My Love Life


4. Dressing Room

Me and Justin were interrupted my Alfredo saying "Everyone off set, take a break people" and Ryan (Good not Ryan Butler) coming towards me and Justin, he whispered something in Justin's ear and Justin smiled and showed him some picture on his phone.

I got up and started walking away from Justin.
I don't know what happened, what did I just do? , why did I kiss him?, what we had was in the past, he's with Selena, it's over, Selena's my friend.... I kissed my friends boyfriend, but why?, just shows how emotional I get sometimes, but still it's no excuse.

I wiped away the tears still left on my face, I went into my dressing room and placed my phone on the table. I started changing into my workout outfit since I'm going to the gym after this. I put on my jogging sweater, I grabbed my headphones and picked up my phone from the table, I was about to place it in my sweater pocket when my phone started ringing, it was Selena....

I picked it up

"Hey Tori, sorry to bother you but do you know where Justin is, he was supposed to be here, and if you find him sweetheart could you tell him I'm waiting outside in the car?"

"sure Selena, and no I dint know where he is, actually the last time I saw him was a couple minutes ago, he was sitting down, you wanna come over here, I'll help you look?"
"aww Tori honey your so sweet, thank you and yes I'll take you up on your offer, but I'll need you to promise me two things"

"okay haha and what's those two things?"
"you will always be my little angel that makes everyone smile, and since a little birdy told me that you got a new tattoo I would love to see it!"

"haha oh ok and who's that little birdy may I ask?"
"the blue one that's in Snow White but at the same time is in Cinderella have you noticed that?"

"Oh wow no I actually haven't haha your gonna make me watch it now and sure you can see my new tattoo!"
"haha see you in a few Tori"

"see you Sel"


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