London Lights

Well Bella's back but she's not really Bella anymore. What happened to the boys , who will she meet on this new journey. Remember a promise is usually broken.
©Copyright 2015 Chelsea


12. Boys


Before we went back to the hotel to talk to the boys Dom asked if I wanted to go for dinner. I wasn't to sure about it but Dom said that he had this particular place in mind that wouldn't put us to out in the open. Getting out of the car, the restaurant sign read TONYS. 

" Do you come here often?"

"Only when I'm down here in London. My friend works here."

"Let me guess is he Tony?"

"Haha your guess is correct."

Stepping in, the smell of pizza came to my nose. 

" Ah Dom how are you doing?"

A tall man walked up to us form behind the front desk and shook his hand.

"Tony keep it down, don't want to be noticed tonight."

"Yeah,yeah of course. I'll give you a booth in the back. Who's this lovely lady?"

"This is my friend... ."

"Wait I know you, you're Chelsea."

"Haha yeah that's me but shh please."

"Don't worry my lips are sealed. Follow me this way."

We eat,laughed and just had a good time. I didn't want it to end. 

Stepping back into Dom's Range rover after leaving and paying we drove off back to the hotel. 

" How do you think the boys will take this?"

" Well seeing as non of them know where I'am it might go horrible."

" Don't worry I'm here."

Pulling up to the hotel I told Dom to go to the back gate for private parking and after talking to the gate man he let us in cause he knew who I was. 

" Are you going to take the stairs Bella? 16 levels "

"Yeah, already did it once and I don't want to have another freak out." 

"I'll wait for you outside your room."


Harrys POV 

It's been hours since I last saw Chelsea. The boys and I were in her room. Louis and Niall were walking in circles, Liam was looking at me angrily and Zayn sighed

Zayn- You just had to open your big mouth again?

Harry- This is not my fault, how many times do I have to say it

Niall- Harry you couldn't have at least got her number or something. We don't even know where she is . What if she's in trouble, or hurt? Did you think about any of that?

Harry- Of course I did and she wouldn't give me her number. Only simon has it. 

Liam- God Harry. Guys what are we going to do?

Louis- We could always go look for her?

Zayn- You really think we are going to find her in all of London? at night ?

Louis- Just trying to help 

We all stopped talking when we heard voices form the hallway

Chelsea- Well non of them answered, they must not be in there rooms

Dom- Maybe they went some where 

Chelsea and a tall man with brown hair stepped into the room

Louis , Niall, Liam, Zayn -CHELSEA!

They all ran unto give her a hug, but before they could she stepped back behind the guy

Chelsea- Uh hi guys, Where have you been 

She was asking us where we have been out of all this.

Harry _ You're asking where we have been ? Are you kidding me ? We have spent hours worrying about you. You just ran off like always. You didn't think we would not worry?

Chelsea - Harry I...
Harry- That's right you don't think, you don't care about any buddy else feelings 

Chelsea - That is so not..

Harry- Not true ? really you're going to go ..

Dom- I think that is quit enough from you 

Harry- And who are you ?

Liam - Harry how could you not know who Dom is ?? World model, one of the biggest. We all know him.

Harry- Doesn't ring a bell 

Louis- Go figure 

And with that I went back to the couch to sit down 


Hey everyone, so It's been a long time and Im really sorry about that. Please forgive me. Love you lots and I will try to update more now that I'm back. 

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