My Love Life


3. Hey

I reach the video shoot
Me "Hey Ahhhhhhh Ari oh my gosh I missed you sooooo much, how are you!"
Ariana "Good and ahhhhhh Marie I missed you toooooooo!"
Marie is my middle name, I get called by every part of my name :P
" Ms.Torrez we need you in your dressing room"
I got to my dressing room and the door swung open, Justin engulfed me in a hug, kissed my cheek and said " haven't seen you in a while kitty..." (I still don't get why he calls me kitty but I like it, some of my friends think of it as some sort of stripper name but I like it.
"I'm happy that you decided to come to the shoot" he said looking directly into my eyes. I looked in his caramel orbs that made me melt and get shivers through out my whole body. The eyes I once fell in love with.... but all that is over now, I'm still surprised to see him here. "Well I'm here now and I gotta get ready Justin" I patted his cheek and kindly asked him to leave, he kissed my cheek again and left closing the door while still looking back at me. I took off my shirt, tracing over the tattoo I got that read 'Justin' in cursive on the bottom of my left boob, a million memories flashed through my head, Justin still doesn't know that I got his name there, he knows I have a couple tattoos, he's seen them, he just doesn't know I got his name yet, I don't want him to know, hopefully he won't find out.
Vanessa gave me my outfit which was a crop top with those little dangly things at the ends (still forgot what there called) and a matching skirt with rhinestones that spelled out 'Bang Bang', looked at myself in the mirror and I could see my 'Justin' tattoo- there was a knock on the door.
"Come in" I said
Vanessa came in and did my hair, she told me to go to Alfredo before Ariana's scene in the video shoot.
"Alfredo" I called speed walking towards him in 4 inch heels. 
"Yea" he said
"Vanessa told me to meet up with you before Ariana's scene"
"Oh yea because Justin has your phone"
"Oh shit your serious haha he took it when he in my dressing room, that little bastard"
"Haha well that 'little bastard' happens to be right behind you" Alfredo said laughing while getting the camera's ready even though Ariana still had 20 minutes to get ready.
Before I got to look back to see Justin he grabbed me from behind and swung me around, and said while kissing me on the cheek "little bastard *kiss* huh *kiss* well I guess *kiss* this little bastard *kiss* doesn't have to *kiss* give you your phone back *kiss*".
"No Justin I'm sorry c'mon I NEED my phone" 
"For what reason, to text your 'boyfriend' "
"Don't have one, now give me" I said reaching for his pocket where I saw the jewels from my phone case peeking out from his pocket. Justin put me down and started running, I ran after him, hopefully don't break a leg or anything in that matter, running in 4 inch heels. "Justinnnn give me my phone!" I said while chasing after him. "Come and get it" he said while climbing some sort of huge stereo speaker, "uhg damn you Bieber!".
I heard his laugh behind the speaker, I quickly ran around it and Justin tackled me down to the floor. He sat up and I sat up. He laughed and I reached into his pocket and got my phone, got up and before I could run away from him he pulled me back down onto his lap, he looked at me and I nervously looked down at my phone. Justin lifted my head up to his from my phone and before he could say anything, "We need Victoria in 20-19-18...".
"Omg Justin I need to go". Justin got up lifted me up on his back and ran to Alfredo.
I got in my place, we did our thing, "see anybody could be good to you, you need a bad girl to blow your mind" Ariana lip-sanc to the studio version, I saw Justin sitting behind camera 5, he was on his phone, my part was over, I had to sit 2 seats from behind camera 2, I got my phone out and texted Justin.
Me: Stop lookin at ur phone for at least a sec damn Bieber :P
I looked over at Justin once I sent the text. I saw him smile and he looked over to find me.
Me: Behind camera 2 dumbass lmao
Justin read the text on his phone at got up. Uh oh. He spotted me and started walking towards me.
Justin <3: I thought I was a "little bastard" now ima "dumbass" oh okay sexy kitty.
I read the text from Justin. Yes I have a heart by his name, hey what the he'll.
Me: well this sexy kitty belongs to someone ;P
"I thought you said you didn't have a boyfriend? Huh Kitty?" Justin said whispering in my ear while taking the seat next to me.
I looked at Justin "I don't" I said while leaning back in my chair.
Justin leaned in closer to me and lightly kissed my neck. 
This was gonna be longer than I expected.
Justin leaned back to his seat. I looked the other direction and saw Nicki on set. 
Justin started playing with the little dangly things on my shirt and rolled it from the bottom to where it stopped.
"Kitty how come you didn't tell me that you have a tattoo of my name?"
"Kitty look at me" Justin said softly
I looked at Justin with my eyes about to water.
"We both know what happened, we both know what was best, I was maybe to naiive to know, but I love you and no one's gonna change that"
I started crying on Justin's chest, he picked my head up and I looked in his eyes, tears slowly rolling down my face. We kissed.


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