the attitude. Stubborn that's all she is  . Seriously  why did the guys chose me out of all people.  I still gotta love them  though I called them assholes.We do those type of things. I sat on the couch closing my eyes.God knows what she was doing now,really I didn't care.I don't know what it is but she drives me crazy. Just looking at her blue eyes gets me going. I heard her bedroom door open,so I opened my eyes. The water dripped from her body onto the towel that was around her.She must of thought that I left with the boys. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a class of chocolate milk.She chugged it down and placed the glass back in the sink.She turned around and her eyes went wide 

"What the fuck, I thought you left?"

"Then how am I still here."

"Shut up and don't look at me ,ugh."

"Wasn't planning on it."

She stormed back to her room, I couldn't help but look at her. Her face was flustered,her cheeks were red and her long hair brushed against the back of her towel as she slammed the door to her bedroom. What is it about her that makes me want to like her but hate her at the same time,god.

Chelseas POV

No I'm not mad,I'm furious. Like really out of all the boys they chose to leave me with jerk face. I dropped my towel on the ground and went to the dresser grabbing my  underwear set.I put it on and then pulled on my white T-shirt that says "TEENAGE DIRTBAG." It goes about mid thigh, I grabbed my phone off my bed and laid down on the floor in front of my bed.I don't know why the but the carpet floor just looked comfier.We all do it. I haven't texted Tyler so why not. 

To: Tyler

Hey it's Chelsea, how's the dinner thing going ?

From Tyler

Hey Chels,it's going good. Would've been better if you were here. 


I would of came but I wasn't feeling up to it.Can you actually do me a favour and bring me back food


Yeah sure,what do you want 


Individual pepperoni pizza please, I'll pay you back 


Don't worry it's on me 


No, I'll pay you back


Chelsea it's fine,just say thank you 


Fine thank you Tyler, see you soon XOXO


Will do XOXO

With that I through my phone onto me bed and laid on the ground passing out.

Harrys POV

It was to quite,no noises were coming from her room. I don't know what brought me to care really but I got up anyway and went into her bedroom. She wasn't in her bed or sitting on chair in the corner. That's when I glanced down to see her sleeping on the floor infront of her bed. She's such an odd girl,her shirt was half way up her body and she was wearing no pants. God she was making this harder on me. I don't know why but I bent down and picked her up. Thankfully she was a heavy sleeper, I picked her up bridal style and her head leaned against my chest.If she knew I was touching her like this I think she would freak. I went to the side of bed and placed her down gently.Being the clumsy goof I'am, I tripped over my own feet which brought me down in bed to lay over top of her. This was surprising cause she was still fast asleep.I was a about to get up but I felt one of her arms wrap around me which pulled us to be both laying on our sides. Her eyes were still closed and a tears fell from her eyes. "I miss them,I miss how things were,why didn't they say goodbye,why?" She talked in her sleep. More tears went down her face and there was no smile on her lips. I don't know why but I couldn't stand seeing her like this. I slipped out of her grip and went back to the living room sitting on the couch. I really didn't know who Chelsea was. Maybe I shouldn't have judged so fast or maybe I'm just looking over things.

Chelseas (Bella) POV

My eyes flickered open and I looked out the balcony window.Stars filled the sky and were shining bright. I was in my bed. He moved me, ugh that he touched me . I put my hands up to my cheeks and felt the tears that were slow drying away. Great another dream about the boys,actually more like a nightmare.If someones not sleeping by me I constantly have nightmares. After they left me they started. My mom said that I would start to cry and sometimes scream.She says the only way to wake me up is by pouring water on my face.Lovely right. I got up out of the bed and looked in the wall mirror.I combed my fingers through my hair fixing it. Food came to my mind.Hey I haven't ate all day today,I only had those gummies. I need to get food for breakfast.I went to my bag and pulled out 20 euros and my key card. I walked out of my room to see Harry sitting on the couch with closed eyes. Perfect, my time get free. I quickly walked to the door and slipped on my flip flops and reached for the door knob. 

"Where do you think your going ?"

I turned to see Harry right behind me

"I'm going to go get food."

"Did you ask?"


"Then you're not going."

"Fine, can I go get food from the snack bar."

"Let me think about"

"But I just asked."

"First off you didn't ask in the first place,you were just going to sneak off and secondly look what you're wearing.You can't go walking around in that ."

"First off who gives an f what I'm wearing and secondly I'm going to get food."

"No you're not!"

He pulled my shoulder back and shoved me toward my bedroom. I walked in and slammed the door in his face. Seriously what's up his butt. I'm 20 years old,20 years old for crying out loud. I don't care any more.Yes the rules state to have a mentor go with you,but I asked and he said no. I'm going. I quickly opened my bedroom door and ran to the front door opening it.

"Hey what are..

Harry got caught off by the slamming of the door. I sprinted to the elevator and pushed the button.Come on ,hurry up. It was here quickly and I got in not looking back. I pressed the first floor button and the button to the close the door. As the door was closing,I caught a glimpse of Harry breathing heavy and oh boy did he look pissed off,I just smiled back sweetly.

I stepped off the elevator on the first floor and quicked my step to the snack bar. This time a boy who looked around my age was working. His name tag read Zach. 

"How may I help you young lady?"

"Nice to meet you Zach."

"What? how do you know my name."

"Haha your name tag."

"Oh haha,forgot I was wearing it. So how can I help you uh"


"What would you like Chelsea."

"Can I get a loaf of bread,a butter stick and 12 dozen eggs please."

"Sure thing, 13 euros please."

I handed him my money and he handed me the change and bag of food

"Thank you, maybe I'll see around again Zach."

I turned to walk away

"Uh Chelsea?"


"You um, might want to um untuck your shirt."

For some reason he was blushing so I looked down to see my shirt was tucked into the side of my underwear showing off my butt.I felt the redness on my cheeks.

"Haha, oops. You were so checking it out though."

"Hey maybe,I'm a guy."

I untucked the shirt

"Like I haven't heard that one before. Bye Zach."

"Bye sweet cheeks."

Haha great a nickname.I carried my bag passing the empty pool that was outside,the hours on the door said closed at 10:30.The time was a little passed.I tired my key anyways and It opened. I grabbed a towel that was in the cubby and walked outside.The air was chilly, I placed the towel on the ground with my key and bag. I sat on the towel and just put my feet in. I was really just stalling my time to going back to that room where Harry was,cause oh boy would he be mad.


I rode down the elevator and walked straight to the snack bar when I got out. A guy around my age was working.

"Hey have you seen a girl,back hair blue eyes?"

"Oh sweet cheeks haha."


"Oh Nothing but yeah she got some food and walked the way that passes the pool."

"Thanks mate."

I turned around and walked they way he told me to. I got to the pool window and glanced through. Of course there she was.She was sitting on the ledge drying hers legs off.She grabbed her stuff walking towards the door. I slid back behind the wall way and watched her make her way to the elevator. I followed slowly behind.She got into the elevator and I Slipped in behind her without her noticing me. She pressed the button for floor 16.

"So what did you buy?"

She didn't turn around, she stood there frozen facing the wall. Then the door dinged and she ran out of the elevator before I could say another word. 

Chelseas POV

Well that was hella close. I got into my room and plugged my phone into the stereo that sat beside the xbox. I turned on my fav song "Sugar by Maroon five remix ft Nicki Minaj". I walked over to the table and placed the bag down.I left it there and  walked to bedroom and pulled on a new pair of fuzzy socks. Harrys going to yell at me for sure 

Harrys POV

I stepped out and went straight to Chelseas room. What a little brat, I walked into the room to hear the song Sugar blasting from the stereo. Guessing she put it on reply,she's trying to make me def. I grabbed the bag that sat on the table and placed the butter and eggs in the fridge while setting the bread by the toaster. Okay you could say were frienemies, I don't know . I went over to the couch and sat down listening to the music. You could say it was perfect timing cause she came sliding out of her room on fuzzy socks on the word "Sugar " and started to dance around. Not noticing me once again. She danced and spun around to see me sitting their. It didn't really faze her this time. She just looked at me and continued to dance. Surprisingly she walked over to me and pulled me up. I was still mad at her for what she did earlier. But I took her hands in mine and danced with her. This was a different side shown from both of us. The song stopped playing finally and we both fell back onto the couch. I looked at her but she stared at the ground and then got up and walked to her room. What? she confuses me so much, which makes the anger inside me stir. I got up and went to her room to see on her bed   looking at her phone.   

"Chelsea what the hell I tell you not to do something and then you do it.Are you listening to me?"

"Yeah,yeah for sure."

She was obovisouly in another world looking at her phone.I went from the door way and stood in front of her.

"Chelsea I'm not done talking to you about this."

She looked up from her phone

"Yeah that's great to know,but can you get out now I need to make a call.So,yeah get out."

"I'm not leaving till we talk about this."

"ugh f off."

Chelsea's POV

I got up and walked to the balcony door way and opened it and closed it behind me.I didn't dare move from the door, I can't believe I'm even out here alone . I wanted to call Cameron and I didn't want Harry to hear. I slowly sat down on the little doorway step and pulled out my phone to call Cam. He answered on the second ring thankfully

"Hey my little star how are things shaking?"

"Oh things are shaking all right?"

"What do you mean, is everything okay?"

"Yeah guess who my mentors are."

"No, One Direction?"

"Yep you're right."

"Shit got serious."

"Yep you said it."

"So what are you going to do."

"Cameron I don't know, how the hell I'm supposed to deal with this.I wish you were here."

"I wish I was to cause these collage classes are shit."

"That's it,I'm flying you out here and you can stay in my hotel room."

"One problem, they know me and I wouldn't let you pay for me."

"You can wear a cover up.We can fake dye your hair, we can say your my cousin. I just need a friend right now."

"Well, I do think you do need a friend and I can always do my study next year ...."

"So you'll come out here then???"

"Yeah why not,I'll just have to talk to my parents about it ."

"Yes, book the quickest flight, put it on my card. Yesssss thank you so much. Love you Cammy."

"Haha you're welcome Bella."

"Oh remember to call me Chelsea you Goof."

"Oh yeah I will. I gtg it's like 4 am here, night Chels."

"Night Cam."

I slowly got up and grabbed the handle to open the door,pulling on it to find it locked. Harry sat on my bed starring at my through the window.

"Harry open the door."

He got up and yelled back 

"Only if you apologize for what you did and let us talk about it. Could it kill you to say please."

"Yes it would,specially to you. Now let me in."

"No I don't think so you can stay out there."

"Harry seriously this isn't funny."

"Just apologize and I will."

"F you, just go away."

So he actually did for once.He walked out of my room to hell knows where.I sat back down on the little stair step and pulled my knees into my chest,leaning as close as possible to the door.Now I wouldn't say I was scared that would be an understatement. I was terrified and right now I was thinking of the worse cases possible of what could happen. This whole balcony could come tumbling down and me with it.  Maybe some how the pressure of me just sitting her could make it crumble to pieces. My fear of heights was mixed in with how pissed off I was at Harry. What a charmer, locking a girl out side that's only wearing a T-shirt and underwear. Not to mention that the weather right now since it is night is dropping rapidly and I'm starting to get cold. But why would a Jerk like him care. No way was I going to talk to him or apologize. I felt a tear go down my cheek.No I wasn't crying cause of what Harry did. I would never cry over that numskull. I was crying cause of what I felt. Discloser,abandonment,it was all just getting to me. I don't like being alone okay, my whole life I've basically  been on my own. Growing up with no dad and a mom that's barely ever there gets to you, I like being in the presences of people,I guess even if it is Harry I wouldn't mind because at least someones there. I wiped my tears with my sleeve and pulled my knees closer to myself.I hope the boys get back soon. 

Author Note: Hope you like this long update,please like and comment for next update. Thanks love you peachesX:) 

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