I'm In Love With My Best Friend


12. Twisting I

Justin's POV

I tried calling Tori to see what's taking my sister so long, we were supposed to meet a while ago.

"I don't care for Justin okay, if I did don't you think I would be happy but no I'm not, I don't have a prom date, I never get asked out, the guy I have a crush on probably hates me, we're not friends,we're not best friends, we're not boyfriend and girlfriend, we're not fuck buddies, we're not friends with benefits, we're not anything okay I don't care, he could go alone and sit in a corner for all I care, I DON'T LIKE HIM!"

There was a long pause. The phone hung up.

Damn. The thing is I was starting to like her.

I wanted to ask her if she would go to prom with me. I felt something inside of me. I felt hurt.

"Dude this is awesome aren't you coming in yet?" Chaz asked bopping his head to the music coming from inside the gym room while I stood outside waiting. For something.

"I-I'm waiting for Carla" I told Chaz not looking at him, playing with the single red rose I had in my hand, for Victoria.

"Okay bro but come in when your ready"

I got a call from Carla

"Hey Justin"


"We're heading over there, me, Heaven, Caitlin, Kristina, and Victoria..."

"Oh ok I'm just gonna go inside okay" I said twisting the rose in my hand

"Ok see you later Justin"


"wait Justin you don't sound like your okay"

"I'm not, can we talk about this later"

"when we get there"


"pinky promise"

"pinky promise"

"bye Justin"

"bye sis"

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